Lawrence Krauss and the fishy tale of Jonah

If one really wants an unbeliever to snigger, tell him the tale of Jonah and the fish that swallowed him. After threeMetamorphosis days and nights in the belly of the fish, it vomited him out on dry ground and he went and preached in Nineveh (the Bible doesn’t say a whale, but in most people’s minds it must have been a very big fish, so logically it is thought to be a whale).

Lawrence Krauss, debating John Lennox, asked Lennox if he believed the tale of Jonah and the fish? Lennox affirmed that he did. Krauss did not reply, but one can imagine that he thought, ‘Gee, whiz, give a man a break.’  To an unbeliever it is foolish and irrational to believe Jonah’s narrative.

Atheists refuse to believe Biblical miracles, but what about the miracles in nature, like metamorphosis?1 If supernatural creation is not true, where does metamorphosis come from? Atheists mostly believe in evolution, but that can never explain why the frog or the butterfly ‘decided’ to take such a detour in life (tadpoles, chrysalis, caterpillars, etc). The various kinds of metamorphosis in nature remain a mystery.

So what is the difference between miracles in nature and those in the Bible? There is no difference, because we cannot explain either scientifically. Atheists reject the miracle of Jonah and the fish, but have no answers for the miracles of living organisms. They can maintain that they evolved, but they have to do it in blind faith.

Evolutionists often claim that science will solve all mysteries of life. It implies that we must wait for natural explanations, while death creeps nearer, or comes at an unexpected moment. Without Christ, the eternal future is grim, very grim. If science has been unable to clarify natural phenomena until now, what confidence do we have that it might do it in future? Why trust and hope in what science might discover? It is far better to hope in Jesus, knowing that the Kingdom of God is real. The Creator of metamorphosis will create the new heavens and earth with many organisms for the resurrected people of God.

What is the moral of our story?

The Bible is filled with miracles done by the supernatural omnipotent God. Nature is filled with miracles created by that supernatural omnipotent God. None of them can be explained by science. Science can reveal the miracles of creation and how they work, but never their origin. For example, anything that has mass is made up of atoms. Stars, rocks, plants, bacteria, animals and humans are all arranged atoms. Who created and organised the atoms? They all display order, design and precision, the signs of a Creator.

Conclusion: Atheists often snigger at people who believe in Biblical miracles by faith, but forget that they believe by faith that the miracles of nature just popped into existence. Atheists’ belief in ‘miracles of chance happenings’ lead to nothing, while belief in the Bible’s miracles lead to the greatest miracle of them all, the new heavens and earth, where Bible believers will enjoy the results of their rational faith in Scripture.


  1. D Devine, Inexplicable Insect Metamorphosis, Creation 29 (3):31-33, June 2007.
  2. Campbell Biology, J B Reece, et al, Pearson, 2011, p 735, 736, 758.

Author: Gerard and Alida

As you can see in the photo, there are two of us. We live and work together 24/7, studying and enjoying our grandchildren. Our passion is to know and understand what will happen after death. Is there a way to provide for and invest in that?

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