Remember Eternity, Part 2

How important is eternity?  Very important!  The reason is that in the Garden of Eden when Adam and Eve obeyed him, the enemy of God, Satan, became the ruler of this present world.  Yet the devil has been convicted for his rebellion against God, 

‘…Depart from Me, you [rebellious people] who are cursed, into the eternal fire prepared for the devil and his angels [the rebellious angels].’  Matthew 25:41

That illustrates why it is so important to remember eternity.  It is because there are different destinations: 

  • The Kingdom inheritance for God’s people.  Matthew 25:34b
  • The eternal lake of fire for those who refuse God’s grace and mercy.  Revelation 22:15  

God loves the people He created in His image and wants them to spend eternity with Him,

‘…God the Savior, who wants all people to be saved and come to a knowledge of the truth.’  1 Timothy 2:3b

As one reads through the Old Testament, one aspect that is often in stark contrast to God’s loving character is His anger.  Why?  It is because people refuse to understand what He knows: eternity in hell is terrible – fit only for the demonic who saw Him and rebelled.  It is not really meant for people made in His image.  He wants to shower His generosity and love eternally on people. 

Remember Eternity

What is the world like today?  

  • Hatred, wars, unrest, violence, ethnic strife – a society gone haywire. 
  • The unreal attempt by nations and rebellious groups to destroy Israel.  What did Israel do wrong?  They are God’s people who live in their God given land.    
  • The continuous war against God, His Word and His people that leads to social unrest and divisions in countries.  

 Why all the evil, drama, climate change, unhappiness, et cetera?

The Bible testifies that there are two invisible kingdoms at war.  The Kingdom of Light is led by the Lord God Almighty.  The kingdom of darkness has Satan, the destroyer, as head.  He is the ruler of this world.  The battle is for the hearts and minds of men; for the loyalty and allegiance to either of the two leaders. 

What is at stake?  Eternity  

  • God gives each person the opportunity to decide for him- or herself, while you live on earth, where you will spend eternity – with God in peace and harmony or with Satan in the lake of burning sulphur.
  • How important is eternal life?  It is time that never stops.  A billion years, a trillion years is only the beginning.  Therefore our decision is of the utmost importance – eternal peace versus eternal pain, torment and anguish.      
  • God calls people to Him and Satan opposes the call. 


Without eternity the Bible makes no sense.  If there is no eternity the devil would not lift a finger to oppose God.  It is his fear of eternal hell, where he will spend eternity, that drives him to deceive people. 

Genesis and Revelation, now and then

Revelation 21-22 explains that God will renew the universe.  Our present temporary earth will become an eternal, supernatural planet.  It will be home to the Family, the Triune God (Godhead) and the Bride. 

  1. Our present earth is populated through natural births.  The elect will be like angels with no marriages, no births and no deaths for all eternity.     
  2. The people who populate this earth are diverse.  The future one will be made up of the chosen ones.  They will be unified in Jesus. 
  3. This life is the time of decision when each person has the free will to choose to accept or reject God’s invitation to enter His Kingdom.  Eternal joy waits for the Family of God.  Eternal payment for the wages of sin waits for those who chose not to let Jesus pay the penalty of sin, namely death.  
  4. This life is a time of turmoil, unrest, pain, death and sickness.  Eternal life with God will be love, peace, happiness, joy, fellowship, harmony in the presence of our loving Father and Jesus.
  5. Now we experience the horrors of war, battles and selfish ambition.  Then there will be only loving care for each other. 
  6. This age consists of two opposing spiritual kingdoms.  In the age to come, each kingdom has its own territory.  The Kingdom of God will be on the gloriously renewed heaven and earth.  The kingdom of Satan will be the lake of burning sulphur.  
  7. Now there is faith, hope and love.  Then only love will remain.
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