Is creation and the age of the earth a salvation issue?

A message we hear all the time is that six creation days and a six thousand year old universe is nonsensical.  Many believe it is true, in the place of God’s truthful account.  Many claim that six days and six thousand years is a side issue and have nothing to do with salvation.  We beg to differ.  The six days creation represents God’s power to fulfil the final goal of salvation – a new heaven and earth.  The six thousand years tells us we will not wait millions of years for that to happen.

#  Salvation through Jesus Christ has two stages.

  1. To be saved from the kingdom of darkness.
  2. To live in the Kingdom of Light on the new heaven and earth.
  • Jesus’ death on the Cross saved from the kingdom of darkness.  God promised, ‘He [Jesus, the seed of the woman] will crush your [Satan, the serpent’s] head.’ Note that it fulfils the first aspect – salvation of our souls.
  • The final stage is revealed in the last book of the Bible, “Then I saw in the right hand of Him [God] who sat on the throne a scroll….  And I saw a mighty angel proclaiming in a loud voice, ‘Who is worthy to break the seals and open the scroll?”’ 2  They found no one, so John, who witnessed it, ‘…wept and wept because no one was found who was worthy to open the scroll or look inside.’ 3  Revelation 5:12 tells us that the Lamb was worthy to open the Scroll. 
  • John cried his heart out because he realised if there was no one to open the Scroll, the saints would never receive their promised inheritance, ‘…a country of their own.’ 4  Scripture teaches, ‘…in keeping with His promise, we are looking forward to a new heaven and earth, the home of righteousness.’ 5

Please note:

  • ‘The reason the Son of God appeared was to destroy the devil’s work.’ 6  If the devil and his kingdom were destroyed by Jesus on the Cross, we would be living in peace and happiness.  We don’t.  Besides, it would be grossly unfair to those who lived before the Cross.  They had to live under the tyranny of the devil.  The fact is that even after the Cross, ‘the whole world is [still] under the control of the evil one.’ 7
  • To accomplish the second phase of Jesus’ mission to earth, the devil and his kingdom of darkness must be completely destroyed.   That is what the opening of the Scroll is about.

#  The Cross and the Scroll means complete salvation.

  • The six days tells us God has the power to fulfil His promises.
  • The six thousand years tells us God will not let us wait billions of years for our new dwelling.
  • The Cross leads to salvation and enables us to become part of God’s Family.
  • The opening of the Scroll promises God’s Family a dwelling place on the new earth.  It will happen soon, not in billions or millions of years, ‘The revelation of Jesus Christ, which God gave Him to show His servants what must soon take place.’ 9 ’Soon’ as well as ‘the time is near’10 in the Bible does not refer to billions of years.   Who is willing to wait billions of years for the glorious new place to live?

#  What does six days and six thousand years have to do with us?  

  • Jesus said to the centurion and the two blind men before He healed them, ‘According to your faith it will be.’ 11   That means our faith determines our future.  We know, ‘Without faith it is impossible to please God.’ 12
  • So if a Christian believes in evolution and long ages, will he or she have to wait billions upon billions of years for the new heavens and earth to evolve?  That means such a person’s salvation cannot be completed.  What will happen if the new heavens and new earth cannot evolve?  One cannot deny God’s power in Genesis 1, and then insist He has the power to create a new heaven and earth.
  • Will God automatically save those who believe He did not tell the truth in Genesis 1?  In our next blog we will discuss what happens when one deletes part of God’s Book, the Holy Scripture.


A six day creation and a six thousand year old earth is part of God’s plan for man.   Without it we will never have an eternal new heaven and a new earth.  If we believe the universe evolved 13,7 billion, and our planet 4,5 billion years ago, we will have to wait many, many billions of years for the new heaven and earth to evolve (if it can).

Six day creation plus a six thousand year old earth is our guarantee that we will live eternally with the Trinity on the new earth.


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Author: Gerard and Alida

As you can see in the photo, there are two of us. We live and work together 24/7, studying and enjoying our grandchildren. Our passion is to know and understand what will happen after death. Is there a way to provide for and invest in that?

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