A New Venture

We started to discus the Millennium, the exciting future thousand year reign of Christ on earth.  It is a wonderful study to see how the Old and New Testaments complement each other, even when it comes to the Millennium.  

The thousand year reign of Christ deserves proper investigation by believers.  There is a dearth of information on the Internet and many books that deal with the subject.   We have concluded our discussion of the Millennium and trust the Holy Spirit to lead those who are interested, into further study of this wonderful subject.

The Holy Spirit has laid Psalm 71:18 on our hearts, 

‘Even when I am old and grey, do not forsake me, O God, till I declare your power to the next generation, your might to all who are to come.’  Psalm 71:18

We are 75.   About 45 years ago the Lord called me out of darkness.  I think He told the Holy Spirit to please help my wife.  We had been married for five years then.  She was a believer and she remained faithful to the Lord while I had no clue about God and His Kingdom.  The clashes were unavoidable because there were two ‘different’ people in one house.  One was a believer and one was not.  

God has been good to us.  Because of various reasons our marriage was a bit under strain when God called me.  (Note ‘a bit’ is an understatement).   Yet with God also in me, our marriage changed for the better.  God willing we will celebrate our 51st wedding anniversary in July.  She is still the best gift God could have given me.  

Because of the way I grew up, I distrusted all authority.  It took me a long time to get used to God and His Book.  There were few facts in the Bible that I did not question.  Today, there are no facts I question.  God answered all my queries.  With His help we both stand strong in the faith.  

In those days I was a tottering, shivering ‘saint.’  When any prominent atheist criticised God and the Bible I started to shiver.  There was no way I could reply to their criticisms.  Today not even the most aggressive ardent ‘qualified’ atheist can cause me to miss a beat.  It is all because of God’s faithfulness, through the Holy Spirit, to me specifically.   

God gave us four children.  How they survived under me remains a mystery.  Yet today they all know the Lord and along with their spouses, trust Him.  We have eleven grandchildren.  God taught us through the years, through many a crisis, but now the time has come to systematically pen it down in a book. 

Our plan is to stop blogging for a time.  Thank you to our loyal readers.  We appreciate you.  From time to time we want to publish excerpts from the proposed book for comments and suggestions from you.  Blessings to all.  

My shivery faith

One of the things that regularly tripped me up in my walk with God, was what I call my ‘shivery faith.’  Every time I came across a book that purports to ‘prove’ the Bible is rubbish, or somebody claims this or that should not be in the Bible, or what some ancient civilisation thought about ‘gods,’ or that Paul’s letters are nonsense, I literally shivered.  Doubt gripped me – I used to ask myself if I am wasting my time with the Bible and God?  But, with time I learned something very interesting.

#  Why would an old book get so much attention?

  • The Bible is an old book.  The first book, Genesis, was written about 1400 BC (before Christ).  The last book, Revelation, was written before 100 AD (after Christ) and the other 64 books were written between those dates.  
  • It struck me as odd: why does such an old book still get so much attention? The Bible is at least 2,000 years old and belongs in a museum.  Only historians, linguists and others interested in the distant past should study it.  
  • Yet the stream of anti-Bible propaganda knows no end, even now in 2019. 

#  The war against the Word gave me faith.

  • The Bible teaches that Satan is the ruler of the world system. 1  He influences people against God and the Bible.  
  • I understood that the attacks and ‘war’ against the Bible prove that it is true, relevant and important.  God is alive and well.  
  • Now I rejoice, even when people blaspheme God, slander the Bible and curse Christians.2  If the Bible was just a book of fiction, nobody would say a word about it.  


I can say, in a sense, that the world with its actions and agenda against the Bible, convinced me that my faith rests on a solid foundation.  No longer do I fear or shiver.  A strong faith in the immovable Rock, Jesus, and His precious Book, the Bible, has replaced it.


  1. 1John 5:19b; John 14:30 
  2. Mathew 5:11-12

An ode of praise to God

This day, exactly 47 years ago, on the 4th of July 1970 a man and woman stood before a minister, in a church in a small town in South Africa.  They were about to be tied together as husband and wife.

Two fathers

  • My father sat with tears in his eyes.  He could not believe that the in-laws refused to heed his warning that I was bad marriage material.
  • My future wife’s father was glad that his youngest daughter at last got a husband (at the ‘ancient’ age of 24).  He just hoped for the best.
  • My wife’s sister and mother told her that it is a disgrace not to get married, a disgrace to retain your maiden name.  She mustn’t be so finicky.  She should just get married.  If it doesn’t work out she can always get divorced!

Opposites attract.

It was strange that a man who had very little knowledge about God, married a young woman who became a follower of Jesus when she was ten years old.  I wondered:

  • Why do I get married in a church?  My answer was, tradition!  Little did I know that the Lord would in due time instruct me that marriage was His idea, that is why I got married in a church.
  • Why did she consent to marry me?  Heaven knows (which was true).  She said God told her to leave the matter in His hands and He will sort it out.
  • So, there we were, listening intently to the minister on how we should approach marriage.  For a follower of Jesus to marry someone who knows nothing about the Lord is hard at times.  However, things changed decidedly when I (Gerard), allowed the Lord into my hardened heart.  That saved our marriage so that today, we can celebrate God’s goodness to us together.

The war

  • I can’t remember what I promised the minister I would do.  When one rejected person unites with another rejected person, it is sure to produce friction.  So there were times of unrest, but also love, and four gifts from God, four children.
  • In God’s plan for us, a time of deep healing began in our thirties.  We began to pray together and still do.  It made a huge difference in our lives and marriage.

The miracle

  • Celebrating 47 years together, we can only give the honor to the Lord.  We are both followers of Jesus.  We are blessed by the Lord.  We are in love, happy and contented to be in each other’s company.  Jesus promised, when He frees a person he or she will be free indeed.  That is what we experienced.
  • I (Gerard) am a testimony to the power of the Gospel.  I was a man who had very little knowledge (none, to be more precise) of God or the Bible, but I married a godly woman.  I became a follower of Jesus.  I have a future as one of God’s ‘favorite’ children.  I rejoice in my great, glorious magnificent God and His blessings –  four plus four children and eleven grandchildren.


Why this ode of praise to God.

  • He changed our lives.  Both my wife and I came from families where we are the only ones who have the privilege to be married for 47 years, with children and grandchildren that we can cherish.
  • It is an absolute privilege to enjoy fellowship with the most glorious Father, the powerful Savior, and be filled with His wonderful Counsellor, the Holy Spirit.


Glory to the Father, Son and Holy Spirit for what He did for us!

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