The Pilgrim’s Treasure, Part 3 of 3

In Part 1 and 2, I pondered… if I was forced to leave my home and possessions and could only take one article along, what would it be?  Without a doubt, it is my Bible because it is a super special book.  Psalm 138:2b says, ‘for You have exalted above all things Your Name and Your Word.’  In this blog I want to continue with the reasons for my decision.

#  The Bible has a supernatural Author.

‘You [God] spoke by the Holy Spirit through the mouth of your servant, our father David…’ 1  God spoke through the Holy Spirit to David.  Then David wrote down what God wanted him to.  

  • In this sci-fi age we could say the Bible contains the words of an ‘Extra Terrestrial Highly Intelligent Being.’  It is a unique claim, that an invisible Being, called the Holy Spirit, was behind the different writers.   
  • Does it mean that the writers were sort of automatons that wrote what was dictated to them?  No, they all retained their individual characteristic styles.  There is not an adequate human explanation for it.  Maybe the best explanation is that it was like the inspiration of Shakespeare or many writers, just on a heavenly level. 
  • The Bible is a unique book.  None like it has ever appeared in history, and none ever will,  ‘ …the words of the Lord are flawless, like silver refined in a furnace of clay, purified seven times.’ 2

#  The Bible explains the opposition of the world  

  • If the Bible is a supernatural book and not the work of the human writers only, it should have the stamp of God’s authenticity on it, and it has.  
  • For example, in the Garden of Eden, Satan appeared on the scene.  He directly contradicted God’s command to Adam and Eve.  God told them, if they ate of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, ‘THEY WOULD SURELY DIE.’ 3  The devil, in the form of that ancient serpent, told Eve, ‘YOU WILL NOT SURELY DIE’ and she obeyed him instead of God. 4 
  • That direct opposition to God’s commands, has become embedded in humanity: people increasingly reject, contradict and question Biblical truths.

#  The Bible warns us about a final judgement.

  • At the end of this age (when earth will have been destroyed by humans, and God takes over), there will be a final judgment.  It will be based on our reactions to God’s message in the Bible.  
  • It means that there should be only one ‘Constitution’ or Law book on which the Court will base its decisions.   Whether a person lived in 500 or 2000 AD, the Book remained the same.  Otherwise there cannot be justice.


I just love it that the Lord speaks to me personally in Scripture, and of course to my wife and to all who trust Him.  What a miracle that the Almighty God will stoop down and speak to us, ‘…have you not read what God said to you….’  5 


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The Pilgrim’s Treasure, Part 2 of 3

In Part 1, I pondered… if I was forced to leave my home and possessions and could only take one article along, what would it be?  Without a doubt, it was my Bible.  In this blog I want to continue with the reasons for the decision.

#  The Bible is unique in the history of mankind.  

  • No book like it has or will ever be written.  It is remarkable, extraordinary, miraculous and unparalleled in history.
  • There is only one edition of the Bible.  From the time it was ‘published’ there have been no updates, no corrections, no additions, no revisions.  It is a once for all book, never to be repeated.  

#  The Bible is a book for one’s lifetime.  

  • It is like nature, the more you study it the more layers of complexity you discover.  The Bible is a case of minimum words and maximum information.
  • It would keep one busy for a long time and feed you with the ‘food of heaven’ because all the information we need about God, and His plans for us, are in this one book.

#  The Bible and the Jews.

  • I will have a heavenly perspective of the news broadcasts filled with denunciations of the Jews who live in Israel at present, because the whole Bible is the product of that tiny nation.  So why the hostility of the world against them? 
  • Jesus is a Jew and where He sits at the right hand of God, as the Son of God, He is still the ‘Root and Offspring of David.’ 1 
  • Israel is the only nation in the world with whom God made a covenant.  He  said, ‘Although the whole world is mine, you will be for me a kingdom of priests and a holy nation.’ God warned them, if they do not keep the Covenant He made with them, and which they declared they will obey, they will be exiled from their land.  It happened three times in history – under the Assyrians, Babylonians and Romans. 
  • Yet God also promised them that He will bring them back to their promised land.  That momentous event took place in 1948.  It was immediately followed by a war of the Arab nations against them.  More wars followed later on, plus the incessant hatred and attempts to destroy them as a nation.  
  • It is interesting that Matthew 27:25 tells us that when Jesus was crucified, the Jews brought a curse on themselves.  They shouted, ‘Let His blood be on us and on our children!’  That curse is still on them, because they have never confessed and broken it. 
  • The basis of the world’s aggression against Israel is in God’s promise that He will bring them back, sprinkle clean water on them and forgive them.  Then the end will come with the final arrival of Jesus.  The devil does not like that because it will mean the end of his rule of the world. 3 


The law from Your mouth [the Bible, God’s Word] is more precious to me than thousands of pieces of silver and gold.’  Psalm 119:72


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The Pilgrim’s Treasure, Part 1 of 3

As I sat and pondered the situation in our country with its turmoil, I considered what I would do if a throng of people arrived and told me to leave my house and possessions immediately.  They commanded that I am only allowed to take one article along.  What would I take?  After many years of thinking and reading about life, my choice would be my Bible.  You may ask, why the Bible?  Why not a warm jacket, or some precious item? 

#  The Bible is truth.

  • Jesus is the Word of God, (Revelation 19:13) and He says in John 14:6, ‘I am the Way and the Truth and the Life.’
  • Without going into too many details, there is a statement in Revelation 21:5b, that gives us an indication of the truth of the Bible,  ‘Write this down, for these words are trustworthy and true.’

#  God the Owner of the universe speaks with authority.  

  • His words are like those of the owner of any business: they carry weight and are applicable to everyone in the firm.  Similarly God is omniscient and holy.  He speaks only truth and all people are called to belong to Him.  For those without Bibles, He gave them a conscience, and creation also testifies about Him.  

#  The Bible ‘published’ over a long time

  • The Bible is an old book (about 2,300 years old).  It took a very long time to be ‘published.’  From the first book, Genesis (written around 1400 BC), till the last book, Revelation (written around 70 AD), was a period of about 1,500 years. 
  • To help us understand it better, let’s say Genesis was written in 500 AD.  Then Revelation would be finished in 2000 AD.  Think about the changes that occurred during those ages.  World powers came and went.  There were social changes, different fashions, great advancements in industry and science, et cetera.  
  • Yet, because the Holy Spirit inspired the writers who lived in different times in history, they all had one theme.  It is God’s Kingdom, and the role of His Son Jesus in it.  What a miracle!  


The Bible is a super special book, ‘The law from Your mouth [the Bible, God’s Word] is more precious to me than thousands of pieces of silver and gold.’  Psalm 119:72  Just the right treasure for a pilgrim in this life.