What is the problem with evolution?

Guy begins his chapter, What is the problem with evolution? by reminiscing on a safari in Science a

50 Questions

East Africa. He could ‘see’ prehistoric humans cooking meat and one cracking open a bone with his stone ax while they chattered back and forth. He guessed they could have been Homo erectus.1


Then he laments the fact that his personal moment of time-travel tourism, though based on solid science and hard evidence, is highly controversial. He blames it on Christianity which causes Christians to think that evolution is silly fantasy or dangerous heresy.2


He makes a remarkable statement, ‘The evidence that has been amassed behind Darwin’s discovery is now so abundant and diverse that it can be described as overwhelming. It’s too much; it can’t be sensibly denied.3 He also claims, ‘The problem with evolution lies with religion and culture, not with science.4


We want to discuss his claim that science has no problem with evolution. Let’s start with exactly what science is:


# 1. What is science?

  • The kind of science we meet in everyday life is called ‘operational science.’  It investigates phenomena of nature to determine how they operate. For example, why does a dog not slip on a wet surface? The discovery that grooves on its paws makes a dog sure footed, led to the design of sports shoes with grooves on the soles. Operational science studies nature to improve technology. It discovers the laws of nature with experiments that are testable, observable and repeatable.
  • The scientist who does experiments, whether in the laboratory or other places, wants answers to ‘how does it work’ questions. His experiments have nothing to do with God, or the Bible. You cannot answer ‘how does photosynthesis work,’ with ‘God created it.’  That does not answer the question. The Bible does not describe scientific methods. People were created by God to do science (Guy believes they evolved to do science).
  • Science is ‘neutral.’ It is not influenced by the Bible. The question of human origins has to be settled by science and science alone. Then we can go to the Bible and see if the conclusions accord with what the Bible says.
  • It follows that operational science (cellphones, electricity, television, computers, et cetera) is silent about what happened in the past (no scientist can do experiments in the laboratory to prove that the past events of evolution happened). The kind of ‘science’ that evolution requires cannot test, repeat or observe the past. It is called ‘origin science.’
  • So we have to use the laws of nature, that were established by scientific experiments, to determine if humans could have evolved.


# 2. Can science prove that the following could evolve? 

  • Complex functional information (DNA)
  • Speech
  • Intelligence and creativity
  • Bipedality (walking on two feet)


In the next blog we will discuss what science has to say about the above mentioned.  That will settle the issue whether Guy’s belief in evolution is a fact, or not.



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Author: Gerard and Alida

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