The secret to becoming as old as Adam

Most of us wouldn’t mind to grow old if we could remain healthy, but ‘old’ usually Old Manmeans frail and infirm. Yet in the Bible, Moses, the writer of Genesis, says Adam became 930 years old. Methuselah reached ‘the ripe old age’ of 969 years. That was quite an accomplishment. They probably had huge funerals when they died, with impressive amounts of descendants.


Yet why should we believe such nonsense? How can people become that old? Today if someone reaches 100, we think it is remarkable. Most of us will be happy if we reach 70 or 80. The question is, can we believe what the Bible tells us?


In those passages about the patriarchs, we see that their ages declined. After the flood, Noah lived 950 years. Abraham died at 175 1 and his son Isaac at 180.2  Moses died when he was 120 years old3 and king David at the age of 70.Why did that happen?


Creation was perfect in the beginning. After Adam failed to be obedient to God, in the garden of Eden, God cursed creation.It started to degenerate. That also happened to the perfect human beings, beginning with Adam and Eve. Their descendants began accumulating mutations. They are changes in the genetic makeup that effect fitness.6


So God began with perfection. Adam was probably the hunk of all hunks, but mutations slowly began to ‘eat’ away at longevity in his descendants. Why did God do it like that? It is logical. God is going to renew the whole creation when everything is run down, old and dilapidated. We also renew old, dilapidated things, not spanking new ones.


We see it very vividly in the declining genome. Generation after generation the mutation load is increasing. With it longevity slowly deteriorates. This is also fortunate, because who wants to live for hundreds of years in a sin filled world with many troubles? The day will come when the creation has deteriorated to such an extent that God will renew it.


What can we expect in the new age? For one, we will get new bodies. That is the beauty of Jesus’ resurrection. He was the first to be resurrected out of death, and because of it, we can be confident we will also be raised from death. Then we will be ‘issued’ with a spanking new body that will never decay. Our new bodies will be completely different. They will never again become old, ill or die. We will live for ever with Jesus (for those who chose to side with Him on this side of the grave), or without Him (for those who didn’t like His face on this side of the grave).


Conclusion: People often think that the Bible is a book of fairy tales, only to find, with closer investigation, that it is logical and reasonable. It has answers to what seemslike fairy tales.



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6 reasons atheists are not logical

Most people know atheists and sceptics who deny that there is a God. Darwin's non-existent treeThey are family members, friends, colleagues and acquaintances. They are usually civilised, well mannered, educated, law abiding, clever and very normal people. Why does the Bible then say that people who deny that God exists are fools? The fool says in his heart, there is no God.’ 1 Is the Bible mistaken? It doesn’t sound right. Isn’t a fool an idiot, or an ignorant, illiterate person?


Modern atheists do not answer to that picture. The term ‘fool’ also does not apply to most atheists in Proverbs 10:23a, A fool finds pleasure in evil conduct. So why does the Bible use the word ‘fool’ when it describes atheists? It is because the Biblical meaning differs from the modern meaning. For us ‘fool’ has become a derogatory term. In Bible language it means a wrong way of thinking. Is the Bible correct when it defines atheists and sceptics as wrong thinkers?


We can look at the thinking of atheists like this:

  1. For most atheists evolution ‘proves’ that there was no Creator. The God of the Bible is very specifically the Creator. If He was not necessary for the creation, then obviously He does not exist.
  2. Evolution depends on Darwin’s tree of life. The tree is supposed to demonstrate that all of life like plants, animals, birds, et cetera are inter-connected. They all stem from the same original, first living organism.
  3. Darwin’s tree of life depends on a seed to grow. A tree crucially needs a ‘seed’ to begin to grow. That means evolution can only be true if the first living organism (the seed) appeared naturally, without the Creator, on earth.
  4. The seed has not yet been found, but evolution is supposed to be a fact. Despite all the many researchers and investigators who work in laboratories to prove how life began, the ‘seed’ has not yet been found.
  5. The tree of life is imaginary. It could or did not grow, because there was no ‘seed.’ It is an artificial construct, that is not supported by facts.
  6. You need faith in Darwin to accept that evolution happened. There are no concrete, scientific facts yet. Atheists who rely on evolution to ‘prove’ there is no Creator God, have to believe it without evidence.

That explains why God regards atheists as people who cannot think logically and rationally. Their biggest argument for the non-existence of God is non-existent.


So, how are we to react towards them, and to think about them? We don’t advocate the use of the term ‘fool.’  Atheists come in different shades. Some hate God with a passion, others just don’t like God, others can’t be bothered by God at all. We have no commands in the Bible to revile or judge them. Judgement belongs to God, not to us. God expects us to treat them with respect, because they might just change their thinking when they hear rational, logical truth and experience the civility of God believers.



1. Psalm 14:3



4 Bible truths about a local or world wide flood

The film, ‘Noah,’ once again drew people’s attention to the Genesis flood. Local floodThe Bible says the water covered the whole earth, but some people canvas that it was a local flood. That leaves us with the following perplexing questions:

  • Why did the animals board the ark? In a local flood, they could have migrated to safe places.
  • Why does Scripture affirm that all life outside the ark perished. It is impossible with a local flood.
  • Why did God give the rainbow as a sign that He will never again destroy the whole earth by water? Surely He didn’t mean a local flood, because that happens often.


If you chop and change parts of the Bible it affects other parts. It is called The Domino Principle: the 66 books of the Bible are interconnected; they don’t stand in isolation; if you scrap one Bible truth, others begin to crumble. By the universal flood God demonstrated His intention to judge all people, not only a certain group.If the flood was local, 3 Bible truths must go:

  1. The White Throne Judgement must go. There is a connection between the judgement by water in the past, and judgement in the future by fire, ‘By these waters also the world of that time was deluged and destroyed. By the same word the present heavens and earth are reserved for fire, being kept for the day of judgement and the destruction of ungodly men.’ 1  If God’s judgement by water was local, why will His judgement by fire be universal?  If the fire judgement will be local, many people will still be alive after the fire. The Bible says ‘the dead great and small stood before God’s throne to be judged.2 So all those who will be alive will not appear at the judgement. That means judgement cannot take place. Scrap the judgement.
  2. The hope of a new heaven and earth must go. If the flood was local and the fire will be local, how will the heavens and earth be totally renewed? God will bring the new out of the ashes of the old, ‘…But in keeping with His Word, we are looking forward to a new heaven and earth.’ 3 This will happen after the earth is destroyed by fire.  A local flood means a local fire. Scrap the hope of an a new heaven and earth.
  3. Jesus as the Truth must go. Jesus said, ‘Just as it was in the days of Noah, so also will it be in the days of the Son of Man. People were eating, drinking, marrying and being given in marriage up to the day Noah entered the ark. Then the flood came and destroyed them all.’ 4 According to Jesus, all life perished, except life forms on the ark.  Did Jesus lie? If He lied here, why do you expect that He talked the truth at all other times? He said He came to testify to the truth. 5 A lier cannot testify to the truth. Scrap Jesus.
  4. If you scrap Jesus, you scrap Him as the Creator.That means, scrap the Bible.

Denying the universal flood eventually leads to scrapping the whole Bible. That demonstrates the extreme danger of changing God’s Word.



Some people believe they can chop and change Scripture, but God gave us His revelation as a ‘fixed’ body of facts. He does not ask us to ‘improve’ it or ‘improvise.’ Scripture stands despite educated people’s opinions. The flood covered all the high mountains under the entire heavens. 7  The fire will also be universal. It will engulf everything and afterwards God will renew it all, beautifully prepared for His faithful, chosen followers.



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