Will good people be in heaven?

Many people, especially among the younger generation, think ‘good people’ will go to heaven.  With ‘heaven’ they probably mean the future eternal new earth where God will be among His people (Revelation 21:1).  What they forget is that being ‘good’ in their respective countries have nothing to do with God’s people in His country.   

  1. God loves people.  Most people in today’s nations do not personally know their leaders.  God is totally different.  Because of the Holy Spirit, He knows each person in His Kingdom intimately on a first name basis.  Even Jesus was filled with the Holy Spirit when He was on earth.  
  2. God’s people are of a very specific kind. They are twice born.  All people are born in the kingdom of darkness so they are ignorant of God’s ways.  Nobody can enter the Kingdom of light unless he or she is born again, as Jesus said (John 3:3).    
  3. All God’s people love Him.  Nations throughout history have been plagued by citizens who don’t love and respect their leaders.  Not so with God’s people.  All are saved by Jesus and filled with the Holy Spirit.  And all love their wonderful Lord God Almighty.  That is very important since God’s Kingdom is eternal.  He is the eternal King.  It will never change.  That is what we decide here on earth: do we want to love and serve this fantastic King?  God has no guarantee that ‘good’ people will love Him eternally, if they don’t do it here on earth.       
  4. God’s people seek the Kingdom of God (Matthew 6:33).  ‘Good people’ are not necessarily interested in God.  Do they ever apply themselves to find out more about Him and become acquainted with Him?  That is God’s test: are people so interested in me that they will find out more about me in my Book, the Word of God?  Why would God allow anybody in His Kingdom who does not care about Him one whit?  He or she never opens the precious Book of Life, the Bible.    


Not good people, but new people will see God’s face.  They will enter the Kingdom of God.  Yet the wonderful news from Jesus is: nobody, not even ‘good’ people, are excluded from being saved out of darkness into the Kingdom of God. 

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