We do as God does, Part 3

God, in His glorious love, explained His ways and His Kingdom to us in the Bible in a way we can understand.  In physical, every day life we do many of the same things we find in the Bible (see We do as God does, Part 1 and We do as God does, Part 2).  For example,

#  Entrance or Immigration Requirements

  • When we want to work for a desirable company, join an elite force or immigrate to another country, we have to fulfill certain requirements.  
  • Similarly we cannot just walk into God’s Kingdom.  There are entrance requirements to pass out of the kingdom of darkness into God’s Kingdom of Light (from the broad road onto the narrow road).  We need to repent (confess our sins), to believe in Jesus (accept His forgiveness), to be baptized in water (a symbol that we bury the old life to live the new life), and to receive the Holy Spirit.  

#  Personal Trainer

  • Often people will get a life coach, gym instructor or some other advisor.  
  • God gives to everyone in His Kingdom a personal Instructor who is with and in each of His children 24/7 to prepare us for life with Him.  It is the Holy Spirit, our Teacher, Guide and Comforter. 

There truly is little in the Bible that we are not familiar with.

Be holy

Love for the Lord is an essential condition for God’s people.  (See Love the King)  With love goes awe, reverence, fear and respect.  All are absolutely essential for the successful Nation of God.

However, there is more to it.  We must become like the Triune God in character and they are holy, 

‘I am the Lord your God.  Consecrate yourselves and be holy, because I am holy.’  Leviticus 11:44  

A holy God cannot do bad things, 

  • ‘…Far be it from God to do evil, from the Almighty to do wrong….  It is unthinkable that God would do wrong, that the Almighty would pervert justice.’  Job 34:10b,12
  • ‘He [God] is the Rock, His works are perfect, and all His ways are just.  A faithful God who does no wrong.’  Deuteronomy 32:4c

The Triune God is holy, perfect.  Love, care, compassion, fellowship, et cetera are all part of their character.   The Bridegroom, God the Son, is holy.  Thus to fit in with Him, the Bride also has to be holy,  

‘For without holiness no one will see the Lord.’  Hebrews 12:14 

The message is crystal clear: no holiness, no eternal life.  

The question is, how to become holy?  And, what is holiness in practical life?

We discuss this in the next blog. 

Our natural/Supernatural world, Part 1


Our five senses show us that we live in a natural world.  We think ‘naturally.’  Yet the natural is not all life is about.  The Bible reveals a supernatural world, all around but invisible.  In this supernatural world are God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, good and evil angels.  The world in which we live is ruled by the leader of the evil angels.   

People might say, ‘Prove it!’  One of the easiest proofs is the war against the Bible.  If we live in a natural world only, where do the continual attacks against the Bible come from?  For example, there are professors at universities who do their best to destroy the faith of Bible believing students.  Various TV shows mock the Gospel.  Films poke fun at pastors and church officials in a very negative way.  Some people even mock Jesus as transgender, homosexual, married to Mary Magdalene, et cetera.  Others reject Jesus’ resurrection as fiction.  Anything that might remind people of the Bible, even prayer, is often frowned upon.  Christians are even labelled as evil people.  The idea of evolution, that life evolved naturally, is widely sold as ‘science.’  Yet nobody has ever proved how non-living elements can combine to form the most intricate living structures.  It has never been done, but the public has to believe it like gospel truth – life came from non-life.

  • If people believe in strange things like civilized men on the moon, or ET’s from outer space, or whatever, that is fine.  As long as some one does not believe in the Bible.  
  • It is ordinary citizens, many who are clever and gifted, who attack the Bible.  What force in them drives them to hate the Bible?  The Bible has a supernatural origin and a supernatural message.  So it makes sense that these people are influenced by the supernatural enemy of God. 
  • The Bible tells us about a future new world and a city of massive proportions built out of gold.  People deride it as a myth and yet that so-called mythical book is banned, burned and branded as evil.  No ‘myth’ ever received such treatment!  

My search 

I grew up on a farm near a small town in South Africa.  I had no clue why I was on earth.  Life was not that much fun.  I had questions, ‘ Why am I here?  What is life about?’  The few times I was in church as a youngster I understood zero.  It puzzled me why the man in the black suit read what to me was a very boring ‘Big, Black Book.’  There were many wonderful books I knew about, like ‘Tarzan of the Apes,’ ‘Prince Valiant,’ exciting cowboy stories, et cetera.    

What was I supposed to answer the girl I dated when she asked me, ‘Are you saved?’  I had no clue what she meant.  Regardless, we got married and in time I did get saved.  I gave my heart and life to Jesus.  Then began my search of what it means to be saved.  I wondered why the Bible needs 66 books to explain such a simple message?  Now, about 45 years later, it feels as if many of my questions have been answered by the precious Holy Spirit.  That is what we write about.    

To be continued….

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