Has Exodus exited the Bible?

Many Biblical scholars agree that the narrative of the Exodus of the Israelite slaves out of Egypt is nonsense. ExodusThere is no archaeological evidence for it. There are no artefacts of it in Egypt, no dates that agree, and nothing in the desert that gives the idea that such a large group of people moved around in it for forty years. So it is just another of the fairy tales in the Bible. On the other hand there are many reputable scholars and archaeologists who contend that the Exodus is fact.


How are we to resolve the issue? In the light of such a division, let us go to the Bible itself to see what it teaches about the Exodus:


# 1. God’s promise to Abraham. Abraham was the progenitor of the Jewish nation and God promised him that his descendants will live in Canaan. Before that would happen, they will be enslaved in Egypt, and after 400 years come out with God’s help.1 At the time of the promise, Abraham had no children yet.


# 2. The Passover. It was instituted by God when He brought the Israelites out of Egypt through Moses.2 It was to be a lasting ordinance.3 At the time of Jesus and until the present, the Jews celebrate the Passover. It was so important that Jesus, as the Lamb of God, was crucified on the day of Preparation of Passover Week.4  Jesus would lead out the greatest Exodus (out of the kingdom of darkness) of all time.


# 3. The Pharaohs recorded only their greatness. People think the Pharaohs would have erected monuments to let the world know that some invisible God decimated their country with plagues, lead their slaves out and drowned their army in the Red Sea. The problem is that the kings of antiquity wanted to leave a memory of their greatness, not of their losses.


# 4. The Ten Commandments. God reminded the Israelites in the Ten Commandments that one of the reasons they have to keep the Sabbath is because He brought them out of Egypt with a mighty hand and an outstretched arm.


# 5. The domino effect. If the Exodus never happened, who says that Abraham was real, or Moses, or for that matter, anybody in the Old Testament? Who says that the land of Canaan was real, and that the Jews live in it now that it is called Israel?  The moment one begins to delete one part of the Bible, the dominoes (other parts and books of the Bible), begin to fall. Either Scripture is true, or it is not.


# 6. The prince of this world is behind Bible Bashing. The Bible is true, because God cannot lie.6  If He does lie, obviously the whole Bible crumbles, since liars are excluded from the renewed planet earth.7  If the Bible is not true, why does it not crumble; why is it not ignored; why does the world not leave it alone? It is because the prince of this world, Satan, is behind the Bible Bashing. The attacks are proof that the Bible is true and the Exodus took place.


Conclusion: The logic of the Bible tells us that the Exodus was a very important event that shaped history up until the present.



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