The two sides of the coin

Two sides of the coinGuy P Harrison wrote a book, ’50 Simple Questions for every christian.

We respect his attitude. His basic civility is demonstrated by the following quotes:

  • This book is not an attack on Christian people.
  • My goal is to help Christians gain a better understanding of why, after two thousand years, the majority of the world is still unconvinced by the basic claims of their religion.’ 2
  • This book presents a skeptics perspective, the view many Christians never hear.’ 3
  • Those looking for a cliched or cartoonish angry atheist attack on crazy Christians will have to keep looking, because they won’t find it here. While I pull no punches in explaining many of the reasons why I and so many others remain unconvinced of Christianity’s claims, I have no interest in scoring debate points or attempting to make myself feel intellectually superior to anyone.4

Despite his good attitude, make no mistake about his intention.  It is to make atheists, to convert Bible believers into Bible doubters. He considers faith in the Bible as irrational, illogical and unscientific.

Our research into the Bible and God’s Plan for man lead us to exactly the opposite conclusion. So we present the other side of the coin. To us the Bible is rational, logical and scientific. An example of the kind of strategy that is used against the Bible, is to claim that it has thousands of errors. Seldom does the critic give the list of errors, or mention that there are other opinions.

Dick Wilson studied especially the Old Testament, and knew at least 25 ancient languages and dialects.  He concluded,

  • I have made it an invariable habit never to accept an objection to a statement of the Old Testament without subjecting it to a most thorough investigation, linguistically and factually.’ 5 
  • In my conclusion, let me reiterate my conviction that no one knows enough to show that the true text of the Old Testament in its true interpretation is not true.’ 6

We are skeptical of the opinions of skeptics who say they are rational, logical and scientific when they criticise the Bible. We have found that the Bible is a logical, understandable book with a magnificent message, and it has no reason to hide its face in the sand when it comes to science.


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