Fossils prove that Noah’s flood was real

Many people today believe that the world-wide Genesis flood is a mythical story Fossilswritten in the mythical Bible. If you want to find answers about the Genesis flood in the secular world (Wikipedia would be a good example), forget it. It is just accepted as a default position that most things described in the Bible never happened. Because people believe evolution, there is no place for the Creator God in their thinking.


So where would the idea of a universal catastrophic flood come from that so much money was spent on the Noah film ($125 million)? How can we know whether the flood was real, so real that a non-believer made a film about it?  The question we should ask ourselves is, what evidence would a universal flood leave behind?

  • The Bible says that all living organisms, except those on the ark, drowned. The flood was not caused by tranquil rain over forty days. ‘All of the springs of the great deep burst forth, and the floodgates of the heavens were opened.’ 1 The rotation of the earth caused very strong currents. A tremendous mixing of water and soil took place, which was deposited all over the planet. The living organisms in the water and land were covered with layers of sediment laden soil (silt). Large numbers must have been buried alive. Oxygen was excluded and the sediment exerted pressure. That caused them to fossilise quickly.  Today there are millions of fossils all over the earth. Fossils are relics that point to the world-wide flood.
  • Fossils do not form in the way some text books explain, namely that a dinosaur died (near a river), and slowly decayed. Its bones were slowly covered with thin layers of sediment over a long period of time (evolutionists believe things happened very slowly). It is difficult to believe that it happened like that, because some dinosaurs are massive. In addition, why would other organisms not devour the carcass and scatter its bones long before they were covered with sediment and turned to stone? Why did the millions of buffalo killed on the plains of America not fossilise over time? It is because fossilisation needs fast burial, exclusion of oxygen and protection from organisms that feed on the carcasses. Those were the exact conditions during Noah’s flood.
  • There are exquisitely preserved fossils. For example, there are large numbers of Cambrian fossils especially from Canada and China (many sea creatures ), fishes, leaves, worms and insects that decay very quickly. They had to be buried quickly to fossilise.
  • Many fossil graveyards have been found. Do animals or fish go to a certain place in large numbers and die there together? Do we ever see that in nature? No. It needs a catastrophe to wash many animals together and bury them suddenly to cause fossil graveyards. That happened during Noah’s flood.


Fossils, found all over the world in sedimentary layers, are evidence that there must have been a massive watery catastrophe that covered the whole earth.  Fossils are a proof of the universal flood.



1. Genesis 7:11b



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