Climate Change and Genesis 1

Climate change is news, big news.  People clamour for governments to take action – otherwise we are doomed.  Strange as it may sound, it all has to do with God’s creation as described in Genesis 1.  God created the earth first.  Look at the tightly interwoven creation after six days.  God built successively on what precedes.  Simplified it is something like this: 

#  Day 1

The earth is created.  Everything was still in darkness.  Then God created light and divided the light from the darkness and called them ‘day’ and ‘night.’

#  Day 2  

God created an expanse (He named it ‘sky’) that divided the waters above it from the waters below it.  In that way He created the hydrological cycle of evaporation, rain and snow.  Without it there can be no life on earth.

#  Day 3

  • God divided the waters and the land.  Creation became more interdependent.  The waters above, the waters below (seas) and the land in balance as a tightly integrated unit. 
  • Next God covers the ground with vegetation.  Thus the earth which was empty and formless, becomes more ‘filled.’  The plants, the land, the seas and the sky form a unit.   
  • As an aside, it is obvious that bare soil will be eroded unless covered with vegetation.  This is one indication of the upset of nature’s intricate balance, when the ground is denuded with deforestation and overgrazing, et cetera. 

#  Day 4

God created the sun, moon and stars.  The sun has exactly the right rays to set the photosynthesis factory in the leaves of plants in action.  That produces oxygen, which all living organisms need.  Living organisms produce carbon dioxide which all plants need.  They are closely related, each dependent on the other.  

#  Day 5 & 6

In these two days God created the fish and organisms in the water, birds and all flying creatures, animals and man.  They are all dependent on the plant life, on the land, on the seas and other waters, and the waters in the sky.  

#  A tightly interrelated ‘unit’ 

So in six days God created a tightly interrelated ‘unit.’  Everything is interdependent on all the others.  What happens with climate change is that one aspect of the ‘unit’ is either replaced, displaced, or destroyed,.  Immediately a chain reaction begins like falling dominoes.  For example, when people cut down forests, the animals and birds lose their habitat.  The production of oxygen and use of carbon dioxide is changed, the water cycle is influenced, et cetera, et cetera.  Result?  Catastrophes, global changes in the climate, floods, et cetera. 


  • Man, marred by sin, is the main culprit in this ecological catastrophe.  He was appointed to rule over creation.  That rulership was stolen by Satan, who influences people to wantonly destroy because of greed or often, ignorance.  
  • God is not silent about the destruction of nature.  Revelation 11:18 speaks about the end of this age and says, ‘The time has come for judging the dead, and for rewarding…and for destroying those who destroy the earth.’ 
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