3 of God’s lessens from history

There are many reasons that make the Bible the only book of its kind in the history of the world.  One is that God uses real life history to teach people His will and principles.  Romans 15:4 says, ‘For everything that was written in the past was written to teach us, …’   We want to discuss three events in the Old Testament that God uses to teach us.

1.  The flood 

  • Genesis 6: 4 says, ‘…the sons of God saw that the daughters of men were beautiful, and they married any of them they chose…’ (it refers to demons that married human women).  That was Satan’s effort to prevent the fulfilment of God’s promise that the seed of the woman will crush his head. 1
  • The worldwide flood was a message to the devil: to try to thwart God’s plan to crush your head with the seed of the woman, will not work.  Adam and Eve’s bloodline had to stay pure so that the Saviour would be Son of Man, to redeem man alone, not the demonic hosts of the devil. 
  • It is also a warning to us: don’t mix with evil forces because it will lead you to destruction.  

2.  The Tower of Babel 

  • The tower of Babel demonstrates that no one can thwart God’s plans.  The people, led by Nimrod, refused to fill the earth as God commanded. 2  They decided to settle in the east and build a city that excluded God. 
  • To try to build God out of society, like the attempt at Babel, only leads to confusion – at that time it was the confusion of languages.  Today it’s confusion in the ‘language’ of life, of God’s plan for man.    
  • One of the types of confusion today is gender confusion.  There are many other kinds of confusion, even in the Church.  The devil fills the gap when God is banished from society. 
  • The Tower of Babel illustrates that God is always the Victor.  It is a vain hope of some to think they can banish God from His creation. 

3.  The Canaanite episode 

  • God could have eliminated the Canaanites with His angel of death, like He did with the 185,000 Assyrian soldiers in Isaiah 37:36.  Nobody ever complains about that incident!  
  • Why did God tell the Israelites to destroy the Canaanites?  Action is necessary to take in the promised land God has for each of His children.  However, idolatry stands strong and tall to prevent it.  
  • So the message about the destruction of the Canaanite idols is very important.  Idolatry saps your strength and resources, wastes your time and prepares you for a future without God – a future too terrible to contemplate. 


God is a God of mercy.  He warns us through real events of history.  The three examples show us that nothing can stop God’s plans, but some things can destroy our future.


  1. Genesis 3:15  
  2. Genesis 9:7
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