Finally an Extra-terrestrial Being

Humans have the choice to either accept the testimony of the Document (Scripture) or keep on searching ad infinitum for elusive evolved extraterrestrial beings.

What is the Bible about?  Can a short summary of the main plot suffice to give people who are not that familiar with Scripture an idea of what it is about?  What follows is an effort to do that in science fiction ‘pictures.’

#  The invisible Extraterrestrial Supreme Commander (God)

A Special Document (the Bible) was sent to humans.  It reveals that there is a Supreme Commander and He is busy selecting individuals from all people on earth to live on a wonderful, gorgeous planet of astounding beauty and happiness for ever (the new heaven and earth).

#  Doctor Evil

The Document reveals that there was once an extremely gifted being in the Chief Commander’s  government who rebelled and was banned.  He entered the earth as the dictator, ‘Doctor Evil.’  His intent is to ‘immunise’ unsuspecting people with the ‘poison’ that the Extraterrestrial Supreme Commander is very evil.   This master deceiver poses as the ‘liberator’ who helps people to reject the ‘fairy tales’ of the ‘Forged Document’ and escape out of the ‘bondage’ of the evil Cosmic Tyrant, God.

#  Agent ‘Special Blood’

To counter these lies, the Document reveals what humans need to do to escape the clutches of the tyrant, who poses as the saviour of the world.  They need to choose to become part of the Family of the Commander.  For this purpose the Commander has a special Agent, code named ‘Special Blood.’  Aka Jesus, in case you wondered.  He saves people from the tyranny of the evil one.

# Doctor Evil’s future

What Doctor Evil conceals, is his future doom.  As a rebel outside the Commander’s Family, he will be banished to a lake of burning sulphur, at the end of time.  There he and his followers (humans who believed his lies and his invisible helpers (fallen angels) will be tortured day and night eternally.  About that his lips are sealed.  Logically!

#  Two options 

People have a choice: they can follow the advice given in the Document and escape the chains of Doctor Evil, or accept the eventual doom that accompanies the followers of the evil genius.


While the world is desperately seeking for signs of extraterrestrial life (guided by Doctor Evil), we have evidence in the Document (Scripture) of the existence of the Supreme Extraterrestrial.  That gives humans the choice to either accept the testimony of the Document (Scripture) or keep on searching ad infinitum for elusive evolved extraterrestrial beings.  So like Doctor Evil, they miss the glorious life that is waiting for the followers of the Supreme Commander.

Author: Gerard and Alida

As you can see in the photo, there are two of us. We live and work together 24/7, studying and enjoying our grandchildren. Our passion is to know and understand what will happen after death. Is there a way to provide for and invest in that?

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