God’s plan through the ages

We devoted the last 11 blogs to God’s command to ‘Kill them all.’ We saw Promised landthat God is not a cruel ethnic cleanser, but protects His own like any human father or nation. Those who hate Him and deliberately harm His people will have a time of grace to come to their senses, but will be eliminated if they refuse to change.

So we have confidence to declare that critics like Richard Dawkins who loudly proclaim what an unpleasant character God is, have very little knowledge and insight into Scripture. They are influenced by the devil to root for hell. To do that they have to twist truth.

What do we learn from the information we gathered?

  • The Old Testament gives us, in picture through history, what God plans for the future. For example, He promised a special country to the descendants of Abraham. The history of Israel through thousands of years recorded in the Bible, proves that God kept His promise.
  • Even today the events in Israel and what happens to the Jewish nation show us that nothing and no one can thwart God’s plan for His people.
  • Hebrews 11:10,14-16 records that Abraham, the man of faith, looked forward to God’s eternal city and country.We also have such a promise. 2  By the blood of Jesus we become part of the family of God and of His promised land.
  • God promised a physical, historical country to Abraham. He did not allow any person, tribe or nation to thwart His goals. He will not allow anybody to thwart His future plans to give His people an eternal city and country, the new heavens and earth.
  • The goal of His (God’s) story in the Bible is to call us (believers and unbelievers) to realise what is at stake; to show us how much attention the devil gives to prevent us from becoming ‘naturalised citizens’ of God’s nation; to assure us that He will protect us if we trust in Him.

Main conclusion

Do not be deceived, the opponents and haters of God are always the losers. What happened in Biblical times, will happen again: God will remove those who are not interested in His plan for an eternal Kingdom of peace. It is a terrible future, but every person has a free will and God will not interfere with it. For us who love the Lord, we look forward to be forever in His presence. Glory!


  1. Revelation 21:1-4
  2. Matthew 25:34
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