Satan’s long war against God, Part 4

Part 4, Is there any physical evidence for a universal flood?

The account of creation in Genesis 1, is conventionally 31 verses.  The account of the flood, without chapter 9, is 68 verses.  With chapter 9, it is 85 verses.   

Why is the flood so important that it takes up so many verses?

The reason is that the world-wide flood in Noah’s time teaches us some very important principles of God’s Kingdom: 

  • God’s righteousness and judgment.  It tells us that we live in God’s moral world.  Therefore, at the end of time, all people will have to give an account before God’s Judgement Seat for what we did while we lived on earth.  
  • God never judges unless there is an ‘escape hatch.’  In that case it was the ark.  In our time we can accept Jesus who took our punishment and death sentence upon Himself so that we can escape eternal condemnation.    
  • God closed the door of the ark when Noah and his family were inside.  One day in future God will close the gates of the New Jerusalem, and those outside will remain outside for all eternity.  
  • God’s purposes will never be thwarted – neither by Satan, nor any of his active co-workers who so stridently war against the Word.  The flood was God’s solution to Satan’s strategy to pollute the human bloodline when his angels married women and had children by them (see Satan’s long war against God, Part 3).   

An important principle: 

Followers of Jesus should not fall into the trap to believe that God will do something as big as the universal flood, and leave no clear evidence for it.  

Evidence for the wide-wide flood – plant fossils

  • The first evidence we want to discuss is fossilised plants.  We know that plants rot fairly fast.  A leaf falls on the ground, and with rain and the action of soil bacteria and other factors, it disappears after a short while.    
  • How do plants fossilise?  Plant fossils cannot form over millions of years when sediment covers it thin layer by thin layer.  It can only happen with fast burial and pressure to exclude bacterial decomposition.    


Fossil plants occurring globally can only be explained by the flood.  Fossil plants are one of God’s exhibits that points to the flood. 

To be continued…. More physical evidence for the universal flood.

Satan’s long war against God, Part 3

Part 3, The Flood, universal Truth or Myth?

In the previous blog we discussed the first of Satan’s pushbacks against God’s promise that the Seed of the woman will crush his head.  His battle strategy was to send his demons to intermarry with women.  His effort was thwarted because God sent a universal flood.  

Satan does not take a loss lightly.  

So he has his strategy ready to malign God.  

  • His first lie is to depict God as a Cosmic Tyrant who destroyed women and innocent children indiscriminately in the flood.  Of course he does not mention that all the people of that generation had the opportunity to join Noah and escape the destruction of the flood on the ark.  
  • His second effort is to deny the universal flood.  For people in the world it is of no consequence whether there was a universal flood or not.  For those who profess belief in God, the situation is different.  We either acknowledge that the witness of Scripture is true and displays God’s power, or we don’t.  Either the Holy Spirit is a truthful Witness or He is not.  The question is, does God have the power to cause a universal flood, or doesn’t He? 

Not a local flood, but a universal flood.  

  • God promised never to flood the earth again.  The next universal destruction of the earth and the universe, is much more serious.  It will be by a devastating fire which will obliterate even the elements and everything on earth, to the deepest core.  The highest heavens will also be destroyed.  2 Peter 3:6-7, 10-13 
  • The universal flood has a direct influence on the final ‘restoration’ of the earth and preparation for the new heaven and earth.  Just as the universal flood brought about a ‘clean’ earth for Noah and his family, so the universal fire will bring about a ‘clean’ earth for the Bridegroom and His Bride.  
  • That means if the followers of Jesus deny the universal flood, they will automatically have to deny the universal fire.  Both have to do with God’s power.  Both have to do with God’s plan of an eternal nation.  

With the flood, God displayed His right to judge.  

If one denies the flood, one directly challenges God’s right to judge.  That means God’s right of a final, universal Judgment Day is denied.  In a sense that impacts on the book of Revelation which describes God’s final days of wrath on Satan’s kingdom of darkness.  


Either the believer accepts the witness of God in the Bible, or he does not.  

Next blog: Part 4, Is there any physical evidence of a

 universal flood?

Ken Ham and the ark project

Ken Ham and Answers in Genesis (of the Creation Museum) are Ark aabuilding a full-sized replica of Noah’s ark, in Northern Kentucky. They were initially supported by the governor, but their support was revoked, urged on by some atheist groups.

The Answers in Genesis website explains that the group, American United, even asked some pastors to unite with them to oppose Answers in Genesis.1 Why would pastors (who are supposed to love the Lord) oppose the building of the ark, which is a major teaching of the Old Testament? Why would atheists worry about such a project?

While atheists in general hate Jesus and oppose the Gospel, there are various fundamental reasons why they are hostile to the building of the ark (in Genesis 6-8 the whole episode of the ark is explained):

  • The ark represents salvation by Jesus. The inhabitants of the earth at that time, influenced by the devil, became increasingly wicked. It was more than God could bare, yet they represented the ancestors of the coming Saviour. So God had to preserve a remnant. Fortunately He found it in Noah and his family. 2
  • Ridicule of Noah. Noah built for many years, preaching through his project. One can imagine how they made fun of  him when he tried to explain why he was building such a massive boat, probably quite a distance from the sea!  Since the water would come to the boat, not the boat to the water, it was quite logical that he built near a good supply of wood.
  • Universal judgement. Why would unbelievers in our time still oppose the building of a life sized ark? It is because it conveys the message of universal judgement. An unbeliever does not like the message, because he subconsciously fears that event. The chilling future judgement is described in the last book of the Bible, And I saw the dead, great and small, standing before the throne, and the books were opened.3  In the books are written what we did while alive, ‘Nothing in all creation is hidden from God’s sight. Everything is uncovered and laid bare before the eyes of Him to whom we must give account.’ 4  
  • The mental health of atheists. On Judgement Day there will be gnashing of teeth, remorse and anguish. People who reject God and the Bible do not want to be reminded of that day. It is better for them to shove it out of their conscience. Yet the doubt lingers and that explains why the USA without a life sized ark, is better for the mental health of atheists.


Atheists refuse to believe there is a God. Yet for some reason, the message of the ark makes them very uneasy: judgment and giving account to God. This is an example of the double mindedness of atheists. If God is non-existent, why worry about what believers in Christ do?


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