Is it clever to suppress Israel?

In 1994 when South Africa transitioned from apartheid to democracy, it happened without the prophesied bloodshed.  It was the miracle country of Africa.  The then government thought it unnecessary to mention God in the Constitution (many were Communists).  It had consequences.

#  Rejecting God often leads to an anti-Israel attitude.

One aspect of the present day South Africa is that they are very partial to the Palestinians.  A statue of Nelson Mandela was sent to Ramalla.1  Mr Zuma also negotiated with president Abbas of Palestine. 2  Pressure groups try to force businesses to discontinue trade with Israel. 3

#  It is dangerous not to bless Israel.

God promised Abraham, ‘I will bless those who bless you, and curse those who curse you.’ 4  Pharaoh suppressed God’s people through slavery and ruined his country.  Is that principle still relevant today?  Let us look at the example of South Africa.  Is it still the roaring miracle of the 1990’s?  No.

  • There are warnings, also from the Reserve Bank, that South Africa faces a medium to high probability downgrade to non-investment status.  Standard & Poor, as well as Fitch, rate it a notch above sub-investment grade, and Moody’s has it two notches above. 5
  • The Rand is falling against the Dollar and other currencies.  Corruption is playing havoc with the well being of the country.
  • Joblessness is officially at 26,7%, the highest since December 2005 when it was about 30%. According to Africa Check, South Africa has one of the highest unemployment rates in the world. 7
  • Violence and protests are so common that the public broadcaster (SABC) decided to stop broadcasting it. 8


Anybody who claims that God’s Word is of no consequence, should look at the example of South Africa.  The Amalekites thought they could oppose Israel and incurred the wrath of God. To trifle with God’s people always has consequences, as we see in South Africa.


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See for yourself that the Bible is reliable

If Scripture is supernaturally inspired, we should see how it works South Africaout in every day life. In this blog we want to look at two principles in Scripture. They are happening right in front of our eyes here in South Africa and prove that the Bible is reliable.

Romans 2:1 says, ‘You, therefore, have no excuse, you who pass judgment on someone else, for at whatever point you judge the other, you are condemning yourself, because you who pass judgment do the same things.’

  • It is absolutely fascinating to see how true those words are in every day life. What you accuse others of, you do yourself. A good example is apartheid and the present ANC government who do the same things. They accused the old National Party (the apartheid regime) of bad primary, secondary and tertiary education, insufficient health care, job reservations, bad local governance, corruption, et cetera.
  • After 20 years in government, they do exactly the same things. The levels of corruption are staggering. The privileged black elite send their children to private schools or schools with mainly white teachers, because the quality of education in the townships is very low. The health system is a mess. Most of the local municipal governments are bankrupt and dysfunctional.  Unemployment is at record levels. Financial disasters are common.1  The South African Airways are continually on the verge of bankruptcy, as well as the national electricity supplier, Eskom. It has to use load shedding that costs the country billions. What happened to the promises of the ANC?  It’s a matter of ‘what you accuse others of, you do yourself.’

Another aspect is the curse of God on countries that do not bless Israel, ‘I will bless those who bless you, and I will curse those who curse you.’ 2

  • In a particular incident, the South African minister of higher eduction, the Communist Blade Nzimande, was denied entrance into Israel. He was furious, but he represents a big group of the ANC and Communists who hate Israel (which is not surprising, since they hate God).
  • Mr Nzimande actively promoted the severing of links between the University of Johannesburg and Ben Gurion University in Beersheva. Ben Gurion is a leader in finding solutions to agriculture under harsh conditions. When the relationship was severed, Israel was helping South Africa with infrastructure projects and finding solutions to food security. 3
  • What will be the result of this enmity against Israel? We will not be blessed by God. That is very apparent in South Africa that has become a country of walls and wires (safety walls and electric fences to protect citizens against criminals).

What is happening in South Africa is the result of transgressing God’s eternal principles, what you accuse others of, you do yourself, and those who curse Israel bring curses on themselves.


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God, South Africa and xenophobia

People who read the news probably know about the ugly attacks onXenophobia foreigners in South Africa. It was, among other things, spurred on by the comments of the Zulu king Goodwill Zwelithini, supported by the president’s son, Edward Zuma. Xenophobia is described as an intense or irrational dislike or fear of people from other countries.

The reason for the attacks was supposed to be that foreigners steal the jobs of indigenous people. It is a smoke screen, because immigrants are often hardworking people who contribute to the welfare of a country. Looting their shops had nothing to do with their supposed stealing of jobs.

What is interesting is the relationship between the xenophobic attacks in South Africa, and those against the citizens of God’s Kingdom. The resemblance is that Christians are ‘foreigners’ who live in a country ruled by the devil.1  The ruler of the kingdom of darkness harasses and injures citizens of the Kingdom of Light. It is often not physical, but emotional and spiritual. It aligns with the definition of the word ‘xenophobia,’ an intense dislike of people (in this case those who belong to God).

Two facts about the  xenophobic attacks against Christians are:

  1. Satan, the devil, is ruler of this present world.1
  2. We are saved out of the kingdom of darkness and brought into the Kingdom of Light.2  The devil, the ruler of the dark kingdom, hates those who defected from his kingdom.

Why does the omnipotent Creator God allow the ruler, or prince of this world, to harass His people? God allows it, because He is testing us to find out if we will remain loyal to Him?  Eternity is a long time, and God wants to be sure we will continue to love Him. We know that suffering produces perseverance, perseverance produces character, and character hope. Hope does not disappoint, since God has poured out His love in our hearts by the Holy Spirit. 3

While we can never condone xenophobia in the world, we as faithful followers of Jesus have to remember that xenophobic attacks on Christians will never stop this side of the grave. However, we always have help, ‘…Our help comes from the Lord, the Creator of heaven and earth.’ 4  Call upon the Lord, because He hears and acts.


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