Jesus’ interview with Hitler

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There is an endless debate between atheists and Christians about whether Hitler was a Christian or not? Group A says he was and group B says he wasn’t. On and on the sparring goes, and each side produces ‘infallible’ evidence to support their idea.


To clear up the question, we had some insight into a meeting Jesus had with Hitler. It was at the beginning of Hitler’s offensive to conquer Europe, England and later Russia. Jesus was worried that Hitler’s ‘program’ would cause the death of many people.


So Jesus posed a question to Hitler: ‘Adolf, why do you say that you are a Christian (a Christ follower)? Why do you call me Lord, Lord, but don’t do what I command you?’ Hitler was a bit stunned, but asked Jesus what He meant? After all, he (Hitler), was an important man. He was the leader of the German Reich. So he asked Jesus to tell him why it is not enough to call Him ‘Lord, Lord?’ It should be obvious to everyone that he knows the Jewish Messiah.


Jesus was in a hurry. He understood that He should not waste the Fuhrer’s time, as he was busy planning a war. So He again asked Hitler the question, ‘Why don’t you do what I say?  Don’t you understand that you, Adolf, a professing Christian, plans to wage a war that will cause the deaths of millions of people?’ Hitler had no reply.


The moral of the story? A person is recognised by the fruit of his life. ‘Do people pick grapes from thorn bushes, or figs from thistles? Likewise every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit.’ 1


We trust that this exclusive interview between Jesus and Hitler will clear up the case for Christians and atheists.



1. Matthew 7:16-18

Commons Wikimedia

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