Did Jesus know anything about science?

What did Jesus know about modern science?  The question, reframed, is: did Jesus have insight into modern technology and science?  Did He know about radioactive dating and other miracles of our times?  The answer is that He knew about them, since He created them.  He is omniscient and therefore knows all things.  The question then is obviously, why is the Bible silent on Jesus’ knowledge of science?

#  The ‘right time’ is the issue.

According to Scripture, there is a right time in history for things to come to light.  For example, ’…when the time had come, God sent His Son, born of a woman….’ 1  In the time of Jesus modern science was incomprehensible to people.

#  33AD was not the ‘right time.’ 

Jesus was the Engineer who ‘built’ the complex ATP and other machines, and who assembled the elements into molecules, proteins, et cetera.  Yet 33 AD, almost 2,000 years ago, was the wrong time for Jesus to explain complex scientific principles.  His hearers would not have understood it.

#  Why did Darwin know nothing about complex modern science?

Charles Darwin had no knowledge of the complicated structure of the cell with DNA, et cetera.  When Darwin published his book in1859, the intricate working of the cell, the basic building block of all life and its genetic recipe, was unknown.  Why did Darwin know nothing about complex modern science?  The right time had not yet come.

#  The practical application of the lack of scientific jargon in the Bible.

  • The Bible does not discuss DNA, microbes, mitochondria in the cell, photosynthesis and other complex ‘machinery’ of living organisms.  Scripture is a book for all people of all times and all countries of the world.
  • It excludes nobody because of a lack of education.  Not everybody had the opportunity to get a doctorate in biology, astronomy or whatever.  But whoever wishes to understand Scripture, can with the help of the Holy Spirit.  God reveals His miracles in creation in short, comprehensible, sensible ways.


It has become ‘normal’ for many unbelieving scientists and other unbelievers to make disparaging remarks about Jesus or the Holy Spirit inspired writers of the 66 books of the Bible.  They forget that it also applies to their hero, Charles Darwin.  He did not have all our modern scientific knowledge, so he could not discuss it.  The Holy Spirit gave us a book that never needs to be updated.  It is always relevant and comprehensible.


1. Galatians 4:4

Why does Richard Dawkins lie?

Richard Dawkins’ hero is Charles Darwin. In his eyes Darwin is brilliant Dawkinsand almost a god: ’Darwin made it possible to be an intellectually fulfilled atheist.’ 1  Darwin is supposed to have proven that evolution is true. That will nullify the six days creation account in Genesis 1 in the Bible and prove that there is no Creator God.

One can imagine that Dawkins studied Darwin’s book, ‘On the Origin of Species,’ in the minutest detail. Combined with the advantages of modern science, he should be able to vastly improve on Darwin’s book and give evidence to prove that evolution is true. In ‘The Greatest Show on Earth’ he set out his arguments why there is no God. Since evolution does not lead to any technological innovations, one assumes he uses it to comfort himself about eternal life, and naturally to evangelise for hell. 2,3

Is Richard Dawkins an honest man? Should not a scientist in our modern world refrain from telling untruths to sell an idea?  If he writes, ‘Evolution is a fact in the same sense as it is a fact that Paris is in the Northern Hemisphere,’ does he prove it? 4

In his book he discusses the various breeds of dogs (all descendants of wolves). He writes,

  • ‘…the differences between breeds so dramatic – that you might expect their evolution to take millions of years instead of just a matter of centuries. If so much evolutionary change can be achieved in just a few centuries or even decades, just think what might be achieved in ten or a hundred million years.’ 5
  • ‘The difference between any two breeds of dog gives us a rough idea of the quantity of evolutionary change that can be achieved in less that a millennium.’ 6

He, as well as any thinking person, knows that Darwinian evolution is not about small scale differences among dog breeds.  Different dog breeds are the result of selective breeding by humans, not a natural process.  Dawkins tells us that the selective breeding of dogs can be extrapolated into the past to account for all living things on earth, by the process of natural selection.

Yet not one dog breeding experiment has ever proven that Darwinian evolution is true.  The dogs remained dogs. No new kinds, like bears or anything else, evolved.  That is common knowledge (at least it should be for Dawkins as a trained biologist).  A new book by Wolf-Ekkehard Lönnig gives all the data. 7  He writes, ‘…the incredible variety of dog breeds, going back in origin several thousand years ago but especially in the last few centuries, represents no increase in information but rather a decrease or loss of function on the genetic and anatomical levels.’ 8

With a loss of genetic information, there can be no ‘progress’ that leads to other, higher kinds of animals.  All the genetic problems in the different breeds of dogs supports loss of genetic information.  So different dog breeds are not a proof of ‘improvement’ through supposed ‘evolutionary processes.’

The question is whether Richard Dawkins is an honest man? Citing dog breeds as proof of evolution is not honest, because it is a lie. He, as a scientist, should be aware of it. It is obvious that as a committed atheist, his word cannot be trusted. He is into evangelisation for hell, not heaven.  He proves how correct the devil’s first question to Eve was: ‘Did God really say…?’ 9  Dawkins questions the creation account in Genesis 1, but his lies prove that there is more to Genesis 1 than meets the eye.


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The secret of creation revealed

Recently some documents revealed how and when God created the heavens and the earth. AtomsThese documents are extremely valuable. They shed some light on how God created.


His method can be compared to writing books, recipes, instruction manuals, et cetera: you use the 26 letters of the English alphabet to form words. Then you arrange the words in a specific order to convey the meaning you desire.


God made the 92 naturally occurring elements (the Periodic Table) and then arranged them to form specific structures. It is like somebody who manufactured Lego blocks that can be used to make various constructions.


In the heavens and the earth everything is made of different atoms. It means that galaxies, stars, planets, plants, reptiles, birds, microbes, grass, rocks or water, are all made of building blocks of various atoms. Science has investigated it, and it confirms that elements (atoms) are the building blocks of everything in the universe.


Why do we know the Creator God did it? It is obvious that the only way the letters of the alphabet can be arranged is by someone who has intelligence. The same applies to building something from Lego blocks: it needs intelligence. The Bible tells us that the supremely intelligent, omnipotent Creator God did it. We assume He had His factory where He designed the elements (see how orderly the elements in the Periodic Table are) and then He began to combine them.


He had a plan in His mind, which He shared with His ‘partners,’ Jesus and the Holy Spirit. The plan was a universe and a very special planet which will become their headquarters in future. A king or leader usually commands and his orders are executed. We surmise that the many millions of angels (God’s servants) might have executed God’s commands. Yet that question will only be explained to us when we see Him face to face on the new earth. 1


People might be curious to know what secret document revealed these things? We are hesitant to divulge the secret, but here it is: it’s one that is very well known to all people, but little read by most. It is the ‘Instruction Manual’ of the universe, the Bible.


What is amazing is that this ‘Manual’ not only tells us how God did it, but also when. He did it ‘in the beginning, a few thousand years ago.’ What is even more interesting is that the Book also describes another massive construction, the ‘new heavens and earth with the new Jerusalem.’  That one will be exquisite and exclusive. The beauty of the ‘Construction Manual’ is that it invites people to become shareholders of God’s future ‘security village,’ the new earth.


It is amazing that science concurs with this book, the Bible (logically atheists don’t agree, but that shouldn’t surprise us). We should be wary of believing evolutionism (elements, or alphabet letters, or Lego blocks combine into complex structures all by themselves if you can leave them for long enough). It is a belief held by faith in Charles Darwin. We, however, prefer faith based on hard scientific, Biblical facts.



1. Revelation 22:4

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