A strange lesson from Song of Songs

God speaks to each of His people individually in His Word.  What did God say to me in the Song of Songs?  

Marriage is not always as Song of Songs depicts it – the love, the electric, the magic.  However, the teaching is clear: enjoy your marriage partner.  He or she is to be a source of joy and contentment; a lifelong covenant of commitment to each other out of love  

Similarly, as part of the Bride of Christ, the message to me was very clear: Gerard, as part of the Bride of Christ, enjoy Jesus, the Bridegroom.  It is not something to wait for in eternity.  No, revel in the beauty of the Lord, here, today.  Be joyful as you read the Bible, pray and listen to the Holy Spirit’s teaching about the Bridegroom and His fantastic Father, God.  

My experience is that there are times when life with God becomes a bit much.  It happens when I put myself under pressure to be more godly, to obey the Lord in all things, to read more Bible, to fast, do this, do that, et cetera.  Yet it does not please God or the Bridegroom if the joy and experience of love is replaced by the drudgery of duty.   That is where I discovered the mercy, grace and many miracles that happen when I consult the Holy Spirit for His help when I am a bit down. 

Song of Songs emphasises the wonderful lesson that the Bridegroom, Jesus the Messiah, saved and saves out of love and He wants us to enjoy His love and care.

Author: Gerard and Alida

As you can see in the photo, there are two of us. We live and work together 24/7, studying and enjoying our grandchildren. Our passion is to know and understand what will happen after death. Is there a way to provide for and invest in that?

2 thoughts on “A strange lesson from Song of Songs”

  1. I only came to discover Song of Solomon after singing various passages from the book. We used to sing these over and over and over during worship.
    The thing about music and singing is that the mind is silenced from all other thought and emotion except that about which the song is expounding on at the time of singing.
    To know a song is to know the one who composed the song, ‘intimately’ , his passions and desires, his fears and his guilt, nothing can be hidden. Its like becoming that person for the duration of the song, nothing can be hidden, all is exposed, and thereafter like having known one loved dearly. (consider the Lords prayer, sing it over and over, and you will begin to know the composer) The casual listener or even singer, does not enter this realm of Knowledge without wanting to know the person who wrote the song.

    That being said, all I can say about the ‘Song of Solomon’ is, it is an awesome description of the love that God has for man, ever written, composed by the wisest man that ever lived.
    To enter Solomons mind, experience his thought, the vision of God’s love from his pespective. Yet we can experience what he experienced, the thought and emotions he encountered at the time of writing the song, to feel what he felt.. Too indescribable for words, epic, awesome, nothing like it 🙂

    P S. There is a book written by Francine Rivers (I think) “On Hinds Feet” that takes the reader on an allegorical journey through Song of Songs, that will blow your mind away. Try to get hold of it, you will not put it down until you have read the last word, riviting.



  2. Thanks for correcting the name and author of the book. Pat. It is Hind’s Feet on High Places by Hannah Hurnard. We love your explanation of a musician who loves and appreciates the composer of the song he and his wife play. Wow, what a ministry and gift.


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