Sir Richard Branson and Virgin

Richard Branson, WikipediaSir Richard Branson is the owner of many companies that are mostly part of his Virgin group.1 If somebody claims that he is not the owner, he will probably just smile. If he’s in a good mood, he might even pay for a visit to a psychiatrist. Nobody disputes his ownership. He has the right to do with his properties as he sees fit. For example, if Richard Branson decides his employees must wear black and white clothes, then that is it, the boss has spoken (fictional).


This example explains the importance of Genesis 1 in the Bible. It says God made the heavens and the earth. So He is the owner of the universe, because He created it. As Owner He has the right to lay down the rules. Throughout Scripture, God does miracles, He pronounces judgements on nations, He declares what sin is and what the remedy is. God decides what people need, to prepare for eternal life in His Kingdom (if they are interested).


The creation account in six twenty-four hour days, is vital. Take away creation, and the Bible loses its authority as the Word of God. Period. The Bible is grounded in history and is about real life situations and people. So we can expect the same logic as we have in the world. Why would it be different in the Bible?  The Holy Spirit inspired Moses to write down some detail about creation so that we can be sure the universe is God’s property.


In Genesis 2:4 we read, ‘When the Lord God made the earth and the heavens….’  God is called ‘Lord God,’ because from Genesis 2 onwards He issues the orders. He decides what His people should be and do. He determines what is going to happen in His property, and He will execute the future development of a massive security complex, called the new heavens and earth, the home of righteousness.2


Conclusion: no creation, no ownership, no authority, nothing.



  2. 2 Peter 3:13


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