Does modern ‘science’ erode your faith?

According to polls the Christian faith has lost ground in the Western World. 1, 2  Let us look at the BioLogos Foundation as one reason for the erosion of biblical faith.  The purpose of BioLogos is, ‘to invite the church and the world to see the harmony between science and biblical faith as we present an evolutionary understanding of God’s creation. 3     

#  Genesis 1 is the proof that God is real.

Genesis 1 is the most fundamental and important doctrine in Scripture.  God created in six days and therefore He is all-powerful and will establish His Kingdom on earth.  Without Genesis 1 the whole Bible tumbles like a house of cards.

#  Biblical faith stands on the foundation of Genesis 1. 

Darrel Falk says, ‘It is a travesty that young people who begin the journey of following Jesus are told that they have to believe something which a little science education makes clear cannot possibly be the case.’ The science he refers to is definitely not operational science.  What happens is that people realize that if Genesis 1 is about an evolved creation, there is no reason to believe there is a God.  They just discard their faith in God.

#  To change Genesis 1 requires major changes in Scripture. 

BioLogos has to adapt the Bible to fit evolution.  The inevitable conclusion is, ‘At the end of the day, the theological modifications required by the acceptance of evolution are vast and utterly disastrous for biblical Christianity.’ 5   Scripture is composed of 66 interlocking ‘pieces.’  If you change one you have to change all the others.  That erodes faith eventually.

#  Evolution does not stand on a scientific foundation.

Science is an investigation into the workings of nature and is based on testable, observable, repeatable experiments.  Logic tells us that evolution, an idea of where life came from, cannot be tested repeatedly, neither observed, nor measured.  Creation is a past event, not open to scientific investigation.  It is a lie that science proved evolution true.

#  Science leads to technological advances.

Scientific innovations (TV, cellphones, electricity, et cetera) are based on laws of nature discovered by scientific investigations.

  • To prove that the idea of evolution is useless for that, do a search on the most well known evolutionist, Richard Dawkins.
  • Skip past all his accomplishments, the books he wrote to trash the Bible and promote evolution, and see if he has any scientific patents to his name?  Has he formulated any significant laws of nature and patented innovations based on them?  After all, he calls himself a scientist.  We could not find any evidence of his prowess as a scientist.
  • With all his active ‘research’ into evolution, he should have earned at least one or two Nobel prizes.  None are mentioned. 6


BioLogos is part of the propaganda machine to destroy people’s faith in the Bible.  ‘Normal’ thinking people realize that if evolution is true, God is not.  This is a massive modern lie: ‘Science has proved evolution.’   


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What is a theistic evolutionist?

A theistic evolutionist is someone who believes Genesis 1 is wrong, Theistic evolutionbut Revelation 21-22 is true (or hopes it is true). There are a few differences and similarities in the two creations in those chapters:

  • One is in the past. The other is in the future.
  • One is temporary and decays. The other is eternal and will never decay.
  • Both accounts are found only in Scripture. The one without the other makes no sense, since Genesis 1 is the ‘forerunner’ of Revelation 21-22.
  • Both chapters are only important to believers in Jesus. Non-believers have no interest in who God is or what He plans.

The theistic evolutionist uses his ‘science’ to adjust or change Genesis 1. Since science consists of testable, observable and repeatable experiments, neither Genesis 1 nor Revelation 21-22 can ever be tested by science.

What the theistic evolutionist understands by ‘science’ is evolution. Evolution rejects the Genesis 1 account of creation and replaces it with speculations about the natural origin of life. The big bang and ‘mindless molecules to man’ events over billions of years is the creator for the theistic evolutionist. Believing God created by evolution is the same as saying that God had nothing to do with creation, since all evolutionary happenings have to do with chance, not design.

Only an omnipotent God could be the cause of the following:

  • The first heaven and earth will be replaced, because it will be destroyed by a massive ‘big bang fire.’ 1
  • The new earth will have no sea.
  • There will be a Holy City coming down out of heaven. NB! Some people think it is metaphorical. If that is true, we might as well assume that the whole Revelation 21-22 is metaphorical. Then our faith is useless and a waste of time. As it is, the Bible is truth, and we can confidently look forward to the New Jerusalem.
  • People will have new incorruptible bodies.
  • Fruit trees will bear every month, and their leaves will be for the healing of the nations.

Revelation 21-22 will become a reality because of an omnipotent Creator God. So if God is the only possible cause for Revelation 21-22, why can’t He be the only cause for Genesis 1? Let us look at some logic. Is it possible to reject Genesis 1 but believe in Revelation 21-22? The new heavens and earth is the reason God created the first heavens and earth. One follows logically upon the other, with supernatural creation as the common thread.


Revelation 21-22 describe the Kingdom that Jesus testified about.2  He created the present one, 3 so we can expect that He will also create the new one. If a person denies God’s omnipotence with the first creation, why accept it with the new creation? It does not make sense.


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Why Six Days?

The days of creation in Genesis 1 is a contentious issue. One day 24 hoursThe question is whether the Bible is correct that God created in six twenty-four hour days?

Why does intense hostility often accompany a discussion of the length of the creation days? It is because it is an authority issue. If God did not create supernaturally in six days, it is obvious that He has no authority. The only alternative is evolution over millions of years, but that has nothing to do with God’s omnipotence. It is supposed to be just a natural event.

Nobody has authority over something he or she did not create. Why would it not be true for God?

If life evolved randomly and naturally by chance, what rights has God to rule in a creation that is not His own? Yet in chapter 2 of Genesis, we already see that God takes the lead and puts Adam in the Garden of Eden. God gives him a command (don’t eat from a certain tree).  In the rest of the Bible the pattern remains. God is in command and He says what must or should be done, and what will happen in future.

The fact that God is in command, tells us that He earned that right because He created everything. That implies ownership. Yet people (who call themselves ‘Christians’) regardlessly persist that all of nature evolved. They don’t realise that if anyone can change one part of the Bible, why not other parts like the virgin birth, miracles and the resurrection? In the end there is only one person who benefits from this squabble over the creation days. It is the arch enemy of God, the devil.

What does the devil gain by fomenting unrest over the issue? He knows how people’s thoughts function: doubt a little… doubt a bit more… and more… and eventually nothing remains. What emerges out of the ashes of doubt about the length of the creation days in the Bible, is a brand new unbeliever straight on his way to the same destiny as the devil. The devil loves it. He relishes it. That is why he causes people to doubt Scripture.

Conclusion: The next time you hear people argue about the length of creation days, remember:

  • God is either all-powerful (omnipotent), or He is not.
  • He either has the right and the authority to rule because He is the Owner of the universe, or He doesn’t.
  • If He is not the omnipotent Ruler of His creation, the rest of the Bible falls away. How can He then promise eternal life on the new heavens and earth? Without an omnipotent Father, there is no omnipotent Jesus and no omnipotent Holy Spirit.

Then the Bible fails the test and can be dumped into the rubbish bin. The devil will love it. As a loser, he will be dumped one day, but it is unfortunate that all people who believed his lies about Scripture will join him. Don’t let the devil triumph. Jesus our Lord is the Victor for ever.