Biologos, creation and evolution

The Biologos Foundation (Christians who believe God created through evolution) is very happy. In Aronofsky’s film, Noah, the ‘Creator’ used evolution to fill the earth. 1   Yet the ‘Creator’ that Noah (Russell Crowe) addresses, is not the Creator of Genesis 1.

Biologos believes evolution
Theistic evolution


Why do they talk about the Creator in the film, and then present an evolutionary timeline that is the complete opposite of the Genesis account? In Genesis 1 we read at least eight times that God created, over a period of six days, by speaking. 2 There is a huge gulf between creating by speaking, and a natural process that is supposed to have happened by chance over millions of years.


What the film does is to lull Christians asleep. They are supposed to be very happy to hear the word  ‘Creator,’ and that the ‘Creator’ did it through evolution. That means a rational, logical, intelligent God used an unintelligent chance process that never has and never can ‘create’ anything new. This is an example of the kind of indoctrination in our ‘modern’ world. It is a proof of what the Biologos’ agenda is. They try to depose God as Ruler of the universe. If God is not the Creator, He is not the Owner or Ruler and He has no authority to save people.


In the Bible, the term ‘Creator’ is not usually used, but rather ‘Lord’ and ‘God.’ The use of the title ‘Creator’ in the film, is just a trap to catch the unwary.  There is a gulf between creation and evolution as wide apart as between the earth and the Andromeda galaxy.  They can never be reconciled, because they cannot both come from God. Evolution needed no intelligence (which God has in abundance).


Why is evolution an impossible process?

  • Mutations cannot ‘create,’ they only destroy. Ask anybody who has a family member with a genetic disease due to a mutation. It causes abnormality and is agony and pain for such people.
  • Evolution means an increase in functional complex genetic information. Mutations cause a loss of genetic information. So mutations cannot develop ever higher life forms. In addition there is no mechanism by which new genetic information can be ‘imported’ into the cell. That makes evolution (the ‘creation of new families of organisms) impossible.
  • All organisms begin life as very small fertilised ovums. Then they develop in a certain designed way till they are fully functional adults. The whole aspect of gene regulatory networks is so complex and so precise, that no mutations can ever cause new kinds. Changes that could possibly lead to evolution through mutations, have to happen early in development, but the embryo does not survive that.


Is it possible that Biologos is unaware of these facts? No, they know it very well. Their object is to convert Christians to theistic evolution (God created through evolution). That is why Paul warned about ‘savage wolves that will come in among you and will not spare the flock.’  4


Conclusion:  Biologos comes like sheep, but are ravenous wolves, eager to destroy the faith of believers. Be very careful of them.




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Where are Noah’s dinosaurs?

In the film ‘Noah,’ after the ark was constructed in record time with the help of the Dinosaurs and the arkWatchers, birds entered the ark. Then thousands of snakes appeared, and slithered into the ark. One just hopes that there are so many kinds (families) of snakes. The Bible is very clear that only kinds of animals went on the ark. There are around 11 families or kinds of snakes. 1,2  What does that mean?  The easiest way to explain it is with dogs. How many pairs of dogs did Noah take on the ark? Answer: none. Dogs belong to the family Canidae. That includes dogs, jackal, Cape hunting dogs, coyotes, dingos and wolves. So only a pair of wolves went on the ark. Those two wolves did not evolve into bears or tigers. Their offspring became all the species or varieties of the wolf kind.


Later in the film all the other animals came to the ark, but there were no dinosaurs. In the narrative, as told by Aronofsky and Handel, there should not be dinosaurs, because they believe in evolution. It says there was a time many millions of years ago when dinosaurs evolved. Then a meteorite hit the earth and it caused their extinction. This makes no sense if one thinks logically. Why did only the dinosaurs go extinct, and the smaller, more delicate birds, fish, butterflies and all the other organisms in the same rock layers as the dinosaurs, survived? Never forget that evolution doesn’t require logic, but blind faith in Darwin. So the selective killer meteorite is probably ‘science.’


The problem is that there is no evidence at all that Darwinian evolution ever happened, that it could ever happen.  Evolutionists will rage, pound their tables in frustration and bang their heads against walls because Bible believers and cursed ‘creationists’ are so stupid. That won’t help one iota. Evidence will win the day. There is no evidence for evolution, except for small scale changes, like light and dark coloured moths, and different breeds of dogs, which no one denies.


Besides that, there is no mechanism by which Darwinian evolution could be true. The fact that our museums are filled with many different dinosaurs does not prove the evolution of dinosaurs. Nobody denies that dinosaurs existed, but there is no genetic mechanism for them to evolve. The genes can cause variation among a kind (family), but not a ‘jumping’ from one kind to another, like the famous bird from dinosaur evolution.


The short and sweet is this, if evolution had been a true science, it would have been a proven, accepted fact.  It is not, so there should have been dinosaurs on the ark in the Noah film, because they were created on the sixth day with all the other animals.  In our next blog we will explain why dinosaurs never did, and never could evolve.



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Jesus’ secret marriage

It is amazing what Jesus was supposed to be on earth: homosexual, immoral and much more. The one thing He apparently was not, was the Son of God. So it is not surprising that according to the latest ‘exciting’ find, Jesus was a married man.

Example of a papyrus manuscript


In News 24, 2014-04-10, we read that it has now been conclusively proven that the papyrus on which Jesus’ marriage status was indicated by Him, is authentic. There can be no doubt about it. On it is written, “Jesus said to them, ‘My wife….'”  On another part is written, ‘She will be able to be my disciple.’


So, Jesus had a wife! How good of God to give His Son a wife, but it was not the Bride He came to purchase here on earth with His precious blood. Why did the Holy Spirit not tell us about it in the Gospels? This is a valid question and we expect an answer.


The answer will not come from the Holy Spirit. He inspired the 66 books of the Bible and the last book was completed before the end of the first century. This papyrus fragment is dated between the sixth and ninth centuries, but could have been written as early as the second century AD. Note the use of the word ‘could.’ What we do know is that it is not part of the inspired 66 books.


If the fragment is not part of the inspired books, what value does it have? Immense value to show how true the Bible is. Jesus said something that is proved true every day, “If the world hates you [the disciples], keep in mind that it hated me first…. If they persecuted me, they will persecute you also…. He who hates me hates my Father as well…. But this is to fulfil what is written in their Law: ‘They hated me without reason.’” 1


What is Jesus telling us? There is someone who doesn’t like His face. He shows it by constant maligning, mud throwing and active persecution. It is the devil. So we can safely assume that the papyrus fragment is another in a long line of assaults on the character of Jesus. It is just another proof that Jesus is real. Nobody slurs ghosts or myths.


One aspect of this age is that we will always have Bible Bashing and Jesus jeering. It is because the devil, the ruler of this age, controls the media 2 and the majority of the world. He knows the truth. Therefore he knows that there will be eternal life with Jesus, and he will miss it. He hates it, and cannot keep his mouth from slandering Jesus, amplifying his defeat on the cross. Jesus is on the right hand of the Father, waiting for the glorious moment of His second coming and His ultimate victory over all the evil forces presently at work in society.


Conclusion: Jesus is hated as He predicted, but those who join Him are on the Victor’s side.



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