The secret of creation revealed

Recently some documents revealed how and when God created the heavens and the earth. AtomsThese documents are extremely valuable. They shed some light on how God created.


His method can be compared to writing books, recipes, instruction manuals, et cetera: you use the 26 letters of the English alphabet to form words. Then you arrange the words in a specific order to convey the meaning you desire.


God made the 92 naturally occurring elements (the Periodic Table) and then arranged them to form specific structures. It is like somebody who manufactured Lego blocks that can be used to make various constructions.


In the heavens and the earth everything is made of different atoms. It means that galaxies, stars, planets, plants, reptiles, birds, microbes, grass, rocks or water, are all made of building blocks of various atoms. Science has investigated it, and it confirms that elements (atoms) are the building blocks of everything in the universe.


Why do we know the Creator God did it? It is obvious that the only way the letters of the alphabet can be arranged is by someone who has intelligence. The same applies to building something from Lego blocks: it needs intelligence. The Bible tells us that the supremely intelligent, omnipotent Creator God did it. We assume He had His factory where He designed the elements (see how orderly the elements in the Periodic Table are) and then He began to combine them.


He had a plan in His mind, which He shared with His ‘partners,’ Jesus and the Holy Spirit. The plan was a universe and a very special planet which will become their headquarters in future. A king or leader usually commands and his orders are executed. We surmise that the many millions of angels (God’s servants) might have executed God’s commands. Yet that question will only be explained to us when we see Him face to face on the new earth. 1


People might be curious to know what secret document revealed these things? We are hesitant to divulge the secret, but here it is: it’s one that is very well known to all people, but little read by most. It is the ‘Instruction Manual’ of the universe, the Bible.


What is amazing is that this ‘Manual’ not only tells us how God did it, but also when. He did it ‘in the beginning, a few thousand years ago.’ What is even more interesting is that the Book also describes another massive construction, the ‘new heavens and earth with the new Jerusalem.’  That one will be exquisite and exclusive. The beauty of the ‘Construction Manual’ is that it invites people to become shareholders of God’s future ‘security village,’ the new earth.


It is amazing that science concurs with this book, the Bible (logically atheists don’t agree, but that shouldn’t surprise us). We should be wary of believing evolutionism (elements, or alphabet letters, or Lego blocks combine into complex structures all by themselves if you can leave them for long enough). It is a belief held by faith in Charles Darwin. We, however, prefer faith based on hard scientific, Biblical facts.



1. Revelation 22:4

Jesus’ clever strategy

Jesus was a very patient man, who always answered people’s questions. Later on the chief Jesus' baptismpriests and others who tried to trap Him, hoped He might say something wrong so that they had a valid excuse to get rid of Him. Their question on one occasion was, ‘By what authority are you doing these things… And who gave you this authority?’  1


Jesus, aware of the strategy to trap Him, asked them a pointed question, ‘John’s baptism – where did it come from? Was it from heaven, or from men?’  2  In other words, did it rest on God’s authority, or was it just a human thing?


This left the chief priests and elders with a dilemma. If they said it was by God’s authority, then Jesus would ask them why they didn’t believe John? If they said it was from men, a merely human thing, they feared the public who regarded John as a prophet. The public might stone them. 3


It must have been quite an amusing scene to the onlookers when they acknowledged to Jesus, ‘Sorry, we don’t know.’  Incidentally, both John the Baptist’s birth as well Jesus’ were announced by the angel Gabriel. 4  Their authority came from God. If the Pharisees did not accept God’s authority in the case of John, why would they accept it in the case of Jesus?


What is the practical application for us? Atheists and most evolutionists question the authority of the Bible: ‘Is it true? Where does it come from? Why must we trust it?’  So before we answer them, we could ask them a question: Did God create the first living thing on earth (supernatural event), or did it evolve (natural event)?


They can’t say it evolved, because science has not been able to prove it. They can’t say it was created by God, because then they have to believe God’s testimony in the Bible. Like the Pharisees, whatever they say, they are trapped.  Please note that to say that scientists are working on the origin of life, and have almost solved it, is not a valid answer. It is because science uncovers more complexity all the time that makes the natural origin of life even more impossible. Skeptics mostly live in denial, they don’t have the support of science, but do not want to believe the Bible.


Conclusion: Because the Pharisees in any way did not accept God’s authority concerning John the Baptist, they would not have accepted Jesus’ either. There was no need for Him to answer their question.  Neither do evolutionists and atheists accept the authority of the Bible, even if they are unable to answer the question concerning the origin of life. People sometimes are not interested in the truth.



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Thousands of errors

People often claim there are thousands of errors in the Old Testament.  It is notable who the people are: Robert_Dick_Wilson copy 2unbelievers, atheists or theologians who betrayed God. By betrayal we mean learned scholars who no longer accept the Bible as the inspired Word of God, a supernatural book.


How does one judge such comments about the Old Testament? You consult an expert. Today we want to introduce you to one: Dick Wilson. He was born in 1856 and studied theology. He decided that his life’s work would be the defence of the Old Testament. To do it, he divided what he thought would be his productive life into three periods. In the first 15 years he would study Biblical languages, in the next fifteen years the Old Testament history, and in the last fifteen years he would write down his findings.


He accomplished that goal. He became familiar with about 26 languages and dialects of the Old Testament period. He collected over 100,000 quotations from those languages to illustrate basic facts about the Old Testament. In his last fifteen years he wrote down his findings.1


In one of his books, A Scientific Investigation of the Old Testament, he writes, ‘In conclusion, let me reiterate my conviction that no one knows enough to show that the true text of the Old Testament in its true interpretation is not true.The results of his extensive studies convinced him that the Old Testament can be trusted.


As an example of the attacks on the Old Testament today, Wilson remarked about Genesis 14 (Abraham defeats Kedorlaomer and the kings allied with him and rescues his nephew Lot): Against the historical character of this narrative we have the assertion of …other critics of our times (only about 4,000 years after the supposed expedition) that the expedition was ‘simply impossible,’ and that the account may have been fabricated (or forged) by some person unknown, at some time unknown….  Not one item of evidence in the way of time, place, logic, language, psychology or customs has been produced to prove it.  But then ….says it is ‘simply impossible,’ which is then echoed by …other learned professors.  And this assertion of ‘simply impossible’ is called an ‘assured result of scientific criticism.’ 3


It is remarkable how true his statement is even today. The ‘experts’ tell us data in the Old Testament is simply impossible, and often we are swayed by them (he explains the truth of Genesis 14 in his book). Instead we should consult the Holy Spirit first and then people like him who at least know their subject.


What do we conclude? If you hear somebody talk about the many errors in the Old Testament, ask about their qualifications? Have they mastered as many Biblical languages and dialects as Dick Wilson? Have they studied the history as intensively as he did? If they did, then you can listen to them. Until then, trust Dick Wilson’s conclusions rather than people like Dan Barker, Richard Dawkins or Richard Carrier.


Please note that the criticism of the Bible will never stop. The devil will only give up when he is finally thrown into the lake of fire. Till then we have to be content that the Bible will be mocked and criticised. However, rest assured. We have a supernatural book of truth, straight from God’s heart. If we listen to it rather than to the devil and his coworkers, we will see the face of God one glorious day (Revelation 22:4).



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