What an outsider thinks of the American police.

Years ago (about 2001) my wife and I had the opportunity to visit our children who worked in the United States for 18 months.  At one time we went by train from Boston to Philadelphia.  We arrived at ten o’clock that night and just walked to the apartment where they lived.  For us who come from a country where we will not even consider something like that because it is too dangerous, I was amazed.  There was police everywhere and we felt very safe.  

Many years ago the Person who did only good and had only good intentions was vilified, cursed, shouted at, insulted and in general made out to be the worst kind of offender.  Today we see the same attitude towards the police in America.  They are there to help and protect the citizens.  Yet they are vilified, shouted at, abused, et cetera.  To me it is amazing that even under such hostile conditions they just carry on.  Nobody denies that they make mistakes, especially under tense situations.  They risk their lives, yet they are treated as skunks.  

There is a type of parallel here. 

  • Take Jesus out of the equation and what will happen?  Chaos, as the devil has full control.  
  • Take the police out of the equation and what will happen?  Chaos.  The devil will love that!  

We are non-Americans but we have the greatest respect for the police force of the United States.  They surely need support. 

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