Why kids need God

Natasha Crain, in her blog christianmomthoughts.com, discusses We need Godthe reason why kids need to know that God is important (July 28, 2015). Her research on ex-Christians that defected from Jesus, show:

  • They don’t need Jesus to be happy. They can be happy in themselves.
  • They don’t need Jesus to be good. They can be good by themselves.
  • They don’t need Jesus to give meaning to life. They can do it without God.

Natasha’s answer to these statements is that kids need God because He exists. If He doesn’t exist, they don’t need Him.

We want to add another reason why kids (and adults) need God – He promises us a wonderful future in eternity if we make Him our first priority.

  • Our earthly life span is a fraction of the length of eternity. God warns through Scripture that it is important to prepare for eternal life.
  • People may claim that the promise of eternal life is just wishful thinking. However, the amount of propaganda levelled against the Bible, is strange if this life is all there is.
  • For example, atheists publish books to turn believers into unbelievers (making much of the fact that believers supposedly cannot think). They tell people evolution is true (which obviously makes God redundant), et cetera.
  • Why do they do it? If there is no eternal life, what does it matter what a person believes? Why try to convince him or her that the Bible and God is a fairy tale? However, if God’s promises of an eternal life of peace and happiness with Him as Father and King, is true, it becomes tremendously important what one believes on this side of the grave.
  • The efforts to undermine the Bible’s promises of eternal life in Jesus, speak volumes about God’s enemy, the devil.1 He is the one who foments and organises all the wars against the Bible and God. It is because he permanently lost the opportunity to ever be with God again. He takes revenge by keeping people in the dark about God’s wonderful plan for man.

Conclusion: who wants to spend eternity in the lake of burning sulphur for rejecting God’s gracious, merciful salvation plan through Jesus, effected by the Holy Spirit? Only God can help you to live eternally in bliss and happiness under a King who loves and cares for you. That is why kids need to understand that God is very important.


1. Matthew 25:41; Revelation 20:10

Author: Gerard and Alida

As you can see in the photo, there are two of us. We live and work together 24/7, studying and enjoying our grandchildren. Our passion is to know and understand what will happen after death. Is there a way to provide for and invest in that?

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