Can God be blasphemed?

With reference to the events in Paris with Charlie Hebdo, (link) Love your enemiessomeone wrote that only the God of the Bible gave the command that blasphemers should be stoned, the Koran is silent about it. In Leviticus 24:10-16 God does say the blasphemer must be stoned.

The principle about when the Old Testament laws should be applied in our times is that if a law is not repeated in the New Testament, it no longer applies today (link). The blasphemy law of the Old Testament is not repeated in the New Testament. Jesus did warn that blasphemy against the Holy Spirit will not be forgiven.1 Yet there is not a word about stoning, burning or punishing.

In Islam blasphemy is impious utterance or action against Allah, Mohammad or anything to do with Islam. The Quran and the Hadith condemn blasphemy, but they don’t specify a punishment for it. Contrary to the claim that Allah did not wish worldly punishment for blasphemers in the Koran, the opposite happens in real life.


  • Salman Rushdie wrote the book, Satanic Verses, published in 1988 in the UK. The Muslims were angry, because Rushdie wrote a novel about the verses that were removed from the Quran because they said the devil deceived Mohammed to include them.2 So they bombed many bookshops that sold his book, and Khomeini issued a fatwa to kill Rushdie.  He was protected by the police, but had to move many times.
  • There were threats and protests against the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten for publishing cartoons lampooning the Prophet Muhammad in 2005.
  • There was the massacre at Charlie Hebdo on 9 January 2015, and a previous attempt to burn down the building.
  • At least six churches have been looted or burned in Niamy, Niger. There were also protests in Karachi (Pakistan), Khartoum (Sudan) and Algiers (Algeria). This was in response to Charlie Hebdo’s latest edition with a picture of a weeping prophet Muhammad.3  Nobody knows why the Christian churches are burned for what Charlie Hebdo depicts.

Why do Christians not retaliate when their Lord is insulted? It is because Jesus taught us that we are to love our enemies.4 Even when the Pharisees and others did their best to insult Jesus and curse Him, He still prayed, ‘Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.’ 5

Conclusion: God does not need His followers to protect His honour and name. He will not use His followers to defend Him. They are needed to spread the message about the Kingdom. God is unassailable in heaven, eternal, glorious and everlasting. Sticks and stones cannot hurt God.

NB! Please note the difference between the God of the Bible and Allah. The God of the Bible is a Trinity, God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. Islam denies it, because their ‘God,’ Allah, does not have a son. They are not the same.


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Understand evolutionism

Evolutionism is a faith about the origin of life on earth. Its ‘holy’ book is Darwin’s Origin of Species. The goal of Evolutionismevolutionism is to contradict the Genesis 1 origins account of the Bible. Evolutionism has evolved different ways to spread its message and evangelise the world:


# 1. Evolutionism is spread by a ruse (lie). It clothes and markets itself as ‘science.’ Though evolutionism is marketed as science, it differs from science. Science’s goal is to find out how nature works and to use those discoveries to improve our quality of life. Evolutionism is interested in where things come from (countering Genesis 1). Science, for example, will investigate how photosynthesis works. Evolutionism cannot do repeatable, observable experiments, because evolution happened in the past. So it will just claim that photosynthesis probably evolved. Most people never notice that the ‘science’ of evolutionism uses words like ‘probable,’ ‘possibly,’ ‘could have,’ et cetera.


# 2. Evolutionism is taught, even though it is unscientific. For example, birds evolved from dinosaurs, whales evolved from land animals, and humans evolved from ape-like ancestors. The science is absent, but the faith is strong. That explains why they battle so much to keep any criticism of evolutionism out of the public arena. Practical science sounded the death knell of evolutionism long ago. That is not told to the public. Remember, if a lie is told often enough, people tend to believe it.


# 3. Evolutionism is spread by adopting the practices of Mohammed. He spread the faith of Islam with the sword. It worked well for Islam, so why not for evolutionism?  The way it is done is to ban the Genesis 1 account as far as possible in schools and universities. Nobody is allowed to criticise evolution, except on pain of ‘death.’ Convert to evolution and reject Genesis 1, or ‘die.’ By ‘die’ we mean court cases, loss of jobs, demotion, harassment, demeaning comments in the media, et cetera.


Why is evolutionism so zealously protected and advertised? It is like a person who owns a business, and tries to eliminate all competition. The Bible’s product is eternal life on a renewed earth. The ruler of the world, the devil, has another product called ‘roasting in flames’ which he promotes.  Although the product he sells is not so nice, he does want people to sample it. He doesn’t tell them that it implies ‘eternal sampling.’


To summarise: the war to protect evolutionism is unique, unparalleled, amazing and exciting. Exciting because it all points away from evolutionism to the faith with evidence, faith in the Book of Truth, the Holy Bible.

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