Stone the rebellious child

One of the favourite accusations against God is a law in ancient Israel: stone a rebellious son who will not obey his parents.1 It sounds cruel, very cruelChristians are frequently asked why they cling to such a tyrannical God?Rebellious

This particular law was part of a very specific agreement (covenant) between God and the Israelites.  There is nobody who lives on earth today that has that covenant with God. It was replaced by the New Covenant in Jesus.

So why did God originally make a covenant with the Israelites? As Owner of the universe, God wants moral people to live in safety and happiness, without fear and harm. The Bible teaches that the Trinity (God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit) is eternal. They always existed in peace, love and harmony. We call it the Trinitarian Love Relationship. That is God’s goal: that all people will love Him and their neighbours, in a productive, peaceful, society not hindered by violence and hate.

The covenant laws with old Israel affected most areas of relationships: God and man, marriage, family and society. Compare it to an ideal country—a president or leader with no skeletons in his cupboard. He is honest and loves and cares for his people. That means he makes laws for their benefit. The nation obeys the laws and the people love their leader and their neighbours. So there are no murders, rapes, child abuse, divorce, thefts or pornography. Who wouldn’t like that? It will be glorious and liberating with no jails or pain. People will be happy, carefree and productive.

That is what God intended for the Israelites: He as the perfect Leader and they the model nation. That included the command to remove the rebellious son, so that his rebellion would not spread. The Israelites failed and were eventually exiled for breaking the terms of the covenant.  It illustrated that people cannot live up to God’s standards, but He promised a solution, ‘The time is coming, declares the Lord, when I will make a new covenant with the house of Israel and with the house of Judah.

The New Covenant was with Jesus. He would change the hearts of people who accept His death on their behalf. He would make it possible for them to obey and love God (with the Holy Spirit to help, teach and guide them). Jesus opened the way to the Trinitarian Love Relationship, ‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength. The second is this: Love your neighbour as you love yourself.3

Why do atheists and skeptics question the old covenant with Israel to convince us that God is cruel and vindictive? That covenant applies to no one living on this planet today. They have to convince themselves that God is a terrible cosmic tyrant. That gives them a hypothetical reason to reject  Him.

Conclusion: God’s law in the Old Testament doesn’t apply to anyone living today. The Israelites failed to live as God wanted them to (the Old Testament), but He sent Jesus to gather a people for Himself. So at the end, God will have His very own nation, ‘Now the dwelling of God is with men, and He will live with them. They will be His people, and God Himself will be with them and be their God.4

Question? God’s old covenant with Israel revolved around the Tabernacle and later the Temple where animals were sacrificed. If that old covenant with Israel still stands, why is there no Jewish Temple in Jerusalem today?


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‘Myths’ of the Bible

Today many people argue that no sane person can believe supernatural creation in six days by God. Has science not proven that evolution is true? Is it not science that gave us all the advances in technology? So can an industrial country afford to dismiss evolution and embrace the myth of creation? As we will show, the opposite is true. Evolution has never been proven true by science and creation in six days fits very well with many of the latest scientific discoveries.



Anybody who has studied or even looked at the phenomenal complexity of the genetic recipe (the DNA code), has to marvel at it. The DNA code can be compared to a recipe or instruction manual, but it is much more complicated. It needs a translation machine, a complex of enzymes, RNA, et cetera, to do its job. So if we compare it, the instruction manual is in a foreign code, with a decoder included.1

Remember that evolutionists say DNA evolved naturally, by chance, without any guidance. Many evolutionary scientists have tried, with all the best laboratory equipment, to prove that DNA evolved. They have had no success. That is why Sir Francis Criek, the co-discoverer of DNA, claimed that aliens must have seeded life on earth.  There is a huge and expensive search for life in the universe. To prove evolution without a doubt, aliens must be found and that might take time. Until then, just believe that evolution is true.

Stephen Meyer does an excellent job discussing all the various aspects of the DNA code in his book, ‘Signature in the Cell.’ 2  There is no way that a natural event could have ‘produced’ the genetic instruction manual. Without genetic instructions, there can be no life. It is as simple as that. So far no evolutionist has proposed a solution.

Now for the baffling question about the ‘creation myth’…. Moses, who wrote Genesis 1 inspired by the Holy Spirit, knew nothing about modern science and the DNA code. How did he know to write that God created life according to different kinds?  It implies that each different kind had its own distinctive genetic code or recipe created by God (a kind is a family with different species, like the cat family that includes house cats, tigers, lions, cheetahs and such).


To complicate matters even further, Moses was raised in Egypt where they worked many years to construct pyramids and other buildings. Yet he wrote that God created life in 24 hour periods. Plants were created on day 3, birds and fish on day 5, and land animals and man on day 6. That makes people smile with sympathy at the ignorance of the ‘backwoodsmen’ who believe Biblical creation. 3

Yet, neither science nor evolution can explain the origin of the very complex energy production machine in the body, the ATP synthase. This machine is so vital, that if it is switched off, death ensues within the hour.  So when the Bible says that God created life in twenty-four hour periods, why do people snigger?  It has not yet been proved that the energy processing machine of the body, the ATP, evolved slowly over millions of years. 4


Science cannot prove the origin of the genetic recipe and its complex workings. A code or recipe needs an intelligent person to plan and write it. It can’t evolve by chance. The Bible claims that God, a super intelligent being, created the life forms and that includes their genetic codes.

Similarly, science cannot prove the origin of the ATP synthase and life cannot begin or continue without it for more that an hour. So how did it take millions of years to evolve? Which then is the myth, the Bible or evolution?


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The function of God’s enemy

Why does God have an enemy? It is because he has a function in God’s plan for man. TRussian tankhe Biblical background is that a created angel decided to oppose God. He was in God’s employ, saw God’s glory and power, knew about His plans, and was still rebellious. Why did God allow it? How can we explain that God created everything very good, but missed this one (God saw all that He had made, and it was very good1)? Shouldn’t all His creation, especially the angels whom we assume must have been intelligent beings, be very glad to serve Him?


It is sometimes difficult to understand, but here is an explanation: God did not create the angels 100% perfect. He is perfect, but to create other beings 100% perfect would mean that they are also God. That is impossible. We deduct that the angels were less than perfect, and this left scope for wickedness in one particular angel. You were the model of perfection, full of wisdom and perfect in beauty…. You were in Eden, the garden of God…. You were blameless in your ways from the day you were created till wickedness was found in you.2 The Bible says this specific angel said to himself, I will ascend to heaven; I will raise my throne above the stars of God…. I will make myself like the Most High.There are theologians who dispute these verses. They claim that they refer to the human king of Tyre, but it is difficult to envisage the king of Tyre in the garden of Eden.4


What is the function of the devil?

God uses the devil to divide humanity in two, those who love God and those who don’t. In everyday life there are people who incite others to rebel. In politics there are factions that vie for control. A person’s preference for a specific leader shows his loyalties. It is God’s plan to create the perfect Kingdom and He wants to make sure His future citizens will not be harassed by disobedient rebels who are not interested to submit to Him as King and definitely don’t want to be seen in His presence.

God uses the devil to expose God’s enemies. A real kingdom has real enemies. One can detect the work of the enemies. In our society, in our times, it is not difficult to detect the work of the devil. There is a plethora of groups, organisations, and others who are actively engaged in a war against God, like the Freedom from Religion, Free thinkers, rationalists, evolutionists, skeptics, atheists, and many others. What makes their actions suspicious is that there is no reason to worry about what another person believes. If the Bible is not true, why care if a person believes in it? Who believes in an invisible God anyway? One cannot detect Him. Only people who are influenced by the invisible enemy of God can fight against an invisible God. The battle against the Bible, or Bible Bashing is one of the best proofs that the Bible is the truth.


The value of God’s enemy is that he gives positive proof that God is real and that the Bible is true, by his continuous war against our precious book. We can never forget that the Bible is about real life (that is why it is a historical revelation). What we experience in ordinary life, is what we find in the Bible. It would be interesting for readers to try and find organisations, magazines, newspapers, and other media that hate an invisible God with passion. They demonstrate the influence of the devil in their actions.



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