The secret to becoming as old as Adam

Most of us wouldn’t mind to grow old if we could remain healthy, but ‘old’ usually Old Manmeans frail and infirm. Yet in the Bible, Moses, the writer of Genesis, says Adam became 930 years old. Methuselah reached ‘the ripe old age’ of 969 years. That was quite an accomplishment. They probably had huge funerals when they died, with impressive amounts of descendants.


Yet why should we believe such nonsense? How can people become that old? Today if someone reaches 100, we think it is remarkable. Most of us will be happy if we reach 70 or 80. The question is, can we believe what the Bible tells us?


In those passages about the patriarchs, we see that their ages declined. After the flood, Noah lived 950 years. Abraham died at 175 1 and his son Isaac at 180.2  Moses died when he was 120 years old3 and king David at the age of 70.Why did that happen?


Creation was perfect in the beginning. After Adam failed to be obedient to God, in the garden of Eden, God cursed creation.It started to degenerate. That also happened to the perfect human beings, beginning with Adam and Eve. Their descendants began accumulating mutations. They are changes in the genetic makeup that effect fitness.6


So God began with perfection. Adam was probably the hunk of all hunks, but mutations slowly began to ‘eat’ away at longevity in his descendants. Why did God do it like that? It is logical. God is going to renew the whole creation when everything is run down, old and dilapidated. We also renew old, dilapidated things, not spanking new ones.


We see it very vividly in the declining genome. Generation after generation the mutation load is increasing. With it longevity slowly deteriorates. This is also fortunate, because who wants to live for hundreds of years in a sin filled world with many troubles? The day will come when the creation has deteriorated to such an extent that God will renew it.


What can we expect in the new age? For one, we will get new bodies. That is the beauty of Jesus’ resurrection. He was the first to be resurrected out of death, and because of it, we can be confident we will also be raised from death. Then we will be ‘issued’ with a spanking new body that will never decay. Our new bodies will be completely different. They will never again become old, ill or die. We will live for ever with Jesus (for those who chose to side with Him on this side of the grave), or without Him (for those who didn’t like His face on this side of the grave).


Conclusion: People often think that the Bible is a book of fairy tales, only to find, with closer investigation, that it is logical and reasonable. It has answers to what seemslike fairy tales.



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Why Dinosaurs did not evolve

Dino evolutionDinosaurs almost never fail to captivate people. Their shear size, the mystery surrounding these extinct reptiles, and the efforts of the media to see that there are enough programs to keep dinosaurs in the public eye, are enough to make dinosaurs part of mainstream science.


The public is presented with the ‘fact’ that dinosaurs evolved, ruled the earth and then died out. Obviously all that depends on whether dinosaurs really did evolve?  Evolution is spread across the globe as if it is a proven, scientific fact. The problem is, it has never been proven that evolution is true. To claimthat dinosaurs evolved, it is necessary to find some mechanism that would make it possible.


That mechanism has never been found. Evolutionists can bring their cladistics and their ‘proven’ lines of descent as seen in textbooks and computer simulations, but it still doesn’t make evolution true. Mutations are supposed to be the mechanism that added new genetic information for organisms to evolve (genetic information must be added for evolution to be true). Mutations cannot increase information, they only degrade it. This fact is clearly seen in the following experiment and is the death knell of evolution.


Two geneticists, Christiane Nüsslein-Volhard and Eric Wieschaus did mutation experiments on fruit flies.1  The idea was to determine the function of different genes, including the regulatory genes crucial to fly development. For their work they were awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine /Physiology.


They found that except for a few mutants that would not survive in the wild, like ‘short wings,’ ‘curly wings,’ ‘eyeless mutants,’ and the ‘antennapedia mutants,’ all the other ‘mutated’ fruit fly embryos died. The mutations are pathological.


This has led to what is called the Great Darwinian Paradox.  To tell it in plain English:

  • What you want, you won’t get (mutations that lead to evolutionary change).
  • What you get, you don’t want (small scale changes, like colour and size that will not lead to Darwinian evolution).


To summarize

  • Dinosaur development began as a fertilized egg. It then developed into an adult, with millions of cells of many different types, like bone, nerve, muscle, heart cells, et cetera.
  • To evolve a new body plan, mutations must occur early in development and must be viable.
  • The early acting mutations have never been tolerated in any animals that developmental biologists studied. The organisms died. The same would apply to dinosaurs.
  • Mutations late in development only affect superficial character traits. 2


There is no way that dinosaurs could have evolved. There is no such a thing as non dinosaur ancestors. Dinosaurs breed dinosaurs and nothing else. No matter how much evolutionists shout, deride, or insist it is the truth, dinosaurs did not evolve. The only way one can believe it is by becoming a science denier, which is necessary if one is to believe in evolution.



There should have been dinosaurs on the ark. They were part of God’s six day creation, part of the animals that God sent two by two on the ark to survive the flood.



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Biologos, creation and evolution

The Biologos Foundation (Christians who believe God created through evolution) is very happy. In Aronofsky’s film, Noah, the ‘Creator’ used evolution to fill the earth. 1   Yet the ‘Creator’ that Noah (Russell Crowe) addresses, is not the Creator of Genesis 1.

Biologos believes evolution
Theistic evolution


Why do they talk about the Creator in the film, and then present an evolutionary timeline that is the complete opposite of the Genesis account? In Genesis 1 we read at least eight times that God created, over a period of six days, by speaking. 2 There is a huge gulf between creating by speaking, and a natural process that is supposed to have happened by chance over millions of years.


What the film does is to lull Christians asleep. They are supposed to be very happy to hear the word  ‘Creator,’ and that the ‘Creator’ did it through evolution. That means a rational, logical, intelligent God used an unintelligent chance process that never has and never can ‘create’ anything new. This is an example of the kind of indoctrination in our ‘modern’ world. It is a proof of what the Biologos’ agenda is. They try to depose God as Ruler of the universe. If God is not the Creator, He is not the Owner or Ruler and He has no authority to save people.


In the Bible, the term ‘Creator’ is not usually used, but rather ‘Lord’ and ‘God.’ The use of the title ‘Creator’ in the film, is just a trap to catch the unwary.  There is a gulf between creation and evolution as wide apart as between the earth and the Andromeda galaxy.  They can never be reconciled, because they cannot both come from God. Evolution needed no intelligence (which God has in abundance).


Why is evolution an impossible process?

  • Mutations cannot ‘create,’ they only destroy. Ask anybody who has a family member with a genetic disease due to a mutation. It causes abnormality and is agony and pain for such people.
  • Evolution means an increase in functional complex genetic information. Mutations cause a loss of genetic information. So mutations cannot develop ever higher life forms. In addition there is no mechanism by which new genetic information can be ‘imported’ into the cell. That makes evolution (the ‘creation of new families of organisms) impossible.
  • All organisms begin life as very small fertilised ovums. Then they develop in a certain designed way till they are fully functional adults. The whole aspect of gene regulatory networks is so complex and so precise, that no mutations can ever cause new kinds. Changes that could possibly lead to evolution through mutations, have to happen early in development, but the embryo does not survive that.


Is it possible that Biologos is unaware of these facts? No, they know it very well. Their object is to convert Christians to theistic evolution (God created through evolution). That is why Paul warned about ‘savage wolves that will come in among you and will not spare the flock.’  4


Conclusion:  Biologos comes like sheep, but are ravenous wolves, eager to destroy the faith of believers. Be very careful of them.




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