The ‘sins’ of Ken Ham and the Answers in Genesis group

If there ever was a man that can irritate atheists, it is Ken Ham with his organization, the Creation Museum and the Ark Encounter project.  Why does he irritate atheists and unbelievers so much?  Why does it look as if there is a constant media war against what he does?  Often the information to slander him is false.  What danger is he to the United States of America?

The answer is short and sweet.

Ken Ham commits a terrible sin in America.  It is like the Unpardonable Sin, the greatest sin a person can commit!  In America, it is not what Christians normally understand as sin against the Holy Spirit.  In the States (according to atheists) it is:

  • Ken Ham believes in the Bible.  That is massive, big, past redemption.  How dare he believe in such a wonderful, precious book?
  • How dare he accept that the earth was created in six 24 hour days?  What makes him think he can oppose Charles Darwin, the greatest scientist and benefactor of mankind who ever lived?  He was a man of science who proved that Genesis 1 is not true.
  • How can he build a life size ark that spreads the message that the ancient world was destroyed by a universal flood because of sin?  The ark represents salvation by Jesus from God’s final judgement.
  • By now the reader will understand that Ken is a bad man in the eyes of atheists.  He even insists that marriage is between a man and a woman.  Can you imagine that he accepts that God created a man and a woman to become one in marriage?  That is pure, solid nonsense.  Ironically, all men and women come from the male female combination, whether natural or in laboratories.

Does Ken Ham and his group threaten America’s safety? 

The way the media fights against what he and his people do, gives the impression that people are taught to bomb and burn buildings, to assassinate people, or burn down places. They don’t, they spread the message of the Bible.  That, incidentally, is a huge benefit to society.  It teaches people to work and not be idle, to love one’s spouse, neighbor and even enemies, to care for one’s children, to obey the government, et cetera.

What the attacks on the Creation Museum and the Ark Encounter prove is that there is an alien spirit, hostile to the Holy Spirit, at work in the enemies.  Scripture is inspired by the Holy Spirit, and He is at work in His followers.  The enemy of God is also at work in those who oppose God and all that has to do with Him, like the Ark Encounter.  The message is very clear, God is alive, His Kingdom is real, and we are called to become part of it.


Thank God for Ken Ham who knows how important the Bible’s message is that there is life after death.  One has to prepare for it, since there are only two eternal destinations, one good and one bad.  He and his group spread the Good News about Jesus who made the Kingdom of God possible.  Our Lord redeems people to become part of God’s Family.

The Ark Encounter and the Creation Museum screams out loudly and clearly: don’t neglect to make that very important decision, where to spend eternity, with God, or with the enemy of God.

Ken Ham and the ark project

Ken Ham and Answers in Genesis (of the Creation Museum) are Ark aabuilding a full-sized replica of Noah’s ark, in Northern Kentucky. They were initially supported by the governor, but their support was revoked, urged on by some atheist groups.

The Answers in Genesis website explains that the group, American United, even asked some pastors to unite with them to oppose Answers in Genesis.1 Why would pastors (who are supposed to love the Lord) oppose the building of the ark, which is a major teaching of the Old Testament? Why would atheists worry about such a project?

While atheists in general hate Jesus and oppose the Gospel, there are various fundamental reasons why they are hostile to the building of the ark (in Genesis 6-8 the whole episode of the ark is explained):

  • The ark represents salvation by Jesus. The inhabitants of the earth at that time, influenced by the devil, became increasingly wicked. It was more than God could bare, yet they represented the ancestors of the coming Saviour. So God had to preserve a remnant. Fortunately He found it in Noah and his family. 2
  • Ridicule of Noah. Noah built for many years, preaching through his project. One can imagine how they made fun of  him when he tried to explain why he was building such a massive boat, probably quite a distance from the sea!  Since the water would come to the boat, not the boat to the water, it was quite logical that he built near a good supply of wood.
  • Universal judgement. Why would unbelievers in our time still oppose the building of a life sized ark? It is because it conveys the message of universal judgement. An unbeliever does not like the message, because he subconsciously fears that event. The chilling future judgement is described in the last book of the Bible, And I saw the dead, great and small, standing before the throne, and the books were opened.3  In the books are written what we did while alive, ‘Nothing in all creation is hidden from God’s sight. Everything is uncovered and laid bare before the eyes of Him to whom we must give account.’ 4  
  • The mental health of atheists. On Judgement Day there will be gnashing of teeth, remorse and anguish. People who reject God and the Bible do not want to be reminded of that day. It is better for them to shove it out of their conscience. Yet the doubt lingers and that explains why the USA without a life sized ark, is better for the mental health of atheists.


Atheists refuse to believe there is a God. Yet for some reason, the message of the ark makes them very uneasy: judgment and giving account to God. This is an example of the double mindedness of atheists. If God is non-existent, why worry about what believers in Christ do?


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