6 reasons atheists are not logical

Most people know atheists and sceptics who deny that there is a God. Darwin's non-existent treeThey are family members, friends, colleagues and acquaintances. They are usually civilised, well mannered, educated, law abiding, clever and very normal people. Why does the Bible then say that people who deny that God exists are fools? The fool says in his heart, there is no God.’ 1 Is the Bible mistaken? It doesn’t sound right. Isn’t a fool an idiot, or an ignorant, illiterate person?


Modern atheists do not answer to that picture. The term ‘fool’ also does not apply to most atheists in Proverbs 10:23a, A fool finds pleasure in evil conduct. So why does the Bible use the word ‘fool’ when it describes atheists? It is because the Biblical meaning differs from the modern meaning. For us ‘fool’ has become a derogatory term. In Bible language it means a wrong way of thinking. Is the Bible correct when it defines atheists and sceptics as wrong thinkers?


We can look at the thinking of atheists like this:

  1. For most atheists evolution ‘proves’ that there was no Creator. The God of the Bible is very specifically the Creator. If He was not necessary for the creation, then obviously He does not exist.
  2. Evolution depends on Darwin’s tree of life. The tree is supposed to demonstrate that all of life like plants, animals, birds, et cetera are inter-connected. They all stem from the same original, first living organism.
  3. Darwin’s tree of life depends on a seed to grow. A tree crucially needs a ‘seed’ to begin to grow. That means evolution can only be true if the first living organism (the seed) appeared naturally, without the Creator, on earth.
  4. The seed has not yet been found, but evolution is supposed to be a fact. Despite all the many researchers and investigators who work in laboratories to prove how life began, the ‘seed’ has not yet been found.
  5. The tree of life is imaginary. It could or did not grow, because there was no ‘seed.’ It is an artificial construct, that is not supported by facts.
  6. You need faith in Darwin to accept that evolution happened. There are no concrete, scientific facts yet. Atheists who rely on evolution to ‘prove’ there is no Creator God, have to believe it without evidence.

That explains why God regards atheists as people who cannot think logically and rationally. Their biggest argument for the non-existence of God is non-existent.


So, how are we to react towards them, and to think about them? We don’t advocate the use of the term ‘fool.’  Atheists come in different shades. Some hate God with a passion, others just don’t like God, others can’t be bothered by God at all. We have no commands in the Bible to revile or judge them. Judgement belongs to God, not to us. God expects us to treat them with respect, because they might just change their thinking when they hear rational, logical truth and experience the civility of God believers.



1. Psalm 14:3



5 Tips on how to bash the Bible

Aspiring atheists regard themselves as rational, logical, intelligent and smart. Tips on burning BibleThey are great at bashing the Bible to soothe their consciences. Here are 5 tips on how to do it. They are straight from the mouth of one who once looked for the same loopholes in order to escape the saving hand of the Lord. Fortunately, he discovered the truth. 

  1. Keep to generalities. Never identify the Bible and its history directly. Just make vague references to ‘religion.’ That immediately conveys the idea that the Bible is like all the other religions: each one has its own unique variation, but basically they are the same. This tip is one of the ‘signs’ of rational, logical, intelligent people who deny the Bible. They do not dare to face the possibility that there might be eternal life and they will have to give an account to God of their lives on earth. So they classify all ‘religions’ under one umbrella and claim that they are all false because they all evolved.
  2. Tell people the Bible wants you to stone your rebellious children. That is sure to get them very excited and against the Bible. P.S. Never tell them that you have to distort Scripture in the worse way possible to come to that conclusion. Just scare people so that they believe they must trash the Bible.
  3. Never agree that the Biblical history of Israel was written down by reliable eyewitnesses. Instead agree with Richard Dawkins that God’s Book was written by unknown people in unknown deserts. Society must understand the Bible is myth, and there is no connection between the history of the Bible and Israel.  That connection is dangerous information, bound to make you doubt the atheistic-God connection. Israel today undergoes persecution (just like the Bible and its followers) because of the connection to God.
  4. Never discuss the history of Israel’s neighbours in Bible times. The Assyrians, Babylonians, Medo-Persians, Greeks and Romans all feature in the Bible. There is enough evidence of these ancient civilisations in museums and archaeological diggings. However, when it is mentioned in the Bible, remember it is ‘myth.’ Outside the Bible it is fact, but inside the Bible it is fairy tales.
  5. Insinuate that ‘religion’ is against ‘science.’ This is a winner, but in this context ‘science’ does not mean real, operational science, but evolution. It is a scare tactic that works beautifully on Bible believers. They back off, because they think they are opposing the ‘science’ that gave us electricity, computers, cellphones, modern medicine, et cetera. Don’t mention that to believe evolution, one has to become an operational science denier, since real science gives no evidence that evolution is true.  Nevertheless people buy the lie.



When you analyse the arguments of atheists, these tips are recurring themes. It gets boring after a while, but they still catch the unwary. We live in the midst of a concentrated assault on the truth of the Bible. So the advice in 1 Peter 5:8 is excellent, ‘Be self-controlled and alert. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.’  This verse should be diligently applied by people who have the hope of eternal life with God, based on their belief in the Bible.


Has the resurrection hoax finally been exposed?

If there is one thing that the enemies of the Bible agree on, it is that the resurrection of Ascension of resurrected JesusJesus is a hoax  (compare Shermer, Harrison, Dawkins, et cetera). According to them, there is no evidence that the crucified Jesus ever rose from the dead.


However, this dismissal does what atheists do not intend it to do. It provides strong evidence that the resurrection is true. According to them, Jesus doesn’t exist, because He is a myth like Zeus, Horus and all the other mythical gods. Yet they make no effort to prove that Zeus or Dionysius are myths. If Jesus is a myth like them, why is He treated differently? Why are reams of books, pamphlets, documentaries and other mediums produced everyday to prove that Jesus doesn’t exist?


Let us assume that Jesus was crucified, but not resurrected. What would have happened?  Would His disciples have gone around telling the world that Jesus was crucified and he is dead, but people must believe that He died in their place to forgive their sins? Not at all. The Gospel of good news is that Jesus was resurrected and He ascended to go and prepare a place for us in God’s Kingdom. If Jesus died and remained dead like any other person, then the hope He gave people died with Him. The disciples would have declared that Jesus was a hoax, who did not accomplish what God promised.


If Jesus was just a hoax, nobody would have spread the message. What message would there have been to spread? The Gospel hinges on the resurrection.1 That is why the Gospel spread over all continents and why the Church came into existence. The Church of Jesus is evidence that the resurrection is true.


Conclusion: The battle to prove that the Bible is a myth, is to prove that the resurrection of Jesus never happened. If Jesus did not rise from the dead, His followers have no hope that they will live with Him eternally. Without the hope of eternal life, the Gospel has no good message to spread. Atheists do us a favour with their war against the Word. They prove they fight against a real, resurrected Jesus. So we can safely accept that the Bible and the resurrection of Jesus is true.



1. Acts 17:30-31, ’God… commands all people everywhere to repent. For He has set a day when He will judge the world with justice by the man He has appointed. He has given proof of this to all men by raising Him from the dead.’


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