Aliens meet God

AliensKepler-452b has been hailed as the earth’s twin planet.

  • Around 1,400 light years from the earth, it has a mass five times higher than the earth’s.
  • Its diameter is about 60% more than the earth’s.
  • Its year is only about 20 days longer than ours.1

As can be expected the world is very excited, because alien life might exist there. People speculate how Christians will respond to the news of life on this ‘twin’ of earth. There is an interesting narrative in 1 Kings in the Old Testament that demonstrates how we should regard such challenges to the Bible.

Ben-Hadad, king of the Arameans, besieged Jerusalem and sent a message to King Ahab of Israel. He would come and take his silver and gold, wives and children, and that his officers will search the palace and houses of his officials and take everything of value. Ahab’s answer is classic: “Tell him: ‘One who puts on his armour should not boast like one who takes it off.’” 3

Ahab meant: don’t glory in something until you have won the battle. For Christians it means: bring conclusive proof of life on Kepler-452b, not mere speculations. A subject like astro-biology (the study of life on other planets) has no evidence for what it teaches. It is all about ‘maybe, some day….’ If there was  any convincing proofs of life on other planets, we would never hear the end of it. The folly of the Bible will be loudly trumpeted.

In the mean time the following aspects can be considered:

  • Most unbelievers think life should have evolved in outer space. If it has never been proved that life evolved on earth, how did it evolve on other planets?
  • There is no need to contort the Bible to exonerate God; there is no need to imply that God could have created life on other planets even if the Bible is silent on it.
  • God is all-knowing, ever-present and almighty. It would be a gross lapse of memory from Him not to inform us in His Book about life on other planets.
  • God knew about the planet discoveries in 2015. Yet He only told us (in the Bible) that He created life on planet earth and He gave this planet to man. 4
  • This planet is so special that it will be renewed and become the place where God will live with His people for ever. 5

To conclude:

Unbelievers should not boast about life on other planets before hard evidence. This idea of life on other planets to explain life on earth is a trap of the devil to tell people not to trust the Bible (which means they could miss heaven). Don’t fall for that one.



  1. J G Hartnett, Life on Earth 2.0 – Really, Discovery of Kepler-452b,  Creation Ministries International, 13 August 2015
  2. J Schweitzer, Earth 2.0: Bad news for God,, 23 July 2015, cited by Hartnett
  3. 1 Kings 20:11
  4. Psalm 115:16
  5. Revelation 21:1-4

Author: Gerard and Alida

As you can see in the photo, there are two of us. We live and work together 24/7, studying and enjoying our grandchildren. Our passion is to know and understand what will happen after death. Is there a way to provide for and invest in that?

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