Is it clever to suppress Israel?

In 1994 when South Africa transitioned from apartheid to democracy, it happened without the prophesied bloodshed.  It was the miracle country of Africa.  The then government thought it unnecessary to mention God in the Constitution (many were Communists).  It had consequences.

#  Rejecting God often leads to an anti-Israel attitude.

One aspect of the present day South Africa is that they are very partial to the Palestinians.  A statue of Nelson Mandela was sent to Ramalla.1  Mr Zuma also negotiated with president Abbas of Palestine. 2  Pressure groups try to force businesses to discontinue trade with Israel. 3

#  It is dangerous not to bless Israel.

God promised Abraham, ‘I will bless those who bless you, and curse those who curse you.’ 4  Pharaoh suppressed God’s people through slavery and ruined his country.  Is that principle still relevant today?  Let us look at the example of South Africa.  Is it still the roaring miracle of the 1990’s?  No.

  • There are warnings, also from the Reserve Bank, that South Africa faces a medium to high probability downgrade to non-investment status.  Standard & Poor, as well as Fitch, rate it a notch above sub-investment grade, and Moody’s has it two notches above. 5
  • The Rand is falling against the Dollar and other currencies.  Corruption is playing havoc with the well being of the country.
  • Joblessness is officially at 26,7%, the highest since December 2005 when it was about 30%. According to Africa Check, South Africa has one of the highest unemployment rates in the world. 7
  • Violence and protests are so common that the public broadcaster (SABC) decided to stop broadcasting it. 8


Anybody who claims that God’s Word is of no consequence, should look at the example of South Africa.  The Amalekites thought they could oppose Israel and incurred the wrath of God. To trifle with God’s people always has consequences, as we see in South Africa.


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