Aronofsky’s contribution to the war against God

Darrel Aronofsky is either an atheist, or non-religious, and his film ‘Noah’ demonstrates it. Noah part of battle against BibleThere is a universal law that says people will be known by their actions: ‘Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves. By their fruit you will recognize them.’ 1 Another verse corroborates it, ‘…out of the overflow of the heart, the mouth speaks.’  2


In this blog we want to draw attention to one deceptive strategy in the film. Noah explains to his family how ‘God’ created, but what follows is an evolutionary description. How can both those accounts be true at the same time? It is simple logic. The purposeful creative acts of the true God are not the random, chance events of evolution. If evolution is true, there can be no Creator God as the Bible presents Him. End of story.


In the film the ‘Creator’ is referred to a few times. Who is he? We know that it is not the God of Genesis 1. There He created by speaking and in the rest of the Bible He is usually addressed as Lord, God, Lord God Almighty, et cetera. Paul explains in his writing to the congregation at Corinth: ‘For even if there are so-called gods, whether in heaven or on earth (as indeed there are many ‘gods’ and many ‘lords’), yet for us there is but one God, the Father, from whom all things came and for whom we live; and there is but one Lord, Jesus Christ, through whom all things came and through whom we live.’  3


The Bible presents the true God and His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ. There are false gods and lords.  In the film the references to the ‘creator’ are to some false god who did not create, because evolution accomplished it all. Why do they talk about a ‘creator’? It is because the purpose of the film is to initially deceive people to think it is the God of the Bible, and then to shatter people’s faith in the real Creator God of the Bible. It can be compared to Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code. It was designed to let people doubt, even if it is just a story.


The film ‘Noah’ is an excellent example of the continuing war against the Bible and its teachings. It was designed to replace the true God with some other pathetic, angry, revengeful ‘god’ who wants to destroy the human race so that nature and the animals can flourish (this is another agenda that we will address).


Conclusion: Darrel Aronofsky is a brilliant filmmaker. With this film he demonstrated his agenda: destroy knowledge of the true Creator God. When you watch the film, be forewarned so that you do not fall for the deception. We personally encourage Christians to go and see the movie, but thoroughly investigate the Biblical plot in Genesis 6-9 before you go. Then you will recognise the war against God, and once again realise how precious our faith is, how precious our Bible is, and how precious it is to be reconciled to the Creator God through Jesus.


Russell Crowe, in the title role of Noah, talks about the cruel God who is presumably depicted in the Bible. That ‘god’ is the ‘creation’ of Aronofsky, and has nothing to do with the God of the Bible.



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Question 5: Is God and evolution compatible?

To answer the question, one has to compare creation with evolution.Creation vs evolution

  • God created in six twenty-four hour days, by speaking. It was completely supernatural. God had a purpose, namely the eventual, eternal Kingdom. It testified about an all powerful God, who made humans in His image.
  • Evolution is the exact opposite. It happened by chance, over millions and billions of years.  The whole process was by chance. In other words, it had no purpose or goal. No explanation is ever given why those chance events happened. They just happened.


The important question is, why would God have used evolution? Why would God use a process that expressly declares that He is redundant, not needed and superfluous? Evolution was designed to get rid of God, ‘Darwin pointed out that no supernatural creator was needed; since natural selection could account for any known form of life, there was no room for a supernatural agency in its evolution…. We can dismiss entirely all idea of a supernatural overriding mind being responsible for the evolutionary process.1


Why would an all powerful God use a process that no one has proven can generate complexity?  Natural selection can only select what there is. If some ape-like ancestor did not have the genes for speech, how can natural selection choose for it? It cannot. Natural selection does not have the ‘creative’ ability that evolutionists bestow on it.


Creation by God requires unlimited power, wisdom, insight and intelligence. What does evolution require? Absolutely nothing. Nothing as in nothing. Things just evolved or appeared naturally, by chance. It needed no strong creative arm, least of all God’s.


Evolution nullifies God’s unlimited power. Then miracles are impossible. Where would miracles come from, except from the all powerful Creator God? No creation simply means nobody can believe anything in the Bible. To be born of a virgin is a miracle, but not more miraculous than the design of the DNA genetic recipes and then the creation of the various organisms and plants.


The Bible tells us about the Creator God. If people imagine that He is not the Creator God of Genesis 1, but somebody who used evolution to create over billions of years, not six days, then logically it is somebody else they have in mind. It is nothing strange in the world of God that people devise and design other gods. It has been around since the devil infiltrated the earth.


The Bible is our guide. It is either true, or not. Combining two irreconcilable opposites (creation and evolution) is bound to generate confusion and eventually loss of faith.  ‘Christians’ want to import some strange philosophy or false religion into the Bible, and combine the two. 2



The Creator God could not have used an impossible process, like evolution, that has never been proven and has no support from science.



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Question 4: Why is there a ‘war’ between creation and evolution?

We are all well aware of wars. Some grim details continually fill our TV sets and cinemas.War against Bible There are many historical accounts of the two great wars, World War 1 and World War 2. We have had the Vietnam and Korean wars, and many others.


Today the Western world is regarded as modern and sophisticated. Yet, we live in the midst of the biggest war of all times. It is comprehensive, and its outcome is more deadly than physical wars. This war is about peoples’s eternal destination. Eternal means just that, eternal, it never stops. Life after death is eternal.


If anybody thinks evolution teaches that there is no life after death, they are mistaken. Evolution has no contemporary value, except to make people think that atheism is an intellectual decision. If evolution had been some harmless idea, why do you think they put so much emphasis on ‘protecting’ it from criticism in schools and universities? Why is there such hatred against the Bible and God? Why are so many lies found in evolutionary material? Just for the sake of science? We want to say, ‘Wake up, baby, to the real world.‘  It is not about science, but about souls.


Some background

The Bible tells us that God has an enemy, a rebel who opposes Him. He is the devil, the liar and murderer of people.1 How do we know that he is real? He asked Eve one question, ‘Did God really say?’ 2 He asks the same question through evolution, ‘Did God really create?’ He gives the answer through evolution and says: no, a thousand times no!


Why is his battle against the Bible? The devil opposes God, and does everything he can to deceive people. Evolution is known as one of the most successful weapons of war against God. He strikes at the most strategic point in his enemy’s defences. He knows that the Bible stands or falls with creation. Thus his media campaign is especially directed towards Genesis 1. Nullify Genesis 1, and the Bible becomes nothing. No Creator God, therefore no judgement, no sin, no Saviour.


Readers should take note of the War against the Word (Scripture). It is also called the Battle against the Bible, Bible Bashing, or the War against the Word. The war against the Bible, is also a war against God. This war is an excellent proof that the Bible is real, and that it is the most important book in history.  If you obey it, it leads to eternal peace and happiness. That hope of peace and happiness is what the devil wants to destroy through the idea of evolution.


The war on the Bible has many different ‘battalions.’  For example, the age of the earth, and all life evolved over millions and billions of years, are part of the plan to oppose the Bible. The motto is, if anything is against the Bible, it is good and must be used. Attack on all sides, give nothing, demand ever more admissions that the Bible is just a human book, incessantly repeat that evolution is science (it is not).


The Roman emperors tried to destroy the faith by burning Bibles and killing Christians. The Communists in Russia and China followed suit. They all failed. Today the persecution is through evolution. Since the Bible is indestructible, this attempt will also fail.



The war against the Bible tells us: we are dealing with a book of Truth that has to do with real life; the opposition against God is not some story or fiction; we still have to choose what to believe.



John 8:44

Genesis 3:1