The function of God’s enemy

Why does God have an enemy? It is because he has a function in God’s plan for man. TRussian tankhe Biblical background is that a created angel decided to oppose God. He was in God’s employ, saw God’s glory and power, knew about His plans, and was still rebellious. Why did God allow it? How can we explain that God created everything very good, but missed this one (God saw all that He had made, and it was very good1)? Shouldn’t all His creation, especially the angels whom we assume must have been intelligent beings, be very glad to serve Him?


It is sometimes difficult to understand, but here is an explanation: God did not create the angels 100% perfect. He is perfect, but to create other beings 100% perfect would mean that they are also God. That is impossible. We deduct that the angels were less than perfect, and this left scope for wickedness in one particular angel. You were the model of perfection, full of wisdom and perfect in beauty…. You were in Eden, the garden of God…. You were blameless in your ways from the day you were created till wickedness was found in you.2 The Bible says this specific angel said to himself, I will ascend to heaven; I will raise my throne above the stars of God…. I will make myself like the Most High.There are theologians who dispute these verses. They claim that they refer to the human king of Tyre, but it is difficult to envisage the king of Tyre in the garden of Eden.4


What is the function of the devil?

God uses the devil to divide humanity in two, those who love God and those who don’t. In everyday life there are people who incite others to rebel. In politics there are factions that vie for control. A person’s preference for a specific leader shows his loyalties. It is God’s plan to create the perfect Kingdom and He wants to make sure His future citizens will not be harassed by disobedient rebels who are not interested to submit to Him as King and definitely don’t want to be seen in His presence.

God uses the devil to expose God’s enemies. A real kingdom has real enemies. One can detect the work of the enemies. In our society, in our times, it is not difficult to detect the work of the devil. There is a plethora of groups, organisations, and others who are actively engaged in a war against God, like the Freedom from Religion, Free thinkers, rationalists, evolutionists, skeptics, atheists, and many others. What makes their actions suspicious is that there is no reason to worry about what another person believes. If the Bible is not true, why care if a person believes in it? Who believes in an invisible God anyway? One cannot detect Him. Only people who are influenced by the invisible enemy of God can fight against an invisible God. The battle against the Bible, or Bible Bashing is one of the best proofs that the Bible is the truth.


The value of God’s enemy is that he gives positive proof that God is real and that the Bible is true, by his continuous war against our precious book. We can never forget that the Bible is about real life (that is why it is a historical revelation). What we experience in ordinary life, is what we find in the Bible. It would be interesting for readers to try and find organisations, magazines, newspapers, and other media that hate an invisible God with passion. They demonstrate the influence of the devil in their actions.



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Sir Richard Branson and Virgin

Richard Branson, WikipediaSir Richard Branson is the owner of many companies that are mostly part of his Virgin group.1 If somebody claims that he is not the owner, he will probably just smile. If he’s in a good mood, he might even pay for a visit to a psychiatrist. Nobody disputes his ownership. He has the right to do with his properties as he sees fit. For example, if Richard Branson decides his employees must wear black and white clothes, then that is it, the boss has spoken (fictional).


This example explains the importance of Genesis 1 in the Bible. It says God made the heavens and the earth. So He is the owner of the universe, because He created it. As Owner He has the right to lay down the rules. Throughout Scripture, God does miracles, He pronounces judgements on nations, He declares what sin is and what the remedy is. God decides what people need, to prepare for eternal life in His Kingdom (if they are interested).


The creation account in six twenty-four hour days, is vital. Take away creation, and the Bible loses its authority as the Word of God. Period. The Bible is grounded in history and is about real life situations and people. So we can expect the same logic as we have in the world. Why would it be different in the Bible?  The Holy Spirit inspired Moses to write down some detail about creation so that we can be sure the universe is God’s property.


In Genesis 2:4 we read, ‘When the Lord God made the earth and the heavens….’  God is called ‘Lord God,’ because from Genesis 2 onwards He issues the orders. He decides what His people should be and do. He determines what is going to happen in His property, and He will execute the future development of a massive security complex, called the new heavens and earth, the home of righteousness.2


Conclusion: no creation, no ownership, no authority, nothing.



  2. 2 Peter 3:13


Can atheists think logically?

Napoleon_Bonaparte_Lithografie_von_Louis_Kramp_ca1825, user Direktor, talk 1 contribsLawrence Krauss claims that there are at least a thousand gods (debate with William Lane Craig). Besides the God of the Bible, he mentioned Zeus, Perseus, Dionysius, Krishna, Romulus, Osiris, and others. Likewise Guy Harrison in his book, ’50 Simple Questions for Every Christian,’ asks how many gods there are? He says he is perhaps more qualified than others to answer because of his degrees in history and anthropology. His answer, ‘It’s definitely many, many millions; more likely, it’s in the billions, if not trillions.’ 1

Why would one believe in God, the Father of Jesus Christ,  if there are many other gods? What evidence is there that only the God of the Bible is the true God? The answer is easy. How do we know that Julius Caesar or Napoleon Bonaparte lived?

Julius Caesar wrote books about his wars, like the various books on his Gallic Wars.  He gave first hand observations about the Celtic tribes he was waging war on, like the Druids. Suetonius, Cicero and others also verified in their writings that he was a real Roman person. 2   We know about Julius Caesar because of reliable eye witness documents.

Historical documents also testify that Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821) was a victorious French general and emperor. He fought many successful wars, but failed completely in the invasion of Russia (1812), like the Germans in the Second World War. He was defeated at Leipzig and sent to Elba. From there he escaped and returned to power. He was finally defeated at Waterloo (June 1815) and  was confined to the island of St. Helena, where he died. Reliable documents assure us he was real.

How do we know that God is real? Through the reliable historical documents by various writers.

Logic demands that we do the following:

  • If we deny the one, we should deny all three.
  • If we except the one, we should accept all three.

Nobody living today has seen Caesar, Napoleon or God.

They are all known by historical documents.

  • Julius Caesar lived in Italy, a country we still know today, with Rome as its headquarters.
  • Napoleon lived in France, a country we still know today, with Paris as its headquarters.
  • God did most of His acts in Israel, a country we still know today, with Jerusalem the capital (Tel Aviv is the financial centre).

All three have eyewitness accounts and countries where people lived and events took place.

The original question was whether atheists can think logically about the many gods in existence? It all revolves around history and documentary evidence. If we don’t have that, how can we be sure that they are real? The same applies to Zeus, Dionysius and all the other thousands of gods. Historically reliable and verifiable documents about people and events in a specific country, should testify to their divinity. Where is Zeus’s wonderful book with his exploits in Greece? There isn’t one. Dionysius is silent. Why?

Besides His Book, the God of the Bible has a worldwide Church that preaches about Him and His Son, Jesus. So we should have a world wide ‘church’ of Zeus, Horus, et cetera. We don’t.


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