Does science exclude miracles?

Guy Harrison claims that the more ‘primitive’ people are, the more inclined they are to Miraculous catch of fish

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believe in miracles. He writes, ‘I have traveled in more than twenty countries on five continents, and I have noticed that the less people know about basic science and the normal workings of the world, the more often they see miracles. Even with significant formal education in other areas, people seem predisposed toward miracle belief if they have a weak science education.1


The implication is that Bible believers are probably not that well versed in science, because they believe it was possible for Jesus, as the Son of Man, to feed thousands of people with a few fish and bread, to walk on water, to be born of a virgin, et cetera. So educated people claim that miracles are unscientific.


Let’s see if Guy’s reasoning holds tight:

  • Science explains how things work, not where they come from. That is why Neil deGrasse Tyson said, ‘The origin of life is one of the greatest unsolved mysteries of science.’ 2,3
  • It is logical. In Genesis 1:28 God commanded man to rule over creation. It is the science mandate: find out how nature works and apply those discoveries in technology.
  • God never asked man to investigate origins, since that would have no value. God is the Creator, so there is no need to investigate it.
  • That is why the origin of life, and many other puzzles of nature, remain unanswered by science. Evolution tries to answer them. One way they do it is to call evolution ‘science.’ Evolution is not science. Evolution is an attempt to explain the origin of the universe, of life and the existence of nature as we see it around us. In this attempt they fail consistently.
  • Because God the Creator’s power is unlimited, for Him to let Jesus be born as a virgin, to feed many with little, or to walk on water, is not difficult. If He created the genetic recipes (‘instruction manuals’) for millions of different kinds of organisms and plants, then the other miracles are just as possible.
  • To claim that scientific people don’t believe in the Bible’s miracles, while they have to believe in the evolutionary miracles of life’s origin and other puzzles of nature, is very strange, to say the least.


To summarise:

  • Educated people believe the discoveries of science about the workings of nature.
  • Educated people understand that evolution attempts to answer the issue of life’s origins. It is a failed attempt. 
  • Educated people know that if God is the Creator, He created life out of dead atoms. Then the miracles in the Bible are true. A Creator God who fashioned reproduction, photosynthesis, cellular respiration, bioluminescence and the nano machines in cells, can surely resurrect Jesus from the dead.

Guy should change his tune: the educated believe the Bible, the gullible believe evolution.



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  2. E Mitchell, Attempts to Trace Life Back to Chemical Origins,
  3. D O’Leary, Origin of Life, Could It All haver come Together in One Very Special Place?


Author: Gerard and Alida

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