Is eternal hell fair punishment for a short life of sin?

GO AWAYSkeptics regularly ask, how a fair and compassionate God sends someone to eternal hell for a short life of sin? The punishment does not fit the crime.

The problem is that people do not understand the Gospel clearly. The Gospel is about the eternal Kingdom of God.1 It will only be a success because the citizens love and obey the Leader. For example, if the United States of America could remove all rebels and the people loved and obeyed a perfect leader, it would become a kingdom of peace and prosperity.

The key is that it is not about some sins a person committed, but whether he wants to become part of God’s eternal Kingdom? The most important aspect is love for God. So:

  • The person who lives a life of sin refuses to follow God’s ways. He bluntly demonstrates to God: I am not interested in loving you and I don’t even consider obedience. I serve myself, myself only, and that is the end of the story.  He gives God no guarantee that he will fit into the Kingdom of peace. God designed this natural life as the testing ground for eternity. This is the determinative phase. Here a person decides what his or her eternal destination will be – to be part of God’s Kingdom, or not? To love and honour the King, or not?
  • Can anybody blame God for deciding that someone with such an attitude is not fit to serve in His eternal Kingdom? The coming Kingdom will have no insurrection, rebellion, palace coup, or anything of the sort. All the children of God will love and obey the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

The right question is therefore: how can God allow a person who has no interest in the King and the Kingdom, to be part of the eternal Kingdom?  God will never disadvantage billions of believers who are willing to live in peace and love to be influenced by rebellious, disobedient people. A little yeast can influence a lot of dough. A few rebels among the faithful in eternity will surely influence others against God. The children of God in many cases had to persevere and overcome tremendous rejection and attacks by the devil and his people in this life. They are entitled to an eternal life of peace.


God is like most human fathers. He wants the best for His children. He gives those who refuse to acknowledge Him as Father, what they want, namely separation from Him. He gives His children what they want: eternal peace and happiness with no rebels around to disturb the peace. People who live a ‘short’ life of sin, have only themselves to blame if they never see the face of the One they despise.


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  2. Colossians 2:13-14


Atheists and the talking snake

One of the marks of atheists or skeptics is that they attack and reject the Bible (the Word of God). Atheists questioning BibleRemember that atheism is ‘rejection of belief in God or gods.’ 1 One would therefore expect that they would produce books or a book that would substantiate their claim.


Yet that doesn’t happen. Instead of proactively producing their own material, they ridicule and question the Bible. To them the Bible is logically not the product of a supernatural God. They agree with Dan Brown’s character in The Da Vince Code who said, ‘The Bible is the product of man, my dear. Not of God.’  2


One of the favourites of sceptics is to ridicule the talking snake in the Garden of Eden (‘that ancient serpent, called the devil or Satan’ 3). According to them, no modern human being can believe such nonsense. But ironically the serpent’s strategy to trip up Eve was very similar to that of atheists and sceptics today. What question did the serpent ask Eve in the garden? He began by saying, ‘Did God really say…?’ 4  The serpent questioned Eve about God’s words.


What do atheists and skeptics ask? Is there really a Creator? What are miracles? Can we be sure about the resurrection? Is heaven real? In other words, can we believe the Bible?


To summarise

The serpent questioned Eve about the words of God (for us today that means all the 66 books of the Bible). Atheists, sceptics and others do exactly the same. They also question the Word of God.



  • One can claim that the Bible is just an ordinary book, one among millions. Yet it is very, very strange that the people who deny it is the truth, are following the example of the archenemy of God to the tee.
  • That tells us something about the truth and predictive element of the Bible. What was written down almost 3,500 years ago, is faithfully carried out by God’s enemies today.



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50 Simple Questions for Every Christian


50 Questions

The book, 50 Simple Questions for Every Christian, was written by Guy P Harrison.1 50 QuestionsIt is directed at Christians. He is a skeptic who wrote this specific book asking Christians questions about what they believe. His main idea is to sow doubt, so that they will reject the Bible as truth.


He is doing us a favour, because his questions force us to formulate clearly what we believe, especially in the light of the advances of science. We need to carefully consider his questions and, with the help of the Holy Spirit, answer them. Eventually, we can benefit from a book like his.


People who rant, rave and curse God is no longer strange (it is very noticeable on YouTube). One wonders if they expend that much energy to curse and rail against Zeus, Horus, Dionysius and other mythological gods? It says in Psalm 2:4, ‘The one enthroned in heaven laughs; the Lord scoffs at them….’  God is not in the least intimidated if people throw Bibles over their shoulders in derision. All He does is to take note of it.


Guy Harrison is different from those atheists. He must be congratulated on his civil tone. Yet despite that, his questions are incisive. It is sad that many Christians have not been adequately prepared to answer the questions. One reason is that the internet has suddenly ‘shrunk’ the world and information moves around at lightning speeds. Skeptics and atheists team together and get their ammunition fine tuned. They try to make Bible believers doubt and then hopefully tumble hard and fast, rejecting their faith. That it is a successful strategy is evident from the many reports that especially young people are leaving the church.


The assault on Christians is interesting and significant. As a group of people, scattered over the world, Christians have never been a threat to world peace. Despite that, tremendous amounts of energy and money is invested to get them to renounce their faith. Why the eagerness to ‘convert’ Christians to become atheists or skeptics? One reason is that it was predicted in the Bible by Jesus. When He told the parable of the persistent widow and the value of persistent prayer, Jesus asked, ‘…when the Son of Man comes, will He find faith on the earth?’ 2  Faith in the God of the Bible is disappearing at an alarming rate (to the great delight of people like Richard Dawkins and others).


It is as if Christians have been declared vermin, detrimental to society, and they must be eradicated. Nevertheless, God wants His followers to be able to answer the atheists in a civil manner.  So we  will discuss Guy’s questions, with Scripture as our Guide. Scripture is known as the Book of Truth.3


To question the Bible, Guy will either have to lie about it (which we don’t think he will do), or he will have to distort some doctrines. We will investigate it thoroughly, and we trust you will benefit from a discussion of his questions.



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