If Jesus was…..

In my journey with Jesus, I have many times read, saw or heard that Jesus was: 

  • Not part of the Godhead, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
  • Not born of a virgin.
  • Not resurrected from the dead.
  • Taught by an Eastern guru. 
  • And many, many more.  

I used to get upset about it.  After all, it is about the Savior whom I value above all else.   That was until I remembered the words of Jesus, 

‘If the world hates you, keep in mind that it hated Me first.’  John 15:18

I realized that if and when people insult Jesus, or Scripture, nothing changes.  He remains the eternal Victorious Lamb of God at the right hand of the wonderful Father. 

What the insults, criticism, verbal abuse and whatever does, is to prove that the Word of God is true.  Why?   The Bible tells us that the world is under the control of the devil, 

‘We know that we are children of God, and that the whole world is under the control of the evil one.’  1 John 5:19

If the people of the world, those under the influence of the devil, do not slander and despise the Triune God and the Word we should get very worried.  Then the Bible cannot be true.  But, as is proven by the continual barrage of criticism and faultfinding, the Bible is 100% reliable, trustworthy and the special Holy Spirit inspired Word of God.  The apostle Paul wrote, 

‘I am not ashamed of the Gospel….’  Romans 1:16a

I agree.  Never let go of confidence in the Word.  Every day the devil shouts in my ear, ‘The Bible is true, but I hate it if you believe it.  I don’t want you to be with God eternally.’  Well, thank you, Jesus.  My faith in you is just that much stronger because they hate you without reason. 

What is wrong with the Bible?

The clamor about how wrong the Bible is, never stops.  It will only stop when the devil is permanently removed, 

‘Then the devil, who deceived them [the nations] was thrown into the lake of burning sulphur where the beast and the false prophet had been thrown.  They will be tormented day and night for ever and ever.’  Revelation 20:10

What do the critics have to say about the Bible?  Lots and lots.  One wonders why the Bible hinders them since they do not believe it.  Those who believe the Bible are not a threat to either society or their specific nation.  Yet God’s enemies never sleep. 

There is, however, one ‘hostile witness’ to the truth of the Bible.  Satan who was in God’s service became a rebel.  He set up his own kingdom from where he influences people to resist, smear and spread fake news about the Bible.  The Bible reveals how the devil deceived Eve with one question, 

‘Did God really say?’  Genesis 3:1

This specific question is the devil’s standard ‘weapon’ against the Bible, God’s Word.   

He teaches his followers to ask questions like, 

  • Is Jesus really God?
  • Will there really be a New Jerusalem of that size?
  • Is there really life after death?
  • Are the 66 books of the Bible really God’s Word?

The answer in all cases is the affirmative.  How do we know the Bible is true?  If the Bible was not the truth, there would be no reason for the devil to attack and insult it.  Then the Bible is just a book with no specific relevance.  Yet history records attacks on the Bible through the ages. 

What is wrong with the Bible?

The Bible is not a book that promotes terrorism, coups against governments, lawlessness against the state and fellow citizens.  It does not promote murder, rape, theft, corruption, et cetera.  Yet the attitude of a part of society is very obvious, or subtle.  It says: stay away from the Bible because it is a dangerous, a  very very dangerous book with a horrible message and content. 

The Bible is a free choice book: believe or leave!  Nobody is forced to believe it.  Yet the war against it never stops.  Think of our modern world.  There are many non-believers, skeptics, atheists and others who attack the Bible.  China persecutes Christians and does its best to get rid of the Bible and replace it with their own version.  In many other countries, through the ages, the Bible was burned, banned and brandished as evil.  Yet it has no violent message (unless you distort Scripture as so many enemies of God like to do).  In spite of all that the Bible does not flinch.  It is written, 

‘The Word of the Lord stands forever.’  1 Peter 1:26

Reflections on Gay Month

The issue during Gay month is, how should the follower of Jesus act and react?   We live in the world that Satan rules.  He takes no nonsense.  What he decrees, stands.  He decreed Gay month and all people should take it seriously.  Period!

We, the followers of Jesus, belong to the Kingdom of God,

‘Our citizenship is in heaven.’  Philippians 3:20

We know there are two kingdoms in the world we live in:

  • The Kingdom of Light with God as the Ruler. 
  • The kingdom of darkness with Satan as the ruler.  

People of the Kingdom of Light have no right to judge people of the world.  They belong to two different kingdoms with their own ways and rules.  The kingdom of the world does not understand the language of the Kingdom of God. 

Those who belong to Jesus, increase in obedience to the Word of God.  Therefore they should spread their message by the way they live,   

‘Live such good lives among the pagans that, though they accuse you of doing wrong, they may see your good deeds and glorify God on the day He visits us.’ 1 Peter 2:12

That means,

  • To judge gays is out. 
  • To pray for gays is in.
  • To live the life God intends is in.  

The devil rules the world so he uses the law to stifle opposition or criticism of how his people live.  Nevertheless he cannot use the law against prayer and holy lives. 

To summarise 

‘Walk the walk’ and ‘cut the talk’ unless the Holy Spirit leads you otherwise.  We can preach to the world with a positive attitude, happiness, kindness, forgiveness, prayer and help.

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