Falsities in the film “Noah’

Here is a short summary of Darrel Aronofsky film ‘Noah,’ with all its ‘strange’ elements that Flood, fact or fiction 2are not in the Biblical account. The film begins where Noah’s father, Lamech, is killed by Tubal-Cain. He loots his corpse for an ancient snake skin which came from Adam.


When Noah has grown up, he sees a flower growing instantly from the ground. Haunted by dreams, he, his wife and three sons travel to visit his grandfather Methuselah. On the way they come across a tribe or people who were slaughtered. A girl, Ila, is wounded but still alive. They rescue her, but she is barren because of the wound.


Noah and his family are pursued by Tubal-Cain’s people, but find refuge with the Watchers. They are fallen angels, who were punished by God, because they helped humans after they were evicted from the Garden of Eden. So they are confined to bodies made of rocky pieces.


Methuselah gives Noah a seed from Eden. When he plants it a forest grows almost instantly. From the wood of those trees they have to construct the ark. The Watchers help with the construction. Eight years later, as the ark nears completion, the birds, snakes and other animals come to Noah and enter the ark. They are put to sleep by an incense that Noah prepared.


When Noah visits other human settlements to find wives for his sons, he notices the depravity and becomes convinced that God wants the human race to end.  Methuselah heals Ila from her barrenness, and she and Seth consummate their love.


Ham decides to find a wife for himself, and meets a captured girl, Na’el. He earns het trust, but on their way to the ark, her foot is caught in a trap. As the men of Tubal-Cain swarm to destroy the ark, Noah rescues only Ham, but leaves Na’el to be trampled to death.


Theey board the ark, except Methuselah who prefers death. The Watchers guard the ark against enemy attacks. They sacrifice themselves to help Noah and his family, are forgiven by the ‘Creator’ and ascend to heaven as angels of light. Tubal-Cain gains entrance and hides in the ark. Ham discovers him and protects him.


Ila and Shem find out that she is pregnant. Noah says if it is a girl, he will have to kill her (in obedience to the ‘Creator’), because the human race must go extinct (to protect nature). Noah asks the ‘Creator’ for advice, but gets none. So he persists in his plan to kill the baby if it is a girl. Shem builds a raft to escape with his wife and baby, but Noah discovers it and burns the raft.


Noah, lured by Ham, is attacked by Tubal-Cain. Ham relents and kills Tubal-Cain. While dying, he gives Ham the snakeskin, and proclaims that he is now a man.


Ila gives birth to twin daughters. Noah is intent on killing them, but cannot bring himself to do it. He concludes that he failed the ‘Creator.’ Ila later tells Noah that the ‘Creator’ left humanity’s fate in his (Noah’s) hands.


This, in short is the Aronofsky version of the Biblical account of Noah and the world-wide flood. In this whole story the only Biblical facts seemed to be the names and the deluge. Everything else is fiction. Please go and see the film, and be encouraged that the devil goes to so much trouble to malign the Bible. It is because the Bible is about reality, not religion.

Russel Crowe and the terrible God

Russell Crowe, who plays the role of Noah in producer, Darrel Aronofsky’s film of that name, God not to judgeappeared in an interview on YouTube.
He said many people, including babies and children, were killed in the flood in Noah’s day. With that he implied that God, who ordered the deluge, killed the innocent with the guilty.


To understand it better, let us look at the situation in more detail. After the fall of Adam and Eve who ate of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, all people had a conscience. Knowledge of good and evil became universal. People know the difference (even up till today). Most people chose to do evil and it pained God. The reason is that in Genesis 2 God interacted with the first couple and there was peace and happiness. God wants what we call the Trinitarian Love Relationship. The Trinity existed eternally in peace and happiness, and God wants the same for people made in His image. God plans an eternal Kingdom where He will rule over His people in love and righteousness. His country will be the new heavens and earth.


Yet the people, influenced by the devil, chose evil. Was God justified in taking action to destroy them all in the world-wide flood? Before you answer, please consider the following scenario first: if you live in a country, province, city or suburb, where there are police officers who patrol the neighbourhood, will you ask that they abolish the judicial system? Do you prefer it if there are criminals, drug lords, rapists, drunken drivers, thieves and many other law breakers in your community? Why should you deprive them of their livelihood and pleasures? Why are their actions wrong? Why do you care if your child is killed by a drunken driver, entrapped by drug dealers, raped, or whatever?


That is the dilemma that faced God. Should He leave people to destroy the lives of others? If you think sin has no cost, please go and see what a murdered person looks like, or a person who died from a drug overdose. The point we want to make is, if you want to criticise God, begin in your own area. Will you allow all criminal activity? Yet people expect God to save all people and judge none.


Which country does not have a judicial system?  If you live in a country with a judicial system and law enforcement, before you criticise God, get out of your safe environment. Go and live among the criminals. Then you can judge God. Before you do that, say nothing.


God’s judgement is right and fair. The parents of that flood generation (and for that matter all parents) will be held accountable for how they cared for and taught their children. It is our opinion that children under the age of accountability will be in heaven. If God spared all the babies and young children, there would have been thousands of them. Who would have cared for them?


What is Crowe demonstrating? His lack of knowledge of the Bible. The wicked, violent people in Noah’s day had time to repent all the time that he was building the ark. It is inconceivable that the people did not ask why he built such a large boat? It did not take him 8 years as in the film. Some scholars claim that he built for 70 years. Others claim that it was 120 years. Regardless, Noah was a preacher of righteousness (Hebrews 11:7), the exact opposite of producer, Aronofsky’s Noah.




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