What about our leaders?

We live in good times and in terrible times.  It is heart wrenching to watch what goes on in the world.  However, in the end, we will all appear before the Judgment Throne.  We will give an account of what we did while on earth.  

How does God regard a leader who claims to be a practicing member of this or that church?  Yet that same leader invades an unsuspecting country and is responsible for the death of thousands?  Or a leader who is guilty of lying or corruption?  Yet he/she claims to be a ‘Christian?’  Will God grant them special forgiveness because they were leaders with heavy responsibility?  According to the Bible, God/Jesus: 

  • Has no favorites. 
  • Will judge based on what a person did.  
  • Judgment is not based on what a person claims.    

Scripture is very clear, 

‘Without holiness, no one will see the Lord.’  Hebrews 12:6 

Holiness excludes murder, war, lies, corruption, et cetera.  Those things will never be tolerated in God’s Kingdom.  The simple reason is that such things will endanger God’s people.  The Kingdom is centered on God and therefore on love, peace, harmony and fellowship.  


God commands us to pray for our leaders.  They are in great danger. 

Climate Change – is it real?

Is climate change real?  It is real because God ordained it.  Right after the events of Genesis 3 God cursed the world.  The changes in the weather patterns are in the Bible, 

‘In the beginning You laid the foundations of the earth, and the heavens are the work of Your hands.  They will perish, but You remain; they will all wear out like a garment.  Like clothing You will change them and they will be discarded.’  Psalm 102:25-26 

We see that nature is wearing out and humans play a role in it.  They cut down forests, plough up grasslands to plant crops and overgraze.  Those activities influence nature.  It is a harbinger (a forerunner) of the coming new heavens and earth.  

What is not real is the hysteria around climate change.  I learnt a principle many years ago.  We moved to an old house with some old fruit trees.  I immediately took them out and planted new trees.  My father-in-law asked me why I took the old trees out while they still bore fruit, before the new ones began to bear?  


My fruit tree lesson is also a good principle to handle climate change – first get the alternate sources of energy going and then cut out the polluters.

Genesis and Revelation, now and then

Revelation 21-22 explains that God will renew the universe.  Our present temporary earth will become an eternal, supernatural planet.  It will be home to the Family, the Triune God (Godhead) and the Bride. 

  1. Our present earth is populated through natural births.  The elect will be like angels with no marriages, no births and no deaths for all eternity.     
  2. The people who populate this earth are diverse.  The future one will be made up of the chosen ones.  They will be unified in Jesus. 
  3. This life is the time of decision when each person has the free will to choose to accept or reject God’s invitation to enter His Kingdom.  Eternal joy waits for the Family of God.  Eternal payment for the wages of sin waits for those who chose not to let Jesus pay the penalty of sin, namely death.  
  4. This life is a time of turmoil, unrest, pain, death and sickness.  Eternal life with God will be love, peace, happiness, joy, fellowship, harmony in the presence of our loving Father and Jesus.
  5. Now we experience the horrors of war, battles and selfish ambition.  Then there will be only loving care for each other. 
  6. This age consists of two opposing spiritual kingdoms.  In the age to come, each kingdom has its own territory.  The Kingdom of God will be on the gloriously renewed heaven and earth.  The kingdom of Satan will be the lake of burning sulphur.  
  7. Now there is faith, hope and love.  Then only love will remain.
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