Our family, the apes

If there is one thing we have heard not once, but probably thousand of times, it is that people are genetically very closely related to chimpanzees.  We supposedly share 98% of our genes with chimpanzees.  It is actually less, but for the time being, let’s leave it at 98%.

#  The similarities between people and some other creations

  • New Scientist, ‘Mice and men share about 97:5% of their working DNA, just one per cent less than chimps and humans.’  They reckon that neither genome has changed much since we shared a common ancestor 100 million years ago. 1,2  Of course we don’t agree with their time scale or a common ancestor.
  • We share 44% with fruit flies;
  • 26% with yeast:
  • 18% with a weed (thale cress). 3 
  • The DNA of people is also very similar to that of kangaroos.  There are a few differences where we have a few more of this and a few less of that, but they are the same genes and a lot of them are in the same order.

#  Why the similarities?

We share proteins, cells, et cetera with other organisms.  That testifies that the Creator used the same ‘template,’ but He adapted it to the different kinds.  Why is there then such a difference between the morphology (outside appearance) of humans and chimpanzees, if our DNA is so similar? It depends on how the genetic ‘book’ is read.  Most people who do not agree with the evolution propaganda, recognise that man is different from the ape family and for that matter, from all other created beings.

#  An instructive Bible verse

For people who like to tout our similarity to chimps (it’s an effort to get rid of God’s special creation of man), the following is an instructive Bible verse, ‘Where is God my Maker, who gives songs in the night, who teaches more to us than to the beasts of the earth and makes us wiser than the birds of the air?’ 5  God never teaches chimps, kangaroos, or mice about the Kingdom of God and how wonderful it is.


Evolutionary propaganda will be with us till the end of this age.  Scripture, however, tells us we are special in God’s sight, and He calls us all to join His Kingdom.  That invitation will not change till the end of this age.


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Atheist letter

The following is the letter of an atheist, published in a local newspaper. 1 It is more or less the popular Assyrian eagle man, British museumargument that atheists use these days (there are always exemptions).

‘One of the more facile assertions made by Christians when stumped to explain the inconsistencies in their beliefs, what they believe and why they believe it, is to claim the atheist who raises the issues, “Just hates God”.

The atheist stock answer is usually the valid, “How can I hate something that I don’t believe exists”?

The religious are not renowned for the ability to think logically (otherwise they would not be religious) but let’s just apply some logic to the assertion of hating God.

If you are a Christian you believe there is only one god – yours. Quite obviously you therefore reject the existence of Apollo, Atlas ……. Baal, Brahma ……Dionysus ….Ganesha …..Odin …… Thor …… Vishnu ……. Xenu …….. and Zeus or any of the other thousands of gods worshipped by mankind since the dawn of recorded history.

Do you, as a Christian, hate these gods? Of course you don’t. You simply reject them, ignore their existence, and perhaps think that anyone who believes they exist and worships them as being wrong, infantile, unthinking, illogical and stupid. And if believers in some other deity should attempt to enforce their beliefs, culture or strictures on you, you will be very quick to oppose such moves, attack the proponents, explain why their beliefs are wrong and why you are not going to put up with it.

Sharia, anyone?

It is that simple. We don’t hate your god. Truesbob!

I contend that we are both atheists. I just believe in one fewer god than you do. When you understand why you dismiss all the other possible gods, you will understand why I dismiss yours”. – Stephen Roberts’


This argument didn’t convince me, so I wrote a short reply:

‘It is interesting that when we talk about the God of the Bible we have a written document of historical events that took place in Israel. Where are the books and countries, churches and congregations of Apollo and those other gods?


In addition, the God of the Bible is said to be the Creator of life. I would like to challenge people who believe in the natural origin of life to give proof that the essential basis of life, DNA, evolved naturally, so that it did not need a Creator. DNA is very complex and as science develops, more complexity is discovered. It is such a problem that scientists have even resorted to explain that life must have come from outer space (from aliens). If you give an answer, don’t use plausible scenarios, because I am aware of them all. Give facts. You will be an instant hero throughout the world if you can do that.


I have read that atheists are rational and logical, but to compare mythical gods with no books, et cetera, to the God of the Bible doesn’t sound very logical. Why not compare apples with apples, instead of apples with peas or something.’


Are there critical thinkers who want to comment? Christians are welcome. Thanks!



1. Atheitis, published in News 24, http://www.news24.com/MyNews24/You-just hate-God-really-20140619

Easy to prove God doesn’t exist!

We live in a time when people increasingly ask if the God of the Bible is real? Why does He not give Hieroglyphsus one conclusive indication that He is alive? Well, maybe He did give us a clue that He is an intelligent Creative Being, but science does its best to disprove that specific sign.


God’s sign that He is alive and well lies in the DNA of living organisms. The origin of the genetic information (a recipe) is closely tied to the origin of life. Without the DNA recipe there can be no living organism. DNA is a code that needs intelligence to write it. So all science has to do is to disprove that the information on the DNA was created supernaturally. Then it has proven that the Creator God of the Bible does not exist. Until then, He seems to be the only cause of all of nature we see around us. That means He is real.


Let us take a concrete example, to explain it.

  • The illustration of the Egyptian hieroglyphs obviously conveys a message. Can science prove that the message was not written by an intelligent person (supernatural creation), but the marks were made by a natural process (natural evolution)? Then there logically was not an intelligent hieroglyph writer.
  • Let us say it is one of the subdivisions of modern science to prove the natural origin of such a hieroglyph. When we ask how much progress has been made, we are told, MUCH. There are many hypotheses on how the marks were made without the interference of an intelligent person. The stone could have lain in a river or pond and water carved the patterns on it. It could have slid from a rock, so the scratches were made. Some parts of the rock could have eroded and formed the specific ‘letters.’  Or whatever.
  • We are assured that the researchers are making progress. The final solution is in sight. We live in the exciting times of modern science. The solution to the riddle of the hieroglyphs will soon be cracked (maybe not immediately, but in the next 5, 50 or 500 years).


This example reminds us of the donkey and the carrot. The donkey keeps running after the carrot, but it remains elusive. In the same way an easy solution to the problem of the hieroglyphs is promised. So people believe it, while time goes by and the answer remains a riddle. People die and they are not prepared to meet the supernatural intelligent God who wrote the recipe for the DNA code in living organisms. They don’t realise that history has proven that a written message always has an intelligent source.  There are no exceptions to the rule.


This applies to God as the intelligent Creator of the DNA code. When it comes to plants and organisms, we are talking about millions of  different ‘hieroglyph’ messages and they are long and complex.



People are eager to get rid of the Creator God and to disprove the Bible.  Science is supposed to help with it. Unfortunately, there is no progress, only promises. Such is the cleverness of the devil who keeps people waiting for the final solution, the final death thrust of God by naturalism.  It will never happen, since it can never happen that non intelligence can write a hieroglyph or a DNA code.


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