The Supernatural in our natural world

One of the startling revelations of the Bible is that what we see around us is not only the natural we experience with our senses.  Especially after Darwin’s ‘breathtaking observation’ that our world is only natural and nothing else, there are people who believe that our physical universe is all there was, is and will be!  It might have been fine, except for the following announcement by God Himself, 

‘In the beginning God [Supernatural] created the heavens and the earth [natural].’  Genesis 1:1

Genesis 1:1 reveals that,

  • The eternal God created in the beginning. 
  • The name used for ‘God (Elohim)’ is plural (more than one in the Godhead).  
  • Yet the verb ‘created’ is singular (unity).  
  • The ‘heavens and the earth’ is our present known universe.

This verse establishes the Supernatural in our world.  The Bible reveals that the Supernatural eternal Triune God existed before creation.  That is in stark contrast to those who believe the universe just popped into existence – from nothing – for no reason at all!  

The supernatural/natural mix of our world is an important revelation of the Bible.  It is because:

  • At the end of time, God will destroy the natural earth, 

‘…The heavens will disappear with a roar; the elements will be destroyed by fire, and the earth and everything in it will be laid bare.’  2 Peter 3:10

  • The supernatural will replace the natural and will become eternal,  

‘Then I saw a new heaven and a new earth, for the first heaven and the first earth [natural] had passed away.’  Revelation 21:1

What does God teach us?  We live in a world where the supernatural is part of life.  It is dangerous to neglect it.

Genesis and Revelation, now and then

Revelation 21-22 explains that God will renew the universe.  Our present temporary earth will become an eternal, supernatural planet.  It will be home to the Family, the Triune God (Godhead) and the Bride. 

  1. Our present earth is populated through natural births.  The elect will be like angels with no marriages, no births and no deaths for all eternity.     
  2. The people who populate this earth are diverse.  The future one will be made up of the chosen ones.  They will be unified in Jesus. 
  3. This life is the time of decision when each person has the free will to choose to accept or reject God’s invitation to enter His Kingdom.  Eternal joy waits for the Family of God.  Eternal payment for the wages of sin waits for those who chose not to let Jesus pay the penalty of sin, namely death.  
  4. This life is a time of turmoil, unrest, pain, death and sickness.  Eternal life with God will be love, peace, happiness, joy, fellowship, harmony in the presence of our loving Father and Jesus.
  5. Now we experience the horrors of war, battles and selfish ambition.  Then there will be only loving care for each other. 
  6. This age consists of two opposing spiritual kingdoms.  In the age to come, each kingdom has its own territory.  The Kingdom of God will be on the gloriously renewed heaven and earth.  The kingdom of Satan will be the lake of burning sulphur.  
  7. Now there is faith, hope and love.  Then only love will remain.

The greatest Empire of all times

History teaches about big empires of which the British Empire was the greatest.  When it was at its peak, it controlled 23% of the world’s population.  In 1920 it covered 13.71 million square miles, almost a quarter of the world’s land area.

However, there is an Empire that is invisible at this stage, but when it becomes visible it will dwarf the size of the biggest empires.  The Bible describes it.  It is the Kingdom or Empire of God.  The whole earth will be its territory, 

‘Then I saw a new heaven and a new earth, for the first heaven and the first earth had passed…’ Revelation 21:1 

It will have a capital city,

‘I saw the Holy City the New Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven…’  Revelation 21:2

It will have a King (or President),

“And I heard a loud voice saying, ‘Now the dwelling of God is with men, and He will live with them….’  Revelation 21:3

God, who dwells in heaven at present, will come down to live among His people. 

Remember that we read about this in a Book that has been despised, rejected, banned and burned during much of its history (even up to our time).  

How can a book that teaches this, be banned?  It only happens because the ruler of the world, the devil, knows he will never be part of that coming Empire.  So he fights against the truth and revelations of the Bible.  That is why we can have confidence that God’s plan for the eternal City, the eternal nation under His eternal Lordship, will come to fruition.   


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