Question 3: Why is Darwin regarded almost as a ‘god’ and worshipped by millions?

Darwin is the man who supposedly ‘proved’ evolution, or at least discovered it. Darwin deifiedAtheism depends on evolution. So evolution is a powerful weapon in the battle of the devil against the Creator God.


The devil is a copycat. God is a Trinity. So the devil also has a trinity. It is he, the beast and the false prophet. They together make up the unholy trinity. Because God has a book, a priesthood and a Church with a country, he also wants a book, a priesthood, a ‘church’ and a country. Evolution is his very strong weapon to oppose God. So, even though evolution was already proposed by the Greek philosophers in 500 BC, he needed something more modern, more ‘scientific.’  Charles Darwin was the right man at the right time. His book, On the Origin of Species, would be the evolutionists ‘bible,’ and the country the Galapagos Islands. Now he had a book and a country, just like the Bible and Israel.


He also needed a church, in this case the church of evolution. If you belong to that ‘church’ you are protected and given special favours like teaching jobs, funding money, protection against criticism by shutting down any criticism against you. All he needed was the priesthood. That he quickly found, and modern atheists like Dawkins, Dennett, Harris and many more make up the ‘clergy.’


The message of the resurrection of Jesus spread all over the world. Thus with incessant propaganda, the message of evolution is spread all over the world.


With his church of evolution, the devil was ready to give God a go.


What we find today is that Darwin is spoken of with the greatest respect. He is the man who changed the face of society, freeing us from the fetters of the holy God. He is supposed to be the greatest biologist of all times (though he never got a Nobel prize, or patented anything). He has been deified. To touch Darwin is almost sacrilege. His book has been referred to as ‘one of the most important books ever written.’


On the Origin is also called, ‘A book that shook the world.’ 3 It does not mean that Darwin ever proved that the evolution of new species is true, ‘Darwin was acutely aware that the whole edifice he had constructed in the Origin was entirely theoretical.’ 4


Why then do we find an upsurge in atheism and evolutionism?  Jesus asked a very important question in Luke 18:8, ‘However, when the Son of Man [Jesus] comes [that will be with His second coming] will He find faith on the earth?’  He asked this about 2,000 thousand years ago. Ever since that time, we are moving closer to the end of this age, and the second coming.  That means there will be an increasing attempt to destroy people’s faith.


To summarize: why is Darwin glorified? He is regarded as the one who deposed God with his idea of evolution (never proved).



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Question 2: Why is evolution so important in our times?

What makes evolution important? What is the value of evolution? Richard Dawkins explained, ‘…although Tower of Babelatheism might have been logically tenable before Darwin, Darwin made it possible to be an intellectually fulfilled atheist.1 Atheism becomes ‘respectable’ because of Darwin. It is now possible to believe there is no Creator God, and it is not faith without evidence. It is faith (atheism), with evidence (evolution).


In the book of Genesis, chapter 11, verses 1-9 an interesting historical event is recorded. People gathered at a plain in Babylonia. They decided not only to build a city, but also a tower (they disobeyed God’s command in Genesis 1:28, to ‘fill the earth’). That tower was to reach to heaven, which is logically impossible. They wanted a society without God, a secular society. That is what we see today. All over the earth there are efforts to build Babels, cities and societies without God.  That is where Darwin fits in,  because ‘Darwin’s real achievement was to remove the whole idea of God as the creator of organisms from the sphere of rational discussion.He supposedly made it possible to have cities and societies that are free from God.


Another reason evolution is so important is that it makes it possible to be one’s own god. The devil told Eve in the garden of Eden, if she ate the forbidden fruit, she would become like God. 3 That is good news for people who don’t like God. They don’t need to heed what the real God says. You can be your own god: decide what is  best, and live as you like without fear of the future, because the real God has been replaced by a human god. All this is based upon the supposed truth of evolution, namely that the Bible lied about creation. God is not the Creator, so man can become his own god.


Evolution is the foundation of atheism. To be an atheist is to be well informed about evolution. Atheism, they say, is for logical, rational people, who understand that evolution is true. There is no need to cling to the ancient idea of a Creator God. Evolution deleted God (they imagine), although Darwin never proved that evolution is true, ’The origin of species – Darwin’s problem – remains unsolved. 4  That does not deter people. They need to cling to evolution to justify their atheism, the celebration of the immense feeling of freedom from God.


Evolution is mainstream in our time, because it is the essential cornerstone in the building of many towers of Babel around the world.


Question: do you think Darwinian evolution is true? 



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Question 1: Why is the creation account in Genesis 1 vital?

Since evolution has become so main stream, many Christians doubt the supernatural creation in Genesis 1. The ‘scientific’ evidence for evolution seems so powerful, that they tread silently and softly over Genesis 1. Then they continue to explain that Jesus forgives sins.

No foundations, can it stand?

However, without Genesis 1, the Bible is not the inspired Word of God anymore:

  • God claims ownership of the universe because He created it. Supernatural creation establishes His ownership. It gives God the right to implement His plan for man.
  • As Owner, God made certain decrees, like the wages of sin is death. He provided a way out of this through His Son, Jesus, because as Owner He designed salvation. That is why the New Testament message of forgiveness begins in Genesis 1.
  • Sending His Son, born of a virgin, to die on the Cross and be resurrected, were supernatural events. Only if supernatural creation is true, can we accept that God is all powerful. Then miracles are no problem. Miracles began in Genesis 1.


Cutting out Genesis 1 begins a cascade to destroy foundations. The first to go is Jesus, because He is the Creator. 1 To claim that Jesus forgives sins, but not to accept Genesis 1, is like grabbing something out of the air.  If Jesus is not the Creator, how can He forgive sins? In the Bible, God and Jesus are the same. What the Father does, the Son does also. 2 


If God is not the Creator, He has no authority. That means He has no power to command and to judge. In Genesis 3 God judged Adam and Eve, and the serpent (the devil) for their transgressions. Later He saved Noah and his family, and judged the world with a universal flood for their sins. The prophets Isaiah, Jeremiah, Obadiah and Jonah warned the nations of God’s judgements. Revelation tells of the final white throne judgement. Those are all impossible events if one strips the Bible of its omnipotent Ruler, King of the Universe, the Lord God Almighty, by ‘trashing’ Genesis 1.


If Genesis 1 is not true, God had no right to give any authority to Jesus, but it is written, ‘All authority in heaven and earth has been given to me [Jesus, by God].’ 3 Nobody can give authority to others that he does not have himself. Anyone who disputes that, must go to a strange business and give commands as if it is his own. He will soon be in trouble and maybe in jail.


Because God created people, time and places, the Bible contains the history of people and events that happened in geographical places at certain times.



Creation is vital, and many verses in the Bible testify that God is the Creator. Trashing Genesis 1 is like imagining that the Eiffel Tower can stand without a foundation.  In this case, the Bible is the ‘Eiffel Tower’ that is supposed to stand without its foundation of supernatural creation.



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