Genesis and Revelation, now and then

Revelation 21-22 explains that God will renew the universe.  Our present temporary earth will become an eternal, supernatural planet.  It will be home to the Family, the Triune God (Godhead) and the Bride. 

  1. Our present earth is populated through natural births.  The elect will be like angels with no marriages, no births and no deaths for all eternity.     
  2. The people who populate this earth are diverse.  The future one will be made up of the chosen ones.  They will be unified in Jesus. 
  3. This life is the time of decision when each person has the free will to choose to accept or reject God’s invitation to enter His Kingdom.  Eternal joy waits for the Family of God.  Eternal payment for the wages of sin waits for those who chose not to let Jesus pay the penalty of sin, namely death.  
  4. This life is a time of turmoil, unrest, pain, death and sickness.  Eternal life with God will be love, peace, happiness, joy, fellowship, harmony in the presence of our loving Father and Jesus.
  5. Now we experience the horrors of war, battles and selfish ambition.  Then there will be only loving care for each other. 
  6. This age consists of two opposing spiritual kingdoms.  In the age to come, each kingdom has its own territory.  The Kingdom of God will be on the gloriously renewed heaven and earth.  The kingdom of Satan will be the lake of burning sulphur.  
  7. Now there is faith, hope and love.  Then only love will remain.

Parallels between Genesis and Revelation, Part 2

The glorious unity of the Bible is a tribute to God’s plan to establish His crime free Kingdom forever.

  1. Genesis begins with a garden into which defilement entered (3:6-7).  Revelation ends with a city into which defilement will never enter (21:27).
  2. In Genesis God forms a bride for Adam (2:24).  In Revelation the gathered, Kingdom Bride marries the Bridegroom (19:7).
  3. Man’s personal walk with God is interrupted (3:8-10).  Man’s walk with God is resumed (21:3).
  4. The initial ‘triumph’ of the serpent (3:13) is followed by the ultimate triumph of the Lamb (20:10; 22:3).
  5. God gives the promise that Satan’s head will be crushed (3:15b).  His head is crushed permanently (19:20).
  6. God’s curse on creation (3:16) is revoked in the age to come.  There will be no curse (22:3a).
  7. Man’s dominion is broken in the fall of the first man, Adam (3:19).  Man’s dominion is restored in Christ (22:5).
  8. The first paradise is closed (3:23).  The new paradise is opened (21:25).
  9. Adam and Eve are driven from God’s presence (3:24).  The elect shall be in God’s presence always (22:4). 
  10. From Genesis 3 there are two kingdoms in this world, the Kingdom of Light and the kingdom of darkness.  In eternity there is only the Kingdom of God/Light on the new earth.  The kingdom of darkness is completely destroyed.

Parallels between Genesis and Revelation, Part 1

What became corrupted in Genesis, is completely restored by God in Revelation.

  1. Genesis begins with God’s creation of the natural heavens and earth (1:1).  Revelation reveals that God will create a supernatural new heaven and earth (21:1).
  2. In Genesis time began (day 1).  In Revelation time ends – eternity has no time.  
  3. God called the gathered waters ‘seas.’  There will no longer be any sea (21:1).
  4. God made two great lights – the sun and the moon (1:6).   The great city does not need the sun or moon since God is its light and the Lamb its lamp (21:23).  
  5. Genesis begins with man who disobeys God and it causes a rift between them.  Revelation ends with a complete healing of the rift, with the elect eternally in God’s visible presence.
  6. In Genesis death becomes part of humanity’s lot.  In Revelation death is thrown in hell and resurrected man lives forever – either with God or not.   
  7. Natural creation is cursed.  No more curse in God’s eternal Kingdom.
  8. Man is expelled from the Garden of Eden.  Man lives in the New ‘Garden of Eden,’ the New Jerusalem eternally.
  9. Genesis 3 revealed how Satan became the ruler of the world.  Revelation reveals how Satan is finally stripped of his authority and banned to eternal hell. 
  10. God prevented man from eating from the Tree of life.  The Tree of life is eternally available.

To be continued….

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