Why is there confusion in our modern societies?

People are curious to know if the Bible is still relevant for today.  After all, wasn’t it written centuries ago?  Isn’t the Bible only for religious people who pray, go to church, give money, et cetera?  

Actually, no.  The Bible is universal because it reveals God’s plan for man.  That plan is to establish an eternal new country where He rules as the Head.  The citizens will be people who accepted God’s Lordship on this side of the grave and will therefore enjoy His benefits eternally. 

#  Yet we live in a time of opposition to the Bible and God.  

  • For example, it is anathema to teach the Bible in schools; it is frowned on to talk about the Bible on campuses.  Free speech means about anything, except what God says in the Bible.  
  • Politicians as well as social media giants like Facebook and Google, take exception to ‘hate mongering.’  That means people are uncomfortable when it comes to the message in the Bible that, ‘…God now commands all people everywhere to repent.’ 1
  • Psalm 2:1-2 says, ‘Why do the nations conspire and the peoples plot in vain?  The kings of the earth take their stand and the rulers gather together against the Lord and against His Anointed One.’  It is remarkable that we see this opposition all around us.  The Western World is very much engaged in getting rid of the God of the Bible.

#  There is an incident in Genesis 11:1-9 that clearly illustrates this. 

  • The history of the Tower of Babel shows us what happens when nations, cities or societies write God out of the equation or embrace other standards.    
  • Confusion was the result.  God confused their language so they could no longer understand each other.  As a result they were scattered all over the earth.  The tower of Babel explains the origin of different languages and cultures. 
  • Even in the Church there is confusion.  Some say this, some claim that, and the debates almost never stop.  If it was only about ‘small’ things like wearing a hat to church, it would not have mattered.  
  • But today many begin to question the Bible in the first chapter, at the creation.  They skirt around it and declare that it is some kind of metaphor.  They ask, was Jesus resurrected?  Is He the Son of God?  It is question upon question.

#  Confusion reigns in many modern Western countries.  

There is no consensus about what marriage is, whether a person is a male or a female, et cetera.  They have nice words for such confusion.  It is  ‘politically correct,’ ’gender fluidity,’ ‘diversity.’  It sounds wonderful, but it must be quite confusing when there is no authoritative guide and the only authoritative guide, the Bible, is either outright banned or frowned upon.   


There will be confusion in a society that rejects truth as expounded in the Bible:  

  • Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. 2  
  • The Word of God is Truth. 3 
  • The Holy Spirit teaches us about Truth (the Living Truth, Jesus) and truth (the written truth, the Word of God). 4  


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  • John 14:6 
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The remarkable relevance of the Tower of Babel

The book of Genesis reveals an interesting chapter in the history of man.  After the flood, the descendants of Noah had one language.  When they had increased greatly they wanted to stay together.  Long forgotten was God’s command to Adam to ‘… fill the earth….’ 1  With one language, they wanted a city where they could settle.  They moved eastward and settled in the plain of Shinar (Babylonia). 

#  Why did they move east?  

In Scripture, ‘east’ signifies separation from God: 

  • ‘Now the Lord God had planted a garden in the east, in Eden…’ 2  God knew in advance that Adam and Eve would opt to follow the serpent’s advice and not obey Him.
  • ‘After He [God] drove the man out, He placed on the east side of the Garden of Eden cherubim….’ 3
  • ‘So Cain went out from the Lord’s presence and lived in the land of Nod, east of Eden.’ 4 
  • The people who moved east to Shinar, wanted to live separated from God. 

#  They built a city.

  • They said, ‘Come, let us build ourselves a city, with a tower that reaches to the heavens, so that we may make a name for ourselves and not be scattered over the face of the whole earth.’ 5
  • The city had to have one defining characteristic: No instructions from God allowed. 

#  God knows man’s plans.

  • God was well aware of their plans to build a ‘secular’ society.  They were probably gifted people, accomplished in various trades and skills.  They wanted to be independent, not fettered by God’s plans for them. 
  • The words, ‘a tower that reaches unto heaven,’ might refer to astrology, the worship of the sun, stars, et cetera.  The occult always fascinated people, especially since those ‘gods’ do not require a righteous life.  Idolatry and immorality often go together. 

# What did God do? 

God put an end to their grand plan when He confused their common language.  They started to speak different languages, so they no longer understood each other.  The result?  They scattered all over the world and filled the earth according to God’s original plan.  The word ‘Babel’ means ‘confused’.   

#  The Tower of Babel and the present.  

  • The devil’s wish to build cities without the influence of God never stopped.  Today we see how he inspires people all over, especially, the Western world.  Many atheistic, secular organisations aim to ‘build’ Godless societies.  They do their best to lock God out of schools, businesses, entertainment, et cetera. 
  • The result?  As in Babel, confusion follows and abounds – for example, the  gender issue, marriage, the truth of Scripture, the deity of Jesus and many other subjects.  There is a proliferation of the occult and other strange ideas, like someone who marries self or even a robot. 


If an incident in ancient Bible history is true today, how much more is God’s promise that a new ‘nation’ will one day live on a new heaven and earth?  We can trust Scripture. 


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Evolution and the tower of Babel

We live in a strange world. It is supposed to be the age of science, technology and development. Yet there is an area where we live in the age of Adam – God’s truths in the Bible are still being questioned. The devil asked Eve one simple question in the Garden of Eden, 1 ‘Did God really say…?’ And after all this time, the same question still sows doubt in people’s minds. For example, ‘Did God really create life on earth?’

Not so according to some very learned professors. Dr J Wells reports in Evolution News and Views (Politics Professors: How to Reduce evolution Denial, March 9, 2015Miller and Levine) about two professors from Penn State University. Professors Michael Berkman and Eric Pulitzer  want to increase awareness of evolution as an essential aspect of biology. They target future science teachers.

The report was in the March 6 edition of Science. It includes a photo of the high school biology textbook by the educated and prominent biologists, Dr Kenneth Miller and Dr Joseph Levine. 2 The elephant on the cover of the textbook gave it the nickname ‘elephant cover’ book. Among the outdated and disproven evidences for Darwinian evolution that the book still uses are the Miller-Urey experiment, Haeckel’s embryo’s and the peppered moths. All three of them have been proved completely wrong, erroneous and misleading.

The question is why do they want to make sure students accept it? Evolution is not operational  science which leads to technological advances. Evolution has never led to any innovation that helped society.  So why the emphasis on evolution?

The function of evolution has only one goal: to do what the people who attempted to build the tower of Babel did. 3 They wanted to exclude God from society. Supposedly Darwin accomplished building such a tower that God is effectively banished from public life. The same thing happens today. As tower builders, the professors reckon they are doing society a great favour. The only problem is that the professors present outdated, wrong and false information in their ‘noble’ effort. That smacks of the work of the great deceiver, the devil.

It is fascinating. Why do people go to so much trouble to prove that the Bible is wrong? It is because the Creator promised a new heaven and earth for His people. There is one who will never be part of God’s Kingdom. He is Satan, the devil, the liar. He still influences people today to lie so that others will also miss the new heavens and earth.

The professors are another proof that the eternal Kingdom of God is a reality, and that God has an enemy who is very active in 2015. In addition the tower of Babel that people regard as an outdated ‘myth,’ is very, very real in our time.


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