God is a separatist

One of Satan’s tempting suggestions to Jesus after His forty day fast was, ‘…tell these stone to become bread.’ Jesus’ answer was that man does not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God. 2

Underlying His answer was a principle: rock is rock, and bread is bread.  Why is that important?  It is because God is a separatist.  When He created, He put things in separate ‘boxes’ that are fixed and final. 

#  God’s separatist nature in creation  

  • He separated light from darkness. 
  • He separated the waters above from the waters below. 
  • He separated the land and the sea. 
  • He created kinds of plants.  The kinds are separate from each other.  This also happened with the fish, the birds and the land animals. 
  • When it came to humans, He separated them from the animal kingdom when He breathed His spirit of life into Adam.3  People have a mind, free will, speech, creativity, et cetera.  All that separates us from the animal kingdom. 
  • God also created man and woman separate.  Together they would become one, but they had different roles, especially in procreation. 

#  Practical applications of God’s separatist system  

  • It has become fashionable to claim that the two genders are interchangeable.  In other words, a boy can become a girl, and vice versa.  However, in God’s Kingdom, separation still exists.  Male is male, and female is female. 
  • There is a separation between the world, under the leadership of the devil, and God’s people who are led by the Holy Spirit.  In 1 Corinthians 5:12-13 Paul explains that God did not give His children the right to judge people outside the church.  We are only to judge people inside the church (our ‘box’).  God will judge those outside.  We are not allowed to shout at people in the world system who have different views than we have.  We pray for them. 
  • The same principle applies to marriage.  God ordained it to be between a man and a woman.  The world, in rebellion against God, decided it is rubbish, and they condone any kind of marriage.  They force or try to force the various churches to adopt their philosophy about marriage.  That happens, but with God, it does not sell. 


We do not judge the world, because as followers of Jesus, we need to understand God’s principle of separation.  That is why, in the end, God will separate the ungodly from the godly. 4


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