Science agrees with Scripture about our watery planet.

In the previous blog, ‘God’s watery creation,’ we mentioned 2 Peter 3:5, ‘The earth was formed out of water by water.’  This creation account seems very logical because we know that,

  • The earth is the only planet of the 8 in our solar system that has 71% water on its surface.
  • Water is essential for life on earth because its special properties are unique.

Surprisingly it looks as if researchers have begun to agree with the Bible, according to the following quotes.

#  Quotes from science journals  

Initially big bang adherents thought the water on earth came from comets and asteroids.  It had many problems, so they had to rethink the issue.

  • ‘Instead of arriving later by comet impact, Earth’s waters have likely existed since our planet’s birth.  The planet formed as a wet planet with water on the surface.’ 1
  • ‘A team of researchers studying the isotopic content of rocks specifically located in Baffin Island, Canada have discovered evidence supporting the idea of Earth having “native water”—water not delivered by comets or asteroids, but here since its formation.’ 2
  • We cannot rule out the addition of water to Earth’s surface after its formation (i.e. via comets and asteroids), but our data suggests that Earth had water from the very beginning of its formation, so a large amount of water addition later was not necessarily needed to produce our oceans [Dr. Lydia Hallis, the lead author of the study, told IFLScience].’ 3
  • A final clue that the planet’s oceans may have formed very early on is that there is more chlorine on Earth than you would expect.’ 4
  • ‘If the Earth’s oceans were formed from water on our own planet, rather than asteroids, that would solve a couple of problems for planetary scientists.  One is why Earth seems to have so much water in the first place.  Another is why life, which as far as anyone knows requires water, seems to have appeared so quickly once the Earth had a solid surface.’ 5
  • ‘The origin of water on Earth, or the reason that there is clearly more liquid water on Earth than on the other rocky planets of the Solar System, is not completely understood.  There exist numerous more or less mutually compatible hypotheses as to how water may have accumulated on Earth’s surface over the past 4.5 billion years in sufficient quantity to form oceans.’ 6
  • ‘And so, while we can’t say with certainty how water came to Earth, we can say we’re fortunate it did.’ 7


The quotes hint that researchers do not understand the origin of water clearly.  Despite that, it is interesting that nearly all the quotes conclude that there was probably liquid water on the earth from the beginning.  Logically they will not accept the Bible’s explanation that God created the earth out of water by water.  Yet that doesn’t negate the testimony of God’s Word.


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God still stands tall as the Creator

A person who denies Genesis 1 has to prove how complex living machines evolved.

If we listen to evolutionary propaganda, it is clear that they scoff at anyone who dares to believe living things were created in twenty-four hour days.  Those bright scoffers cannot understand how people can believe the Bible’s ‘nonsense.’  Well, here is a challenge to those who scoff at the Genesis 1 account.

#  All living things have a tiny motor in their cells.

  • Plants, birds, fish, reptiles, land animals and humans (created on day 3,5,6 of the creation week) are dependent on the ATP synthase motor in each cell of the body.1,2,3  So every organism has millions of these tiny motors.  They are the energy generators of the body and life depends on them.
  • If these machines shut down, death ensues very quickly.  This was proved in the Second World War when a poison was used to kill people.  That poison shut down the production of ATP, and death ensued very quickly.

#  The ATP synthase motor

See sketch to understand that it is a real motor.

  • You die within an hour when the ATP motor shuts down.  Then it had to be designed and built in a very short time for life to exist at all.
  • The whole cell functions as a unit.  No-one can claim that simple cells evolved first and then later the ATP synthase motor evolved quickly to bring life to the cells.
  • If life evolved over millions of years, how and when did the ATP ‘machine’ in the intricately designed factory (the cell) evolve?  Nobody has ever answered that.  
  • We know from present day experience that intricate machines like cell phones or computers don’t evolve on their own.  They are designed and created by some-one who had a goal in mind and the intelligence to put it all together.
  • Time and chance have never created an intricate motor.  Evolutionists imply the ATP synthase motor evolved naturally over millions of years, but they can never prove it scientifically.

#  To complicate matters, what about the DNA?

  • DNA is necessary for the ‘construction’ and function of the ATP synthase motor.  It is another tricky issue how the DNA in each cell evolved slowly on its own?
  • DNA is a string of letters that make up the recipe of each life form.  To put the DNA letters in a meaningful string so that they send a message to construct an organism, requires someone with purpose and intelligence. 4  
  • We can compare the genetic ‘letters’ to the letters of the alphabet.  They don’t form meaningful sentences and write a novel, spy thriller, or scientific journal on their own.  Someone has to plan, design and organize the letters into a meaningful message.


A person who denies Genesis 1 has to prove how complexity evolved.  Saying ‘it evolved,’ is not an answer.  God still stands tall as the Creator of the heavens and earth in six twenty four hour days.


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Was the march for science a March away from God?

Various localities around the world took part in the ‘March for Science’ on Saturday, 22 April 2017.  What was it about?  Three different kinds of science were lumped together: operational science, climate change and the ‘science’ of evolution.  Nobody has problems with testable, observable, repeatable science.  It serves society very well.  We don’t want to comment on climate change, but would like to say the following about ‘evolution science.’

# Why is Darwinian evolution called science? 

It was not established as science by repeated experiments, because that is not possible.  You cannot test past events repeatedly.  Darwinian evolution is an absolute dud when it comes to scientific benefits to society through practical applications.   It is practical science that gives inventions, applications and progress to society.

#  God and the ‘god’ of evolution are opposites 

Darwinian evolution is an attempt to dethrone the Creator God.

  • As the Owner and Ruler of His creation, God decreed that forgiveness of sins is only possible through the exchange of innocent blood.
  • In the Old Testament it was through the sacrifice of animals.  It was a pointer to the coming Redeemer, Jesus.
  • From the New Testament we know that the Son of God, Jesus, is the Lamb who died in our place for forgiveness of our sins.


#  Why is forgiveness of sins such a threat?

  • Forgiveness of our sins rescues us from the devil’s wiles.
  • Scripture tells us that the ruler of the world, the devil, deceives the whole world. 1  He hates the verse, ‘For He [God] has rescued us from the dominion of darkness and brought us into the Kingdom of the Son He loves, in whom we have redemption [recovery out of slavery under the devil], the forgiveness of sins. 2
  • Jesus forgives sins (Jesus testified to it when friends brought a paralytic to Him, ‘…so that you may know that the Son of Man has authority on earth to forgive sins….’ 3).
  • God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit were all involved in creation.  They are all involved in freeing us from the bondage of Satan.

#  What the devil hates?

The devil hates it that people can be freed and saved to inherit eternal life in Jesus, which he cannot.  If he can convince people that there was no Creator, then logically people assume there is no Saviour.  Then they are left in their sins with no forgiveness.  O, the devil loves that very much!


We know the world did not evolve, because it was created by the omnipotent God.  Therefore we know that when He forgives it is effective.  The Saviour came to save, and it works all the time. Darwinian evolution is a deception with the intent to lead people away from freedom in Jesus.


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