The errors in the Bible

Many claim that the Bible is filled with errors.  As a fairly young believer my heart always skipped a beat when I read about this or that ‘expert’ who denounces the many errors in the Bible.  That was because I did not know the truth.  

After I had studied for many hours to unravel the so-called ‘mistakes,’ I came to the conclusion that there must be a shorter way to settle the issue.  People might snigger at my solution, but for me, it worked.  My reasoning was as follows: 

The most reliable witness in a ‘court-case’ about the truthfulness of the Bible, is often a hostile witness.  Who is the hostile witness in this case?  The Bible answers it.  

  • It is Satan, the enemy of God.  
  • Satan rebelled against God and because of that he was sentenced to spend eternity in hell.  There he will be tortured for ever.  Satan hates God for that.  
  • Consequently he has a goal, namely to keep as many people as possible away from God.  Then they can spend eternity in hell with him.  
  • That is the reason he spreads the message of the many, many errors in the Bible.  People will not trust a fallible document.  

My question: 

  • If the Bible is filled with errors, why does Satan fight against it?  The war against the Word is a fact in world history.  When people destroy or ban Bibles, burn churches, or imprison pastors and teachers, it brands the Bible as a dangerous book or a bad influence.  
  • Nowhere does the Bible force any one to believe it.  Nowhere does it command any one to rebel against governments.  Nowhere does the Bible teach you how to harm your neighbour.  So why is the Bible so ‘dangerous?’ It is a wonderful book of truth.  The ruler of the world, the devil, knows it.  He knows it is God’s Word and completely reliable.   So he hates the Bible with a passion.  

My conclusion?  

The hostility, animosity, persecution and hatred of this wonderful life giving Book, is the best evidence that God’s Word can be trusted. 

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